ARG blah
2004-03-30 18:28:15 ET

Wow, the site must be getting BIG, it runs like I'm on dial-up now. I've been waiting for the last 15 minutes for this photo to upload into my gallery. So, in case I can't get it, here's the picture.


10 days until I surprise my boyfriend! His mom and I are evil and planned a flight to Chicago easter weekend. I love surprises!

In all my pictures, my eye color never shows up true to life. I finally got a good shot of my eye!

2004-03-30 18:30:51 ET

pretty picture of you..

2004-03-30 18:32:36 ET

you're gorgeous AND you like cock sparrer! wow!

2004-03-30 18:34:34 ET

strangeangel9: Awww, thanks!

fakeambition: Why aren't we friends? Hahaha!

2004-03-30 18:35:56 ET

we are now!
i love your taste in music

2004-03-30 18:36:45 ET

Problem solved then. ;) I love yours, too. <3

2004-03-30 19:06:18 ET

I must say...You look WAY hot as a blonde <3<3

2004-03-30 19:09:14 ET

Thanks! I'm still getting used to it, but I think I'll keep it for a while. <3

2004-03-30 19:10:12 ET

I def. think you should stick with it...

2004-03-30 19:11:37 ET

It would definetly be a new thing. I change it so much it would be nice to have a steady color. :P

2004-03-30 19:13:20 ET

True!!! ... but, oh the beauty in change

2004-03-30 19:23:44 ET

I know. I've been green and purple, blue, pink, blue and pink, platinum and pink...and now blonde. <3

2004-03-30 19:47:29 ET

Thats so many! All pretty colors though...

2004-03-30 19:49:58 ET

Yeah, I think I'll make my boyfriend go color blind if I don't stop. :P

2004-03-30 19:53:15 ET

Lol, funny if it did happen

2004-03-30 19:59:37 ET

I'd never forgive myself.

2004-03-30 20:03:39 ET

Itd be weeeirrrdd

2004-03-30 20:16:00 ET

I wonder how stupid my hair would look to him then. hahaha!

2004-03-30 20:32:42 ET

Lol oh my...

2004-03-30 20:33:11 ET

I think he'd like me if I was bald, so its okay. <3

2004-03-30 20:34:55 ET

Dedication right thurr.

2004-03-30 20:36:10 ET

Hey, if I can be loyal for this long to a man at war, I can do anything. ;)

2004-03-30 20:44:27 ET

Truuuuueee truuuueee

2004-03-30 20:46:51 ET

Well, almost anything. I still can't lick my elbow.

2004-03-30 20:49:02 ET

I know 2 people that can!

... I cant either so no worries <3

2004-03-30 20:49:56 ET

Can they REALLY? War injuries? :P

Good, at least its not just me. <3

2004-03-30 20:52:04 ET

Yeah!... creeps me out

2004-03-30 20:54:26 ET

That should not be physically possible.

2004-03-30 21:03:57 ET

I thought it wasnt... till I met those boys.

2004-03-30 21:07:35 ET

My boyfriend has the world's biggest HANDS.

Oh LAWDY. ;)

2004-03-30 21:09:10 ET

Is he Austrian?

2004-03-30 21:23:37 ET

Brett? I'm not sure. He's a big, 6'2" ball of muscles, tattoos and army hotness.

2004-03-30 21:35:39 ET

Hmmm, I know a couple Austrians and they have GINORMOUS hands...

2004-03-30 21:37:09 ET

Maybe he is part Austrian. I'll have to ask. ;)

2004-03-30 22:32:08 ET

You should.... Im curious now..

2004-03-31 03:51:59 ET

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

2004-03-31 03:52:42 ET

You're such a hottie! OMG. Seriously. I wanna do you.

2004-03-31 07:02:01 ET

mofo: <3

rockaboobie: Come to HRW this year, darling! :P

2004-03-31 07:07:26 ET

NOTAPRETTYGIRL: Brett will be home in 9 days, so I'll get to ask very soon. ;)

2004-03-31 07:08:42 ET

Illlll be waiting

2004-03-31 08:53:48 ET

Me too. Eagerly. <3

2004-04-06 15:50:46 ET

Love the Blonde

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