2004-05-02 00:19:47 ET

Boyfriendless again. Yeehaw.

I tried to dye my hair black and it turned blue. Figgers.


2004-05-02 00:21:48 ET

damn, you're hot :-).
so far, ALL relationships suck.

2004-05-02 00:25:09 ET

Awww, thanks. <3
Yeah, he wanted marriage and I wanted slooow.

2004-05-02 00:26:32 ET

damn, that's no good.
I have never been in the marriage situation, but yeah -> people either move too damned fast, or slow --> probably them not liking me :-P .. lol

2004-05-02 00:27:23 ET

damn !!
I just read your age, only 19 and marriage?... crazy.... man.. don't get married for at least another ten years :-P

2004-05-02 00:28:20 ET

I think I'll never be satisfied. :P Lame. ;)

2004-05-02 00:29:15 ET

Yeah, I'm 19 and he's 21. Afghanistan fucked him up.

2004-05-02 00:30:27 ET

my brother went to Afghanistan too. what part was he in? .. My brother was in Bogram.
marriage sucks, don't join the statistics :-P

2004-05-02 00:31:02 ET

Bahgram or some crap, I think. Yeah, I need to be 23 and have a career before marriage.

2004-05-02 00:34:58 ET

really? ,, When was he there?
sorry for all the questions, I think it is pretty interesting .. well, because I suck.

I want a career / paid off house / no younger than 28 before I get married.. gotta have some time to live your youth :-D

2004-05-02 00:38:56 ET

He just got released in April and he had been active for 14 months. He was an MP and did creepy interrogation stuff. :(

Oh, paid off house would be a nice perk, too.

2004-05-02 01:11:41 ET

I like your hair.

2004-05-02 11:20:07 ET

It likes you, too. ;)

2004-05-02 11:42:08 ET

good. does it want to take me to the movies?

2004-05-02 12:21:42 ET


2004-05-02 12:26:20 ET

ask your hair to let me know. I'll be over there if you need me.

2004-05-03 07:46:22 ET


Blue hair is perrrty.
I dye mine blue/black so its black with blue roots pretty much... i <3 it

You shoulda slapped him with his big hands... yes.

2004-05-03 09:06:41 ET

no hookups here. i'm too old and grumpy.

2004-05-03 12:06:40 ET

Yeah, I'm just sad he was an assclown because in a lot of ways he ruled. Maybe later I can get back together. <3

2004-05-03 14:24:28 ET

1: Boyfriend: Eh....

2. Hair: Ubah Hawtness with the blueness....

2004-05-03 14:52:12 ET

hey! I;m no assclown.

2004-05-05 03:47:05 ET

Hey man, at least it looks bitchen'.

2004-05-08 08:33:10 ET

ahh Joce i think you made the right decison.

hey do you still have collage I made you?

2004-05-08 11:50:56 ET

I do, its right next to my computer! <3

2004-05-09 11:34:34 ET


2004-05-14 09:57:46 ET

I just realized what you said about being boyfriendless. I can't believe that he wanted marriage so fast! It was smart of you to want to take things slow. It's uncharactaristic of him. I'm sorry things didn't work out but you're so damn hot that you'll find a man who's willing to take things just as slow as you want him to.

2004-05-14 11:55:07 ET

Awwww, thanks Jessdarling! <3 Yeah, I just think war made him want a wife all sick. I hope he can stop being sad and can be my friend soon.

2004-05-18 19:39:16 ET

That's seriously too bad. I think that maybe once he's had time to hang out with his old friends and get back to the life he had before, his mindset might just change.

*crossing fingers*

2004-05-18 20:35:00 ET

Yeah, I'm crossing my fingers, too. <3 I love the guy, this was just all so fast.

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