My First Entry
2002-09-22 17:15:46 ET

I'm sure you all are very excited about my first entry. I just made a new shirt today, and I guess that is pretty exciting. I went to the thrift store and found this black shirt with an ugly logo on it, so I flipped it inside out and decorated it to my will.

Oh, and I got fired. It was just a job for under the table cash and tax free dollars, but my boss thinks that my nose right scares kids. Go figure.

2002-09-22 17:23:55 ET

Welcome to SK.

RED ROBOT will SPARE YOU for now.


RED ROBT will KRUSH boss if you want as COMING GIFT.

2002-09-22 17:27:22 ET

welcome to subkultures

2002-09-22 17:29:20 ET

Thank you guys so much! I feel special.

2002-09-22 17:32:22 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-09-22 17:35:13 ET

sk = love. welcome and beware. it's like crack.

2002-09-22 17:35:47 ET

mmmmmmmmm Sweet, sweet crack.

2002-09-22 17:37:18 ET

i'm good for it, i'm good for it.

2002-09-22 17:40:19 ET

Yay for crack. I have an addictive personality, so I'll fit right in!

2002-09-22 17:48:30 ET

Welcome!!!!! Hope you like retards!!! Cheers!!

2002-09-22 17:52:48 ET

I love retards. Thankyyy.

2002-09-22 17:54:43 ET

welcome :)

2002-09-22 18:04:36 ET


2002-09-22 18:05:20 ET

retards are the coolest kind of people

2002-09-22 18:09:50 ET

I've never felt so special ever.

2002-09-22 18:23:33 ET


i wasn't here in time to yell "THE MESSAGE" after sean, but i'll yell it anyway! LOOK! ITS THE MESSAGE! lol

2002-09-22 18:25:09 ET

Thank you thank you!

2002-09-22 18:26:00 ET

:) no problem! i <3 sk

btw, you don't have to answer, but are you straight? lol

2002-09-22 18:26:26 ET

lol donna!

2002-09-22 18:26:42 ET

*whimper* As my friend Reagan says, I'm on the bi now gay later program. ;)

2002-09-22 18:28:15 ET

LOL... reason i asked is, because a lot of straight chicks feel like lesbians on SK! lol, like me, i'm straight, but i have a wife on here and everything! lol! and crystal and me ::sex:: all the time... lol

2002-09-22 18:28:58 ET

hehehe ;)

donna: i cant decide on an avatar. can you look at my pics and tell me which ones the best?

2002-09-22 18:30:11 ET

I don't feel like a lesbian yet. But I feel sort of voyuertastic. But I can't spell it right, so that kind of ruins it.

2002-09-22 18:30:34 ET

i liked the one where you said you were trying to look sexy or whatever. lol. the one you had in your journal today. but the one you have now is nice too... where's your damn hawk?lol

2002-09-22 18:31:04 ET


whats that mean? ive never heard the word b4 lol

2002-09-22 18:34:06 ET


2002-09-22 18:34:31 ET

Well, sort of like voyuerism. Which I can't spell. That's where you get off looking up girls skirts who don't know you're looking. Or watching girls shower in a locker room. I felt voyuertastic because I'm looking at other peoples....yeah, well, nevermind.

2002-09-22 18:34:37 ET

Happy welcome and stay and such. You can rock in peace here... and it is kinda like crack.

2002-09-22 18:34:38 ET

lol, k

2002-09-22 18:34:47 ET

sexy beast haha!

2002-09-22 18:35:25 ET

"my boss thinks that my nose right scares kids"


2002-09-22 18:36:27 ET

"my boss thinks that my nose right scares kids"

I have no sense of spelling. I meant ring.

2002-09-22 19:07:14 ET

welcome to ... I am [ vasa ]. I have a large ghetto booty. That is all...oh also check out this test :

2002-09-22 19:40:43 ET

I got your voyeurism reference, ChaoticUtopia ;)

Is there anything we can call you for short?

2002-09-23 03:46:51 ET

Yeah, it is kind of annoying to call me CHAOTICUTOPIA over and over. You're free to call my Jocelyn, which is my real name. Or Joce. Joce is the easiest. Or Chaos. I don't mind that nickname either.

2002-09-23 03:49:08 ET

By the way, on that quiz, I am hoboremixour. Hurray!

2002-09-23 04:35:00 ET

You can call me Sean if I can call you Jocelyn ;)

2002-09-23 05:24:48 ET

I'm late, oh well. Welcome to subkultures.

I'm not a kandi kid (if you look at muah page)

2002-09-23 06:09:19 ET

Okay Sean. YAY!

2002-09-23 06:12:01 ET


2002-09-23 07:10:14 ET

How are you, Sean?

2002-09-23 07:15:56 ET

Bored, but otherwise, not bad.

How are you Jocelyn?

2002-09-23 07:17:45 ET

I'm bored in class, Sean. Lame lame physics.

2002-09-23 07:18:23 ET

Ewww, glad I never took that one.

2002-09-23 07:19:58 ET

It can be pretty intresting, when the teacher isn't being unfun. We won't let me get naked. ;)

2002-09-23 07:21:23 ET

That dirty mofo!

2002-09-23 07:23:41 ET

Well, I didn't ask, but he has that "Don't get naked" look in his eyes.

2002-09-23 07:26:25 ET

That kind of thing is just inexcusable.

What are you guys doing, anyway?

2002-09-23 09:59:09 ET

*realizes she might be a little late in welcoming* What the hell... Welcome you be, girly ! Hehe yep, this voyeuristic journal thingy sure awakens the lesbian feelings in a gal...

Mwuahahahaaaaa !

2002-09-23 11:55:42 ET

In Physics? Suprisingly, nothing. They haven't mailed the textbooks so I've been instructed to get online and look up lightning. Whee.

2002-09-23 11:59:56 ET


2002-09-23 12:14:49 ET

I know, our little school is disgustingly pathetic. Its really an Earth Science class, and I told my teacher it made me feel stupid learning about rocks, so he bumped me up. WHEE!

2002-09-23 12:31:12 ET


I failed lunch.

2002-09-23 13:56:15 ET

I'm sorry. :(

2002-09-23 18:13:36 ET

It's okay. I made it up in summer school.

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