2004-01-05 08:31:32 ET

Albuquerque's favorite gutter punk, Spit, has died. He was only 19 years old. If you ever needed someone to come over at 4am and drink whiskey with you, he'd be there. If you ever wanted to have a really intense conversation about Mortal Kombat, he'd be there. But he won't be anymore, and god I'll miss him.

R.I.P Dustin

2004-01-05 09:31:36 ET

how sad :-(

that bummed me out

2004-01-05 10:07:03 ET

:-\ Sounds like he was a fun kid.

2004-01-06 11:12:20 ET

He rocked my world, then he was taken away from me. :(

2004-01-06 15:04:50 ET

ohhh thats so sad. so young.

may he rest in peace.

2004-01-06 19:09:35 ET

my condolences.

let's make her feel better with a group huggle :'(

2004-01-07 12:57:13 ET

it's fucked up when someone you know dies, and more shitty when they are a punk.

how did he die?

2004-01-07 19:05:35 ET

i;ve known too many people who have died so i'm numb to the prospect of people i know dying.

2004-01-10 12:48:52 ET

Heroin overdose. :( Sad, huh? He was the coolest squatter ever.

2004-01-11 17:07:26 ET

fuck drugs. i'm sorry, but that's what happans when you do them.

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