Am I Just Imagining Things?
2003-03-27 18:00:48 ET

It seems that people just keep disappearing suddenly off of sk... I'm just a little curious. If anyone has any information to where all my buddies are being sent to I would be greatly appreciative!!

2003-03-27 18:18:06 ET

Well, who are your buddies you're looking for?

2003-03-27 18:23:30 ET

Well my poetry buddy Dreaming in Digital and my cyber abuse giver jacksonpritt... but more importantly Dreaming in Digital... I just hope she didn't get kicked off cuz she got angry about a poetry hater.

2003-03-27 18:26:36 ET

Hey I found out what happened

2003-03-27 18:31:19 ET

ah good. what happened?

2003-03-27 18:38:46 ET

She changed names... whew! I was worried.

2003-03-28 02:40:31 ET

whats her new name?

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