Excuse the Outburst
2002-09-23 17:07:36 ET

I made a dramatic post earlier. I removed it. It was too dramatic even for me. Blah. Ick. Vomit.

Anyway, I think my nose is infected. My piercer said nostril infections are fatal. Its time for a sea salt soak. You have no idea how awkward it is.

2002-09-23 17:08:15 ET

hehe sounds like a fun task to accomplish

2002-09-23 17:09:45 ET

sorry dear.

2002-09-23 17:09:53 ET

task. nose piercing = task. i might take mine out

2002-09-23 17:12:38 ET

Yes, it is such a beast. Sea salt soaks always seem to rememdy things, so this should be okay.

2002-09-23 17:13:02 ET

agreed. hmm, i will do one now as well :-D

2002-09-23 17:13:33 ET


2002-09-23 17:23:27 ET

I can't help it, it feels so good.

2002-09-23 17:24:13 ET

yeah same deal here, but concerning a whole nother matter

2002-09-23 17:25:13 ET

i had my nose pierced but it fell out somehow, and by the time i realised it, the fucker wouldnt go back in.

2002-09-23 17:28:44 ET

Didn't you love it? I love this piercing so much. And these sea soaks are what make the hassle worthwhile. IT FEELS SO GOOD IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

2002-09-23 17:29:42 ET

lol, yea i loved it. but i hardly ever cleaned it or took any care of it for that matter. same thing w/ my belly button, it got infected. whats a sea soak?

2002-09-23 17:31:56 ET

You take sea salt and put it in filtered water and sit and then stick your piercing in it and ooooh yeah. It helps clear infections without using harsh alcohol or drying peroxides that retard the healing of piercings. :)

2002-09-23 17:32:38 ET

heh heh retard

2002-09-23 17:33:00 ET

ohhh, k

2002-09-23 17:37:42 ET

I actually meant retard in a non-deragatory way. This is a milestone in my life.

2002-09-23 17:38:24 ET


2002-09-23 17:40:16 ET

i dont think nostril infections are fatal... 2 of my friends got infections and nothing really happened only the one girl looked like she had a big wart on her nose

2002-09-23 17:44:21 ET

I think he means if I let it get green and oozy and rub dog shit on it. ;) It is reeeeeeeeeeeally close to my brain, afterall. It is the only place where my brain is not protected by the skull.

2002-09-23 17:44:55 ET



2002-09-23 17:46:56 ET

I promise I won't say anything more that is disgusting. La.

2002-09-23 17:51:25 ET


2002-09-23 17:53:26 ET

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

2002-09-23 17:55:58 ET

i just smoke anything my dad buys (he buys my cigarettes) which are usually the cheap generic kind like doral, but i prefer newports. you?

2002-09-23 17:56:26 ET

Sea Salt Soak!!

That's fun to say! Say it 534 times real fast!!!

2002-09-23 17:56:59 ET

I have a soft spot for Turkish Golds and Marlboro Milds.

2002-09-23 17:57:25 ET


2002-09-23 17:58:21 ET

cool. smokings a nasty habit. i hate it. how much do u smoke a day?

2002-09-23 18:06:15 ET

I can't help it. I don't hate it enough, so I haven't even thought of quitting. I don't smoke a whole pack, generally about half a pack.

2002-09-23 18:06:43 ET

thats cool

2002-09-23 18:08:53 ET

Yeah, we're hardcore. ;)

2002-09-23 18:11:04 ET


2002-09-23 18:14:10 ET

I don't think you told me your name. I'm Jocelyn.

2002-09-23 18:16:55 ET

<-- Crystal

2002-09-23 18:24:45 ET

YAY, hi Crystal!

2002-09-23 18:30:03 ET


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