rain rain go away
2004-04-03 16:16:53 ET

New Mexico is prone to flash flooding.

This is what happens when flash floods rush around your BASEMENT apartment. Everything is ruined, minus the computer, my bedroom and my couch.

GOOD NEWS: Brett will be in the states Monday. He will be in Chicago Friday at 9am. I will be in Chicago to surprise him at 3pm. Wish me luck!

2004-04-03 16:19:08 ET

Is that paint peeling from the walls? Or rather, sagging down it...

Our townhouse did the same damn thing when it rained a lot last summer...leaking was EVERYWHERE. It sucked. But at least you're okay. <3

And YAY for suprising Brett! =D Cute, cute, cute.

2004-04-03 16:21:20 ET

Yeah, the water came in through the shitty brick lay job some asshole did in the 1920s, and it made the paint AND the sealant peel off.

I'm okay. The heater's broken, so I probably won't be able to stay here tonight.

I AM SO EXCITED!!! His mom called, she was SUPER cute. <3 She's going to try and find a lie so he'll go with her to the airport. Eeeeee.

2004-04-03 16:31:24 ET

Haha... yeah, my place is the same way. Shitty brick laying & construction job 'cause the developer just wanted the house done so he could sell 'em.

But I think mine was in the 50's. Haha. Nothin changes.

2004-04-03 16:38:25 ET

I'm sure this place ruled in the 20s. Now its just a piece of crap. Hahaha, I guess I got what I paid for.

2004-04-03 22:59:45 ET

Sucky..... have fun in Chicago though! whoo, good luck <3

2004-04-04 01:48:13 ET

Thanks, I'll try. <3

2004-04-13 11:33:55 ET

Please tell Brett I said Welcome Home. Chicago is fun. I miss that place. Nick and I may be going out there this summer to see a Cubs game and so I can do some major shopping. Man, I'm surprised my basement doesn't flood like that when it rains. That sucks. I'm so sorry.

2004-04-14 20:36:54 ET

I will be sure to hang that on him when he calls. <3 I didn't get to read that before I took off. ;) Hopefully I can see you and Nick before or after that Cubs game! <3

2004-04-16 10:01:24 ET

I just think it would be fun for us all to get together, or at least for me to be able to see you and Brett.

2004-04-17 07:28:24 ET

Awwww, darling, you rock. <3 You know I have to meet this Nick. ;) Besides, after missing HRW last year, you owe me some quality drankin' time. ;)

2004-04-20 20:41:21 ET

This is so true.

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