Moms Are So Cute
2002-09-25 14:19:03 ET

My mom just walked into my room, and saw me on here. "You have your PICTURE on the internet, Jocelyn?" Well, obviously that's me, so I told her yes. Her eyes got big, and she asked, "Your address and phone number aren't on there, are they?"

So...who wants to give me a call? ;)

2002-09-25 14:20:29 ET

I will !!! I call everyone muhaha!

2002-09-25 14:21:19 ET

Do you have any credit card numbers I could see?

2002-09-25 14:22:12 ET

Yeah, so whats your SS number?

2002-09-25 14:24:24 ET

I don't have any credit cards. If I did, I'd have a digital camera. My SS number is for sexual partners to know only, and since I've never had one, its my little secret. WHEE!

2002-09-25 14:24:53 ET

Can I sample some of your DNA ? Just for personal use :) I am not going to create clones of you or anything

your Social Security Number + Sex = SS PORN

SS PORN = elite German Trooper Sex

2002-09-25 14:25:34 ET

how about some fingerprints? could you scan some of those in?

2002-09-25 14:31:51 ET

I don't have a scanner. But I can do it the old fashioned way with ink and paper. :) But only if you ask nicely, Punk.

DNA...sure. I'll get you a cotton swab of my cheek tissue. How HOT is that. We could start a new trend: DNA dating

2002-09-25 14:32:32 ET

Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha! DNA dating and Skexing....does it get any better?

2002-09-25 14:36:22 ET

Hi, I am an 18 female. This is a 3d model of a strand of my DNA. As you can see, the brown eye gene was dominate...

Whee! I love it.

2002-09-25 14:37:43 ET

HAH! that's great... your mom is funny

2002-09-25 14:37:46 ET


2002-09-25 14:42:25 ET

This is the same mother who went for a walk and came home with a construction sign. I asked her where she got it and she told me she found it in the street. She's so cute.

2002-09-25 14:43:05 ET

my mom brought home a local campaign sign once..i spraypainted "CLIT " on it and eventually threw it away

2002-09-25 14:48:24 ET

Hahahaha! "CLIT". HAHAHA. It sucks that you threw it away. My mom still has her construction sign in the entry. She is so proud of herself. She spent her whole life being a square retard that never has fun, and now she's finally learned to let go and steal signs once in a while.

2002-09-25 14:51:00 ET

hehehe i have a yeild sign plastered in automotive aftermarket company stickers, and a street sign for kinderkamack road, a local 'main drag'

2002-09-25 14:54:30 ET

Kinderkamack? Jesus, what committee named YOUR streets? ;)

2002-09-25 14:56:04 ET

crackwhores...lots and lots of crackwhores

2002-09-25 14:57:26 ET

I want to live where you live. I might fight in.

2002-09-25 14:58:49 ET

you're a crackwhore?

2002-09-25 15:01:24 ET

I wish I was. I wish I was hardcore. :(

2002-09-25 15:02:02 ET

i wanna be a pr0n star

2002-09-25 15:03:10 ET

That's hardc0re. Make me hardc0re.

2002-09-25 15:04:26 ET

you can be in the porn too, maybe ill be a director or something

2002-09-25 15:05:19 ET

Not sexually hardc0re. I'm scared of sex.

2002-09-25 15:06:20 ET

oh oh ok

2002-09-25 15:07:13 ET

Scared? Why?

2002-09-25 15:07:53 ET

yeah, SCARED? id kill for sex...ok maybe not kill...ok maybe i would kill

2002-09-25 15:10:54 ET

I don't know. Aaah, so scary. Its a freaky phobia I have. Skerry.

2002-09-25 15:12:15 ET


2002-09-25 15:15:19 ET

Does it weird you out that I'm skerred?

2002-09-25 15:15:56 ET

kind of...whats to be scared of?

2002-09-25 15:17:23 ET

I don't know. Pain? Humiliation? Orgasm?

2002-09-25 15:18:24 ET

pain..perhaps some....humiliation? are you expecting to having sex with an asshole??? orgasm? Weeeeeeeeeeee!

2002-09-25 15:19:39 ET

Only ugly asshole boys like me. So yes, that's what I'm expecting.

2002-09-25 15:20:20 ET

oh, ok, in that case...:S

2002-09-25 15:21:21 ET

What does a smiley face with an S mean? I'm stupid.

2002-09-25 15:23:31 ET

hmm...its indifferent face

2002-09-25 15:23:54 ET

Aww, Joce. How will I do you now?

2002-09-25 15:25:41 ET

Okay, indifferent works.

All inqueries from non-asshole guys are welcome. ;)

2002-09-25 15:27:16 ET

You know I'm not an asshole! I'm a sweetheart!

2002-09-25 15:28:46 ET

Sheen is such a sweetheart, but you're in Kansas. So that makes you an asshole. :P

2002-09-25 15:29:38 ET


Ugh, I won't be in Kansas forever..

2002-09-25 15:33:48 ET

lol... Jocelyn is scared of sex... poor Jocelyn I STILL LOVE YOU.

2002-09-25 15:34:57 ET

Ashton and Justin know alllllll about my fear of sex.

YAY for Sheen! When are you planning on leaving? ;)

2002-09-25 15:41:04 ET

As soon as I can!

Well, off to work now! Later!

2002-09-25 15:44:09 ET

Scared of sex Jocelyn is... what if I really talked like that ::shudder::

2002-09-25 15:48:01 ET

Bye Sheeen.

I'd call you Yoda, Ash.

2002-09-26 06:07:37 ET

hahahahaa... YES. Yoda... yet another damn nickname. So many names of nick starts to turn my head it does... yuck that sounds really horrible.

2002-09-26 11:18:54 ET

HAHAHA. You are hereby BANNED from talking like Yoda.

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