hey lovebunnies
2004-03-29 00:35:09 ET

Jesus, I miss you guys! Are any of you guys on livejournal? I'm luckbeacreature. Add me, lazies!

If you're bored, feel free to browse my galleries, I updated most of them. Golly, do I look different than when I joined. <3

Please note the foxy new background!

2004-03-29 00:45:15 ET

Holy Crap the last gallery is beautiful in rockabilly glory

2004-03-29 00:45:39 ET

Wubwub. <3 I'm such a photo whore.

2004-03-29 01:02:16 ET

Sometmes it's a good thing

2004-03-29 01:02:32 ET

Only sometimes? :P

2004-03-29 01:05:50 ET

I can't justify all the time and I'm speaking pretty universal =D

2004-03-29 01:07:39 ET

Hahaha, you rule.

2004-03-29 02:56:15 ET

MMmmmmm... Joce! *hump* ehhrrr. We love you and your Photoshop obsessiveness and you being so damn BEAUTIFUL.

2004-03-29 04:43:16 ET

Fuckin' A, dollface, you rock my world! <3

2004-03-29 07:46:40 ET

oh Joce your my idol.

to damn hot.

i agree with brit all the way.

2004-03-29 09:52:10 ET

Look at me blush like crazy. I miss SK and you guys!!!

2004-03-29 09:55:51 ET

now THAT is a foxy background. post more!

remember hte days when you'd get like, nine hundred replies within two hours? relive those glory days!

2004-03-29 09:59:12 ET

I still have a gallery dedicated to a screen cap of my over 100 comments. Hahaha, those were the days. I will definetly try to revive my posting habits.

2004-03-29 10:19:01 ET

well, excellent. I'll be more than happy to help you with that. like right now, even.

2004-03-29 10:19:19 ET

SEXcellent, even.

2004-03-29 10:32:57 ET

I remember that people used to get in trouble for comment count contests back in the day. Man, I barely remember how long I've been on here.

2004-03-29 13:56:06 ET

fucking hot. <3
xkillmecutie is my lj name.
i'm adding you.
<3 _jen

2004-03-29 21:34:37 ET

Totally adding you, too, darling. <3 Thanks!

2004-03-30 05:11:39 ET

what's up hotness?

2004-03-30 17:41:11 ET

Just being hot, I suppose. ;) :P

Waiting for my boyfriend to come home from war, actually, only 10 days left!!

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