2003-07-20 09:13:20 ET

That's right, it's my birthday.

2003-07-20 09:19:06 ET

It... your birthday too!?
Happy birthday!

2003-07-20 09:21:17 ET

Happy Berfday Joce!!

<3 <3 <3!!!!

2003-07-20 09:21:44 ET

lol, look at it go!

2003-07-20 09:25:21 ET

Yay! It's peanutbutter jelly time!


2003-07-20 09:26:00 ET

That banana is hypnotizing....
Happy birthday to yooooooooooou!!!

2003-07-20 09:26:37 ET

happy B-DAY!

2003-07-20 09:26:48 ET

peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!

well, I can't beat that.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3

2003-07-20 09:46:41 ET

w000000!! happy birthday!

2003-07-20 10:24:45 ET

Happy Birthday!

2003-07-20 10:42:44 ET

Hey, happy birthday.

2003-07-20 11:18:00 ET


2003-07-20 11:18:49 ET

Thank you guys so much! <3 <3 <3

And damn, bananas are fun.

2003-07-20 13:05:53 ET

happy birfday =)

2003-07-20 13:06:14 ET

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday DEAR JOCELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to YOU!!!!!!!

don't say i didnt sing for you :)

2003-07-20 16:29:01 ET

Happy Birthday!

2003-07-20 17:00:49 ET

guess i'm too late on the happy birthday.

2003-07-20 17:52:41 ET

Its still my birthday, Mike. ;)

2003-07-20 18:26:30 ET

damn didnt know you had a birthday coming up, anyway im sure im late on this but happy birthday! Shower yourself in pbr muwhaha

2003-07-20 18:35:51 ET

Happy Birthday Chaotic:)

2003-07-20 18:40:41 ET

I have plenty of PBR and I'm drinking it alllll.

2003-07-20 19:57:55 ET

haha good thing! wouldnt want to waste any like SOME people at your infamous room 1011 party lol

2003-07-20 20:00:22 ET

HAHAHA, bastards. I bet the cleaning ladies had a great time with it! There was a half full bottle of Sailor Jerry's Rum I left on the floor.

2003-07-20 21:24:25 ET

dayum i dont even think i got to try any of that while i was in your room. i know i had tons of beer and soem bitchen bloody mary's though =D

2003-07-21 02:16:06 ET

Mmmmmmmmmm PBR Mmmmmmmmmmmm...........

2003-07-21 11:36:32 ET

Happy late birfday Joce-love!

2003-07-21 13:27:07 ET

Awwwww, Britt, thanks!!!

2003-07-24 18:46:43 ET

Happy Belated!!!!!

2003-07-24 19:19:42 ET

Thanks 3kk4!

2003-07-26 02:29:06 ET


2003-07-26 11:00:56 ET

Thanks, RixieStix!

2003-07-26 15:40:14 ET

I'm super freaking late on this one, but happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it by so much!!!!

2003-07-26 20:31:21 ET

It's okay, it's the rockin' thought that counts.

2003-07-29 20:16:26 ET


2003-08-06 03:45:38 ET

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE I was there look at my old comments and I was like OH SHIT WHERE DID YOU GO LOL!! You were like one of the first people to comment on one of my first entries.. heheh

2003-08-06 07:32:57 ET

That's because I love everyone. <3 Even scary newbies. :P

2003-08-06 07:55:00 ET

Well im no longer a newbie here baby girl.

2003-08-06 10:21:31 ET

You'll always be my little newbie. <3 ;)

2003-08-06 11:19:47 ET

I like the way you think.. ;o) I could make your birthday so great if I was around there ;o)

2003-08-06 11:59:48 ET

OH yeah, how so? ;)

2003-08-06 18:53:53 ET

PM me and I ll tell ya *winks*

2003-08-07 00:15:51 ET

Belated Happy Birthday.

2003-08-19 22:54:57 ET

Happppppy Birthday!

2003-08-21 06:14:37 ET

You're so late on this one, Cavefish. :P

2003-08-21 11:37:28 ET

it's the thought that counts! I was gone for a million years, roughly. anyhoo, hope you had a super time. if not, I'll kick everyone's asses.

2003-08-22 18:43:38 ET

It was awful. :-* But I'm alive. Sort of.

2003-08-22 19:24:12 ET

ah! I now have to kick the collective ass of the world.

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