An Exciting Realization
2002-09-24 18:09:42 ET

You know what is so much fun about coming here everyday? The user names. So many of them are just so neat.

That is all.

2002-09-24 18:13:12 ET

Yeah, some are very cool. I like reading peoples journals as well.... it is fun to see how interesting everyone is.

2002-09-24 18:13:34 ET

I thought of my user name for a while ! It fits , I'm a bit odd,
a Pisces , and all my friends confide in me verry deeply , so I
fancy myself as a kind of Avant-Gardian Angel understanding those who are mis-understood. , cause I've been there myself.

2002-09-24 18:15:23 ET

That's true. Don't get me wrong, some people have such fun things to say, but these NAMES! LIKE THAT ONE! Avant-Gardian Angel. So much fun. :)

2002-09-24 18:22:14 ET

Mine's dumb.

2002-09-24 18:24:03 ET

RUDEBODY! Yet another exciting name, Sheen. Go tell your friends with neat SK names to come here and leave a note. (I've officially decided to continue calling you SHEEN. Mwahahahaha.)

2002-09-24 18:24:52 ET


2002-09-24 18:25:29 ET

Does anyone else have a k-cool 3 letter username? No vowels either so it's fun to pronounce!

2002-09-24 18:26:10 ET

Mines a song..... blah, im so creative its sick..... *rolls eyes*

2002-09-24 18:28:50 ET

ChZ! That one rules, too!

You ARE creative. I noted the creative replacement of the Y with an I. :)

2002-09-24 18:30:53 ET

Haha Oh yeah...

2002-09-24 18:33:33 ET

Mine's completely unoriginal, but someone might probably have gotten it eventually, anyway.

2002-09-24 18:47:01 ET

I like it, Sheen.

2002-09-24 18:49:54 ET


2002-09-24 19:10:28 ET

my brother came up with this name cuz i couldnt think of anything.

2002-09-25 03:53:17 ET

Haha, it looks like a boy came up with that. Boys generally have a strong obsession with mothers. ;) I love your name.

2002-09-25 09:37:35 ET

lol, yeah

thanks :)

2002-09-25 10:02:40 ET

I love my online name! I've had it for.. over seven years now 0.0

I even own a vanity domain for it.

Some people have really cheesy names! Others have cool ones...
I sometimes wonder where people get their nick's from.

2002-09-25 11:20:08 ET

I love your online name too. It definetly has an original flare to it. I have seen some cheesy names, and some overdone names. Which I won't mention, so as not to harm anyone's delicate feelings. :)

2002-09-25 11:22:02 ET

How did you come up with your handle?
If I tell you how I came up with mine, you would laugh and then think it was cheesec0re forevermore.

2002-09-25 11:25:30 ET

The story behind mine is desperately unintresting. I use "RockMyPunk" for almost everything, but I decided I overuse it and that I should try something different. The science of Chaos and quantum chaos have always fascinated me in a nerdy bookworm sort of way, so I had to incorporate that. I also am a firm believer in personal Utopia in life, so I just shoved them together to make a sort of oxymoronic name.


Tell me your story. I promise not to judge you.

2002-09-25 11:41:12 ET

A personal utopia, eh? That reminds me of a Star Trek: TNG episode..

OK well please keep in mind I was pretty young when I came up with 'sykospark'.

Ever see the show 'darkwing duck'? It has a villain called megavolt, who relied on electricity to do all his evildoings. I was madly enraptured with this character (i have a thing for engineers, what can i say?). But alas, megavolt was stark raving mad. It would never have worked out between us...

syko - psychotic
spark - electricity

I was a huge pokemon fan for awhile and I used to joke how my name was also the 'types' that i was (psychic/syko + electric/spark).

2002-09-25 11:46:56 ET

Hahahaha, nice, syko.

2002-09-25 12:00:22 ET


2002-09-25 12:02:14 ET

DARKWING DUCK! I used to get called Goslyn, since its close to my real name of Jocelyn.

Darkwing Duck...let's get dangerous...

2002-09-25 12:03:43 ET

I think Gosalyn is the raddest name ever. I was bent on naming my first daughter Gosalyn for about 9 years. Seriously.
I still think about it!!

DW was a t00lshed. I liked Gosalyn, megavolt and bushroot..

ok ok i am still obsessed with the damn show.
hehehe I have every megavolt episode on tape. I need to get that dubbed onto a CD for posterity's sake.

2002-09-25 14:00:45 ET

yay jocelyn I AM HERE

2002-09-25 14:10:37 ET

Hi Ashton, you have arrived!

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