A Poem from Me to You
2002-12-18 23:24:17 ET

I wrote this poem a while back and I wanted to post it.. I have a gift with being able to write poetry really easily and then I am pretty creative when it comes to guitar riffs so who knows...

Now I sit alone
When you're not around
I read aloud
Just to hear a friendly voice
Maybe a sound is too much to ask
Or maybe it's really a choice I never made
What difference does it make for in all my sadness?
You were really the only one that I'll ever need

Critique me please... I am very open to questions, comments and the occasional creative bashing I deserve.

2002-12-18 23:29:23 ET

I love critiquing poetry! but I'm too tired to think right now, I'll comment again tomorrow :)

2002-12-19 00:01:19 ET

I like it. I find it romantic.

2002-12-19 00:26:45 ET

it's pretty good. how often do you write?

and now, time to show off the mad talents...

quick, gimme a word or phrase and watch it turn into something wonderful. or shit. i haven't done this in a while...


2002-12-19 01:40:28 ET

ohh...yes I like :-D Keep it up, keep postin em too!

2002-12-19 14:10:11 ET

I like it! short and powerful, and you wrapped it up good in the end. post more!! :)

2003-01-10 14:38:48 ET

I write poetry pretty often and since all of you seemed to like that one I will continue to post more of my works...haha. That one was about a girl that I had been seeing and then suddenly she stopped returning my calls and just ignored me all together. I think having "unrequited emotional attachment" (notice the word substitution) is by far one of the most devastating feelings possible.

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