2003-04-06 16:10:25 ET

On slightly cloudy/rainy days like today I believe it is instinctually known as a "Listen to Reel Big Fish Day". Everytime I listen to "Everything Sucks" and "Take On Me" I just jump around my room and everything is right with the world.

Fun stuff... but I gots to study for my Math test on Friday. Here's a my favorite quote from a Fish song...

"I eat the muscle and she eats the leaves high cholesterol and heart disease yea, you'll never touch the way that i feel just for the record she got the deal i don't wanna hear it"

2003-04-06 16:48:45 ET

A-Ha did it better

2003-04-06 18:01:25 ET

What a horrible band.

2003-04-06 18:46:42 ET

Thanks for all the shit that you bring to my page my buddies. Receiving your posts reminds me constantly why I really dislike where humanity is taking the world... or the lack there of.

2003-04-08 22:56:52 ET

hahs yer fucnkky fakcsduing asshoelk

2003-04-08 23:03:49 ET


2003-04-09 09:51:16 ET

i think you heard me

2003-04-09 11:06:04 ET

"hahs yer fucnkky fakcsduing asshoelk"

What the hell is that? Looks like you took a crap on your keyboard!!

2003-04-09 12:47:12 ET

i was drunk as shit you fucking tard.

2003-04-09 20:35:19 ET

what were you doing typing on your computer while you were sauced dumbshit?!?!

don't type stupid shit like that on my page

2003-04-10 13:31:40 ET

well you fucking idiot, i'll explain. I got drunk then i came home, then i got on the computer because if you go to sleep when you are fucking blitzed there is a larger chance of hangover.

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