2004-02-15 18:53:35 ET

Best Valentine's Ever. I got a dozen roses and chocolate truffles. Color me spoiled.

2004-02-15 18:55:22 ET

Spoiled.....now what color is that? I think it's a combination of reds and pinks.

2004-02-15 18:56:41 ET

I'd have to agree. Or a magenta. ;)

2004-02-15 19:43:59 ET

That's good you had a nice Valentine's day. I actually like roses. Why don't guys get flowers unless we're dead or dying? Even a stem would be nice.

2004-02-16 04:36:57 ET

I'd send some, but they'd just wilt in the shipping. No such thing as overnight to where I'd have to send them. :P

2004-02-17 15:47:24 ET

ehhhhhhhhehehe. Wow.... go you! =P

2004-02-21 02:19:49 ET

Long time no chat, Joce!

2004-02-21 16:11:25 ET

Rixxxxxxx! <3 Miss you.

2004-02-22 19:29:21 ET


2004-02-27 07:44:57 ET

What fun Valentine's stuff!! I got flowers from my sister and two zines and a note from a stranger....

2004-02-28 22:21:08 ET

A stranger? Oooh, sounds erotic and exciting. ;) Any guesses who?

2004-02-29 14:48:33 ET

Well, it wasn't really a stranger....it was the publisher of the zine that I write for off and on. Although, I still can't figure out if it's a he or a she. LoL

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