2003-03-21 23:31:22 ET

Well my friend Matt is in town til Sunday so we have been hanging out since Thursday night and I have found that I missed him very much. If you look in the photos... he's the guy in the Scuba gear next to the thug with the Ants In My Pants boxers. He's a very cool guy and I seriously feel very much connected with him... we both write poetry... we both enjoy more punk bands than anything... and we both have a huge soft spot for girls that have issues. He's a great guy so I am happy to see him.

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that I am a guy that is bent on change and never being the same as I was before... I'd like to say that I am happy with the person I am but I feel like that would be just settling for second best. Oh well... I don't understand why I still write in this thing but somehow it is helping me deal with the events in my life a little better... actually it has constantly forced me to defend myself. Made me reaffirm my beliefs and the decisions that I've chosen to make.

I want to thank you for your help.

2003-03-22 23:08:26 ET

No problem dude!

2003-03-23 01:27:07 ET

Anytime Bucko!

2003-03-23 01:27:53 ET

It's been fun, FRIEND>

2003-03-23 01:27:56 ET

congrats, you have more replies on 1 entry than anybody else on the site!

way to go!

2003-03-23 01:28:29 ET

Bye bye penis face!

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