Long time no post.
2003-09-10 12:08:06 ET

I am going to eat someone's brains. My upstairs neighbors broke into my apartment, stole a check from my checkbook and cashed it for $150. I'm broke.

Someone buy me a cheeseburger.

2003-09-10 12:18:33 ET

THats so fucked up.. hum.. maybe you should kill them..

Just a thought

2003-09-10 12:20:12 ET

That fucking sucks, I'd hurt my neighbor very badly.

2003-09-10 12:27:59 ET

I should kill them, but they were evicted and the police won't let me touch them. :(

2003-09-10 12:30:02 ET

:(, are you living on your own? damn the police and damn damn, but hey atleast they were evicted. :O)

2003-09-10 12:36:24 ET

Do you have Pay Pal? I'd be more than willing to give you some money to help you out.

2003-09-10 12:38:01 ET

ugh. fuckers.

2003-09-10 12:38:10 ET

hey - good of you to post again...

2003-09-10 12:40:00 ET

I will help out any way I can too..
i need a job

2003-09-10 12:47:33 ET

i will make you a veggie burger.

2003-09-10 14:29:44 ET

what a great neighbor.

sorry to hear that, what a motherfucker.

2003-09-10 18:06:31 ET

I won't need the help, I'm managing on the few dollars I have left on the account for now. I'll tough my way through this, but I appreciate all the offers. You people rock.

2003-09-10 18:29:14 ET

<3 for you

NOT for stupid neighbors.

I will think of you tonight and make many good things come your way...whee.

2003-09-11 00:31:54 ET

Thank you, darling, you rock! :*

2003-09-11 19:14:52 ET

:) joce rocks.. :)

2003-09-12 05:56:10 ET

So does Crys!!!

2003-09-14 12:02:47 ET

WOOO.. thanks

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