2003-04-15 22:13:01 ET

Well in College Station there was a 5 hour power outage that knocked out everything for about a 15 mile span all around. It was crazy and happened during my Chemistry class so I got to miss all my other classes.

But it started me thinking... with all that we take for granted is there ever really an unspoilt person in this whole nation? You know, we have such a high standard of living that I think it's almost impossible for anyone to accuse another person of being spoilt.

I'm open to suggestions meant to persuade.

Song of the Day:
Our Lady Peace "Life" off of their Spiritual Machines release.

2003-04-21 17:45:27 ET

the amish

2003-04-26 22:06:29 ET

hmmm... that's a good one... i don't know any amish people so I can't say for sure

2003-04-27 15:10:21 ET

theres a documentary called "devils playground" its about amish teenagers during ramshuda i dont know how to spell it but its there time to live like the english.english being us. they watch tv drive a car etc. then when they decide to join the church they go back to their amish ways. its really interesting. well i thought so.

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