I have found a friend
2002-12-17 00:34:51 ET

*We are talking about an amazing girl that I have fallen for.

Me: she's amazing.... i don't know of any girl that has ever filled my heart with such happiness like she does
Me: it's truly incredible
Eric: The feelings you speak of are quite rare indeed. From the sounds of your emotional outcries it is seems this girl is truly incredible. The kind of girl who one reads in fairy tales and poems, the kind of girl who one wishes thine own heart beated in rythm with theirs, the kind of girl who brings laughter and radiance to even the eyes of the blind. I must admit, hearing you speak of such a creature makes the yearning of ones stagnant heart beat tears of longing and desire.
Me: wow
Me: that is one of the most amazing things i've ever read...
Me: that is such a perfect description of how amazing she is
Eric: you should tell her
Me: i try to tell her everyday
Me: i have only known her a short time but in my soul i feel like i have known her for an eternity and am still discovering her
Eric: Hearing you tell the story of this girl was well worth it. She sounds incredible my friend, from the way you describe her. Your girl counterpart if you dont mind me saying.
Me: thank you so much man
Me: i just feel this amazing overflow of emotion for this beautiful blessing that have been given through her presence in my life
Eric: Trying to translate the warmth of the feelings into creditable words is hard. The feelings speak to us for themselves. I constant rush of love and happiness. Constantly wondering what we ever did so right to have earned the chance to be so close to the source of this beacon of emotions. Constantly wondering if fate had a part to play. What great feelings we are capable of my friend
Me: It's incredible that we can find such amazing girls that allow us to feel this way... I cannot even begin to understand how lucky we are to even be able to begin to find the correct words to be able to describe these emotions we feel inside... it's an amazing world we live in
Eric: What blessed creatures we truly are. These girls bring out the best in all of us, and we could truly praise them for all eternity and not have scratched the surface.

I'm telling you what... to find a person that feels the same as I do is an amazing thing.

2003-01-19 15:02:35 ET

girls are fantastic.

Individually, on the whole i tend not to be overly fond of them amassed.

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