New Poem
2003-01-15 16:25:57 ET

The momentum of fear that brought me here trying to hide from the feeling that keeps my heart from healing
Under the edge of night I can hide my flight from the unwritten law of the unluckily smitten
I've been lost with my heart as the cost for you to just turn and go for being alone in this world pains me so
These cobwebs that encircle me just won't let me see that without you I am in an endless vacation and with you i am in constant consternation.

I am still a little confused on exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this one but it was fun to write.

2003-01-15 16:48:40 ET

Donnie Darko fan?

It was fun to read. :D

2003-01-15 20:27:50 ET

Donnie Darko is an incredible film. I am glad that you liked it :)

2003-01-16 05:47:38 ET

Donnie Darko was AMAZING. It blew my mind.

2003-01-18 14:36:05 ET

Wow... That movie seriously changed my whole outlook on life. I never thought I'd find something that inspired me as much as that film did to try and find meaning for my life. And it's filled with so much depth and structured so perfectly. It's simply awesome.

2003-01-18 14:37:14 ET

Yeah, seriously, I agree. Watching that movie put a lot of things into perspective with me. How did it change things for you, exactly?

2003-01-19 13:47:30 ET

It taught me to look at the meaning of my life not as what could I do for me but what could I do for the people I cared about. It showed me that true happiness is in the relationships you build with others. It helped me to see that at the end of the day all you are left with are your memories. I used to be so afraid of death but seeing this film has helped me to look at it differently in that once I accomplish what it is I was put on this earth to do I can look forward to so much greater more amazing things than I can imagine. It wasn't like I didn't have all these ideals before seeing this film but seeing it helped strengthen them. This is the only movie that has ever done that for me.

2003-01-19 14:15:29 ET


Why do you keep trying to rhyme? its very unecessary.

2003-01-19 14:17:40 ET

Trying to rhyme?

Haha... I like my poetry to flow. It feels better when I read back to myself. I have written a lot of straight free-verse with no rhyme whatsoever but that has never felt that natural to me.

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