Go Sahhaf!!
2003-04-29 18:12:37 ET


I love that guy!

2003-04-29 18:16:06 ET

You like 311, and The Used. You are now my friend. Woo!

2003-04-29 18:28:01 ET

HaHa... I love 311 and the Used are just awesome. I saw that you like Taking Back Sunday... another one of my favorites!

I return your friendship!! WAHOO for friends!

2003-04-29 18:31:38 ET

hehe oh yeah. I don't think I've found anyone else on here that likes 311. Arh! Yeah man. I've sort of been obsessing over The Used for a few weeks now. I missed my chance to see them in concert.

2003-04-29 18:39:48 ET

I don't understand why no one likes them here... 311 is awesome. I wish I could say that I even had a chance to see the Used in concert but not a lot of bands come to the middle of agricultural greatness that is Texas A&M.

But it's okay... I just go to Houston for concerts but it sucks when you don't have a car at college.

2003-04-29 18:43:06 ET

Is that in Austin? My former director of bands (which I'm not in anymore) should be finishing out grad-school there. Yeah, I've had the chance to see 311 twice, I even had the tickets, but we couldn't get a ride.. Ah the pain! They are in the studio right now, new album should be out by August! Woo!

2003-04-29 18:48:13 ET

I love 311 but I've never gotten the chance to see them live which is something that I am continuously upset about.... but I'm on their e-mail list and I'm really looking forward to their next album... I liked From Chaos a lot and I've just really enjoyed their sound progression they've made over the years.

Texas A&M is in College Station which is about an hour and a half from Austin.

2003-04-29 18:51:28 ET

I agree, I now own every 311 cd ever.. The only other bands that I have done that with has been Sublime, and Nirvana.. and that was way before the invention of cd burners. I've bought From Chaos twice. It got stolen at a party, and I couldn't bring myself to burn it from someone hehehe.

2003-04-29 18:53:36 ET

You are definately cool now!! I hate it when my friends just want to download stuff and not help out the band whatsoever. I mean it's free but dammit!! You gotta support your band. When I get back home I got a bunch of CD's to buy.

2003-04-29 18:56:07 ET

Yeah, usually I download a few songs and if I like them, I go out and but the cd. My next purchase is The Used, because I have like 8 of their songs on burned cds. And YES! You have to support your band. It's just not right to burn their shit.

2003-04-29 18:59:31 ET

Totally!! Well I gots to go but it was cool chattin and we shall definately continue this discussion later! Adios!

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