Good Morning, Sunshine
2002-09-23 06:08:08 ET

I'm at school right now. I'm sure you're all excited to hear that. It has been an unproductive day all around so far. I read my horoscope for yesterday (I prefer reading them after the day happened to see if it was true or not). It said that I would go out and do many things. In your face horoscope, I sat on my ass all day. And I watched Vanilla Sky. That movie freaked me out.

What else did I do today? I showered. That should earn me a brownie point or two.

I'm feeling disgustingly political today after reading the paper. The two main party governer candidates are fighting like five year olds. I've seen their lame commercials on TV insulting the other, and last night they were catfighting at a debate. Throwing papers at each other trying to prove their point. The poor Green Party candidate is just standing there, positioned between the middle of these political monkeys trying to dodge their retardedness. How am I supposed to VOTE for these people? I don't like ANY of them. Except the Green Party guy, he doesn't act like such a moron. I can't wait to show up to the polls with my piercings and torn up clothes to spit on their stupid election.


2002-09-23 06:08:53 ET

Showers are for quitters. Never again. :)

2002-09-23 06:11:11 ET

I have failed you. *pout*

2002-09-23 06:11:45 ET

hehe naw 'sall good

2002-09-23 06:12:29 ET

Maybe I won't shower when I go vote. Make a nice smelly statement.

2002-09-23 06:14:08 ET

i wish i could vote, id fake an epileptic seizure in the voting booth.

2002-09-23 06:16:37 ET

That's so hardcore.

2002-09-23 06:17:31 ET minor threat playing...Out Of Step live...Ian babbles about some shit in themiddle. Its great.

2002-09-23 06:24:45 ET

Don't listen to him. Showers are a good thing.

Anything that involves gettin' nekked is a good thing.

2002-09-23 06:26:43 ET

'weve got one for you...its called gay rude boys unite'...chew on that, rudey ;) Yes, nudity is key

2002-09-23 06:27:46 ET

I agree with Rudeboy.

Vanilla Sky was a really good movie, too.

Politics suck, and so do most politicians.

2002-09-23 06:28:56 ET


2002-09-23 06:29:52 ET


2002-09-23 06:30:04 ET

all i can say is...
Jello for president
Cause theres always room for jello

2002-09-23 06:38:38 ET

Hells yeah!

2002-09-23 06:41:54 ET

fuck yeah, jello biafra for mayor, san francisco 1979....jeez, he was YOUNG when he ran for mayor

2002-09-23 07:09:46 ET

"Don't listen to him. Showers are a good thing.

Anything that involves gettin' nekked is a good thing"

Yay, happy nekkedness! Don't tell anyone, but when no one is home I walk around nekked. WHEE.

2002-09-23 07:10:36 ET

::Peeks in C/Utopias window::

2002-09-23 07:10:36 ET

::Peeks in C/Utopias window::

2002-09-23 07:12:31 ET

I'm at school. I can't get nekked at school. Well...I could...

And you can just call me Jocelyn.

2002-09-23 07:43:55 ET

Today is my day for politics as well. Go green party guy for not being an asshole... yet or something.

Yay for nekkidness. Wish I was a baby again so i could get away with it.

2002-09-23 11:39:36 ET

how said you had to be a baby?

2002-09-23 11:43:26 ET

to be given leeway for running around in public nekkid

2002-09-23 11:44:44 ET

oh yes that of course *zips pants up* ahem!

2002-09-23 12:04:10 ET

I'm thinking I will ditch both of those losers and vote Green party. Sweeeeet.

I'm at home now, and no one is here, so its shirt off for me!

2002-09-23 12:06:55 ET

Have fun voting and being nekkie

2002-09-23 12:10:13 ET

You know I will.

2002-09-23 12:11:27 ET

oohh so very naked! just like those hugging movies!

2002-09-23 12:18:22 ET

That is so cute. "Hugging movies". Haha.

2002-09-23 12:23:14 ET

mommy has two mouths!

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