2003-01-22 21:43:33 ET

Problems a foot in the world of Josh... I am "dating" this wonderful amazing girl who lives in Houston(about 5 hours from home) and goes to school in Austin(about 2 hours from College Station...where i go to school). I have seen this girl, dead truth, 2 times in my whole life. I got to know her online from one of my friends who goes to school with me and when she came to visit we hit it off really well. It was amazing, the day and half we spent together, and I was hooked fast. We talked on the phone and online for the entire winter break and she came to visit the weekend before school started a little more than a week ago. Lots of fun. Well she leaves and later taht day she says that she feels like she is leading me in the wrong direction and not helping me spiritually cuz we are getting too physical. I have no idea what she's talking about!!! Well we discussed the issue and I supported my argument with the fact that I was very opposed to her listening to her friend complain cuz we were kissing infront of her and not basing the realtionship off of what she feels and wants...not what her friend wants her to have. Well that was not met by a very good response from her and so we just kind of stopped the discussion. Then about two days later we had another discussion on relationships which did not turn out well cuz I am a very opinionated little guy who doesn't back down on those type of arguments. Well she said that I freaked her out with how "angry" I was. I didn't know being opinionated and thoughtful was considered being angry? I just don't understand this whole thing... blah!!!!

I should of been smart about this whole thing and not kissed her that first night.... told her to keep her distance but no!!! Like usual I screw everything up.

2003-01-22 22:20:27 ET

She's a female...and alot of females are like that...and most will listen to what they're friends seems that her friend may be a tad jealous, or she has another reason. Honestly, the people you're attracted to are always confusing...or atleast thats how i see it =/ eh i dunno

2003-01-25 23:52:42 ET

I think chalking up every confusing and bad thing a girl does up to them being a "female" is just being too understanding and apathetic. I screw up all the time and am forced to apologize for it on my knees but when a girl does something it is forgiven so quickly and forgotten fast... sorry. That wasn't meant to be mean I just have had some issues with that. Hahaha... anyways... I wish the ones you are attracted to weren't so damn confusing!! It sucks.

2003-01-26 08:19:18 ET

thats how it is...balance between good and evil. The one i have...even he confuses the hell outta me to no end at points, but no matter how bad he screws up i forgive him instantly...then again i believe the same goes for me too

2003-01-27 01:02:06 ET

of course being opinionated and thoughtful makes you an angry person.

isn't it painfully obvious that that's what those combined equal? the point is, to this girl, what you said differs from what she thinks, so thus, you are "angry" at her.

girls are dumb that way.

<rant>girls always get mad at guys for hanging out with their friends or asking friends for relationship advice, yet see nothing wrong with themselves doing the same with their friends. what's up with that?</rant>

2003-01-27 12:14:40 ET

<rant> dont base all girls on a few, I personally dont think it's fair to make a guy ditch his friends....Aaron doesn't hafta ditch his. =) </rant>

2003-01-27 12:39:08 ET

yeah, i know there are many girls who are exceptions, but there are way too many like that, too.

2003-01-27 12:47:29 ET

i more partial to guys than i am girls, Guys are more relaxed

2003-01-27 12:48:42 ET

unless you find those high-strung ones.

dammit, why can't everyone just be the same so no one gets offended when we make generalities?

i'm so funny it's disgusting.

2003-01-27 12:51:46 ET

eh...maybe so, one of the reasons i like my guy. He gets to hang with his friends and i fit right in

2003-01-27 12:52:54 ET

that officially makes you the shit.

2003-01-27 12:59:25 ET


2003-01-27 13:18:27 ET

hahahaha... you being "the shit" makes you my friend for life

you two are the bad asses of posts

2003-01-27 13:20:35 ET

rawk, sweet action.

2003-01-27 13:22:30 ET

well, i'm an ass, that's for sure.

2003-01-27 13:26:16 ET

normally thats what makes guys so much fun, that when they've got the 'stupid smile' on their face

2003-01-27 13:27:54 ET

i never smile. well, it's a rarity.

although put me in a music setting, and i'm grinning ear to ear. god, music rules.

2003-01-27 14:06:52 ET

Kick ass, good music...such as?

2003-01-27 14:07:34 ET

um...pretty much anything. for most people, that's a copout. for me, it's the truth.

2003-01-27 14:09:28 ET

i love a variety....weird variety of music

2003-01-27 14:10:37 ET

ok, top five bands (it isn't the most representative of my tastes, but they're the best):

dog fashion disco

2003-01-27 16:21:12 ET

Ozzy (old stuff)
Dashboard Confessional
Green Day
Days of the New

weird...i know, not exactly top 5 bands but....close

2003-01-27 16:30:15 ET

never heard of this "copland" but i've heard of the movie.

2003-01-27 17:56:31 ET

copland, Aaron copland, he's a classical composer

2003-01-27 18:06:39 ET

ah! don't confuse me! i know who that is. thank god i was raised around that classical music.

2003-01-27 18:12:06 ET

im sorry....*moves back to simple terms so as not to confuse* classical music...i like a guy that did that kinda stuff.

2003-01-28 16:58:12 ET

haha... my top 5 bands are...

Rage Against the Machine
Our Lady Peace
System of a Down

2003-01-28 17:24:49 ET

Well, allow me to be the loner and say that I'm in agreement with the ex! it were.

I was in the same position, once upon a time, and I don't think you're at fault any more or less than she is. Right on, if you told her to keep her distance. Her bad, if she didn't listen. I applaud her friend for stepping in, and a finger-shaking to you both for moving so fast into an intimate relationship.

Hey, I was as guilty, once.

Have a nice day.

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