I don't think I'll ever understand the world
2003-02-02 21:56:38 ET

Maybe it's not meant to be understood in the first place and our existence is to spend our whole lives trying to make a living off of the search for contentment where there is none.

And maybe we are really looking at life and the world in which we live all the wrong way. Maybe it's really easy to understand but we, in all of our infinite wisdom and glory, try to make it more than it really is meant to be.

Who knows... I just hope that before I die I can honestly say that I did some good.

2003-02-02 22:05:04 ET

If you've ever read The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy you would remember the part where SlartiBartFast says "Most of the time you'll never truly know what's going on at all, so it's better to keep yourself pre-occupied with projects. I design countries."

2003-02-04 17:41:58 ET

Ah.. I watched that movie so much in my heathen days...

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