Sad Day for Music
2003-04-04 19:20:10 ET

Well... today I found out that Dirk Lance, bassist for incubus, is leaving the band after 12 years. He was an incredible musician and his playing really opened my eyes to what it means to be a bassist.

This is a sad day.

2003-04-04 19:35:50 ET

Are they Breaking up?

2003-04-04 22:45:49 ET

No... it sounds like they are going to get a tour bassist for Lollapalooza (i think that's how they spell it) and then either just keep him or just not have a set bass player... kind of like how Creed is set up. And just have Mike or someone else play in the studio...

I'm pretty pissed right now... in Brandon's statement everything was really vague and nothing really said except that Dirk was leaving and that their next record was going to be awesome and all that promotional shit.

2003-04-05 07:36:00 ET

Damn, i was hoping they would break up

2003-04-05 10:27:34 ET

I hate you

2003-04-06 00:06:05 ET

you two are so cute.

2003-04-06 01:34:14 ET

I'm glad you think so.

2003-04-06 18:00:16 ET

So i hear incubus is breaking up

2003-04-06 18:43:55 ET

Hey Dumbass... that's what I had posted on. And they aren't breaking up, just Dirk is leaving.

2003-04-07 15:58:40 ET

So... I hear incubus is breaking up.

2003-04-07 19:28:01 ET

hahahahaha... suck my dick cyber fuckhead.

2003-04-07 20:11:35 ET

ooooo that was original

2003-04-07 20:20:06 ET

Don't even start Doom...

2003-04-07 20:22:08 ET

So i heard Incubus is breaking up

2003-04-07 20:26:46 ET

I wish they had a block switch for certain people on this site... that would be very helpful right now.

2003-04-07 21:00:42 ET


2003-04-07 21:00:55 ET

They do you moron.

2003-04-14 21:16:26 ET

did incubus break up yet?

cuz if not, they really need to

2003-04-14 22:35:12 ET

They are pretty much headlining Lollapalooza dumbshit... so no! They have not broken up yet.

They needs to gets the monies.

2003-04-15 00:35:52 ET

lollapalooza sucks anyway.

the only ones that id ever see of my own free will are Janes Addiction.

and even then i wouldnt be too impressed

2003-04-15 05:35:21 ET

Yay for people who spend way too much time caring about what other people say about them!

2003-04-15 07:11:10 ET

Yeah... Jane's Addiction is awesome though and if I were to go for any other reason other than incubus it would be for them. But they show something about A Perfect Circle on the site and they are amazing also so I think they might be playing some shows also. Who knows... not really sure where Maynard is right now and all that.

2003-04-15 10:07:33 ET

like you for example letrasiant?

2003-04-15 12:37:43 ET

No one's talking about me. If they were, I wouldn't give a shit. Because it's just the freaking internet.

2003-04-15 13:02:45 ET

then log off and shut up

2003-04-15 13:38:10 ET

Other comments on Lollapalooza:

I don't care much for Audioslave other then the fact that Tom Morello is one of my favorite musicians but I hate Chris Cornell. when Zack de La Rocha left Rage Against the Machine they should of left it at that. But they just had to get his Soundgarden ass as the frontman. So pretty much... I'd just see them for Tom and that would be it.

Queens of the Stone Age... ehh... I kind of like the only song I've heard from them but other than that...

Jurassic 5 is awesome. I would pay mucho amount of deneros to see them. They are just so bad ass as a group.

And yeah.. that's pretty much all I've got to say on that one. I don't think Lollapalooza has really ever had that outstanding of a line-up in the past and so I'd have to say that this year they really don't have that great of one again. Other than Jane's Addiction, incubus, Jurassic 5, Tom Morello, Tim2K, Brad Wilk, and the anticipated reappearance of A Perfect Circle... Lollapalooza is going to suck it once again.

2003-04-15 16:03:32 ET

Cathartic: ah, but my life wouldn't be as full of JOY if I weren't commenting on other people's stupidity.

2003-04-15 17:03:32 ET

butt out ho

2003-04-16 05:23:03 ET

WHOA son, I thought this was a public journal system and all.

2003-04-16 05:54:42 ET

Letra: Get a life, neither Doom or I are stupid.

2003-04-16 05:55:05 ET


2003-04-16 06:45:00 ET

You assume: I did not clarify whether it was you, Doom, or Cellar whom I thought was stupid.

Don't be so hasty and rash in your thinkings always, for what you assumed was not correct at all. It is the dipshit owner of this journal to whom I was making the label.

2003-04-16 07:22:37 ET

Just making sure.

oh dude... gross

2003-04-16 08:45:07 ET

Was that an attack on me? I couldn't really tell. You should probably be more directive with your comments towards me Letra.

Just a suggestion.

2003-04-16 12:55:32 ET

haha, that was SOOooo obvious, DIPSHIT

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