2003-11-15 08:02:59 ET

Behold the power of a miracle bra!

2003-11-15 08:17:04 ET



Yeah... Miracle bra's ROCK!!!!!

The boys will be ALL over you, now.

2003-11-15 09:02:51 ET


2003-11-15 09:46:45 ET

dear lord! O_o

2003-11-15 10:12:43 ET

Boys love boobies. And I have boobies. Meeeow.

Dear lord? I didn't know cleavage induces prayer. :P

2003-11-15 10:23:19 ET

I have the urge to just rest my head now

2003-11-15 10:32:44 ET

Awww, how sweet.

2003-11-15 11:48:57 ET


what was this post about again?

2003-11-18 06:23:14 ET

Whoooooooooo!!! Hot cleavage!! *swoon* Miracle bra's rule. I don't care what any guy says about false advertising...It makes US feel good.



2003-11-18 13:23:16 ET

False advertising? It just makes them perkier, is all. ;)

2003-11-18 13:27:27 ET

And this is why I am all for Miracle Bras

2003-11-18 14:44:23 ET

Perkier and sexier!! I'm a D and I wear Miracle Bras!!

2003-11-18 14:48:17 ET

I think I just found my FAVORITE PEOPLE!

2003-11-20 21:07:54 ET

Welcome to the family, sugar. ;)

2003-11-26 19:59:21 ET


2003-11-27 16:52:00 ET

Don't you loooove it?

2003-11-27 17:11:47 ET

yes o_o*

2003-12-05 04:19:07 ET

2003-12-05 13:19:31 ET


2003-12-08 04:49:59 ET

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! That rules!! HA HA HA HA HA HAH AHAHAHA!!

2003-12-29 05:59:45 ET

Hmm I think I want a Miracle Bra....

2003-12-29 09:22:42 ET

Oh sweet sweet moses that pic is serious

2004-02-04 15:51:30 ET


2004-02-04 18:36:24 ET

mmmmmmmm... sex

2004-02-15 19:03:04 ET

i felt the power of the cleavage O_o and it called me... and then i saw the mick jagger pic... and it all went away O_o...

i was saved *praises*

*edit* jeff goldblum lookin' an offly lot like mick jagger with that hair...

2004-02-15 19:05:29 ET


2004-02-15 19:06:55 ET

yes the avatar didn't hurt this calling O_o... but i really thank the person who posted that pic...
or else i would've just turned all crazy lost all train of thought... and started speaking in truck driver lingo
O_o that wouldn't have been good

2004-02-15 19:09:45 ET

No, I can't say it would have been productive in any way. ;)

2004-02-15 19:12:33 ET

:::covers mouth::: damnit... nice breasticles... :::tear:::runs away:::

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