2004-06-22 22:18:43 ET

Remember Jem and the Holograms? Remember the evil band, The Misfits? Remember Clash? Yeah, I totally did my makeup like her. I am bored.


2004-06-22 22:20:14 ET

haha Jem rules! and so does your makeup!

2004-06-22 22:21:43 ET

I <3 Jem, I think its coming out on DVD soon. Maybe I can make this a theme, and do a new Jem character's makeup all over me every week. :p

2004-06-22 22:22:52 ET

yeah, ive been waiting to get it

2004-06-22 22:23:56 ET

I feel bad for kids these days, all they get is Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, we got JEM. ;)

2004-06-22 23:16:05 ET

weird. i love it, hope you keep posting pix. your hair rulZ!

2004-06-23 01:12:05 ET

I probably won't post pictures all the time, I had a bad run in on LJ where people started ignoring my life and just commented to say "YEAH COOL". :p But THANK YOU!

2004-06-23 01:53:31 ET

nooo. i like to see the pix, i always read your journal not just for the pix either.

2004-06-23 05:08:16 ET

You're so sweet. <3

2004-06-23 10:11:34 ET

way to be yet again, awesome.

2004-06-23 18:04:01 ET

I don't see how ANYBODY could ignore you, girl!!! YOU ARE SO HOTT!!!

I remember doing my makeup like Jem on more than one occasion. Haha....weee.

2004-06-26 02:25:47 ET

Cavefish: Thanks!

Just Like You: Aww, Brittydoll! You should do Jem makeup more often. ;)

2004-06-26 06:34:26 ET

(See, it was so cool I had to make up a word!)

Also, your eyes look alot like my mum's. Very pretty.

2004-06-27 04:00:54 ET

Awww, thanks! They're that weird brown-to-green. <3

2004-06-27 07:10:24 ET

They look slightly goldy-yellow here, that really light brown. My mom's eyes are almost straight yellow. Very strange, but pretty.

2004-06-28 09:15:35 ET

JEM.. woo.. so excited.

2004-07-05 16:04:55 ET

Bitchin' dude....Bitchin'.

2004-08-18 20:39:07 ET

I like the one of you in the little hat - very silent movie star.

2004-10-22 06:15:33 ET

thats hot

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