Outwit, Outlast, Outplay
2002-09-25 17:03:28 ET

I have something to admit to everyone. I have a guilty pleasure that not many people know about. I am here to tell you.

I like Survivor. I love Survivor. When I grow up, I want to be on Survivor. If anyone else watches, IM me sometime. I want to know what you think of Thailand so far.



2002-09-25 17:05:08 ET

ill be on survivor with you if you be one of the people who likes to get nekkid

2002-09-25 17:08:06 ET

Of course I'll get nekked. If its somewhere warm and tropical that doesn't have ticks or leeches, YES I WILL.

2002-09-25 17:57:03 ET

i second cyberr. :-D

2002-09-25 18:00:03 ET

Are these the lesbian tendencies you were talking about, Crystal? :)

2002-09-26 12:03:20 ET

i hope you're talking about Survivor .. by Chuck Palahniuk.

2002-09-26 12:14:52 ET

Actually, no. I'm sorry. Even though I adore Chuck Palahniuk.

2002-09-26 13:09:36 ET

/me tells you culling song from Lullaby so you die.

2002-09-26 13:11:18 ET

survivor..is that that book about the guy whos in the desert and is being hunted by some madman? or is that..'hunted'...

2002-09-26 14:11:54 ET

probably the one you call "hunted"

2002-09-26 14:12:53 ET

ok..my bad, ill bow my head in shame now arsenic

2002-09-26 17:13:37 ET

Arsenic hates me. :(

2002-09-27 23:15:52 ET

Was the show based on the book? :P

2002-09-28 14:03:36 ET

Not in the least. ;)

2002-09-28 16:31:23 ET

Okay.. but I bet Big Brother was based on 1984! haha

2002-09-28 16:56:40 ET

Hahaha. Big Brother sucks. Its all about Survivor.

2002-09-28 17:43:21 ET

I quit watching Survivor pretty quick.

I watched American Idol though! hahaha

2002-09-28 22:01:16 ET

You disappoint me, Sheen. :( Survivor is way better than some stupid desperate twenty-somethings cat fighting for a chance for people to pay attention to them. To me, those bitches are just glorified prostitutes.

2002-09-28 22:13:44 ET

They are! That's what made it SO entertaining.

2002-09-29 15:33:35 ET

Survivor is HARD. With REAL challenges! Come to the Survivor side, Sheen!

2002-09-29 16:32:56 ET

If Richard Hatch could win the first one, it couldn't be that hard. I was rooting for Rudy, dammit. He was cool.

American Idol is just hilarious. Watching the dumb beeatches tack on these fake personas and pretend to be best friends for life. I laughed my ass off when some of those people got booted, seeing their great big egos shatter like glass... It was beautiful.

2002-09-30 04:15:12 ET

Yes, the ego shattering was probably my favorite part of the American Idol experience. "BUT I'M CUTE! YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME! I'M CUUUUUUUUTE!"

2002-09-30 04:21:48 ET

My favorite part was:

"You weren't even singing the right notes"

"I wasn't trying to sing the right notes!

2002-09-30 04:23:39 ET

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I liked the little sign language boy, who would look at the camera with puppy dog eyes and quiver his lower lip and have his eyes fill up with tears and then say, "Please don't give me your sympathy vote."

2002-09-30 04:31:45 ET


He was the bane of my existance. Him and that mophead dude.

2002-09-30 04:33:04 ET

As the picture loads, I half expected Mel B. from the Spice Girls to be in that picture. BUT ALAS, its just Justin.

DUDE, put your hands up to cover his hair. And you'll see what an ugly mofo he is.

2002-09-30 04:41:09 ET

Gah, no shit. Shave that mop off and take away the fruity clothes and he's just another mutant.

2002-09-30 04:42:23 ET

The closer I examine that overly giddy smile, I realize how DISGUSTINGLY unattractive the guy is. It must suck when all you have is HAIR to get people to like you.

2002-09-30 04:43:13 ET

Don't forget those angelic pipes!

2002-09-30 04:45:14 ET

Am I the only one who really listened to him sing? He sucked.

2002-09-30 04:48:42 ET

I know. I was kidding. :)

2002-09-30 05:51:26 ET

No you weren't. I saw your I LOVE JUSTIN tattoo.

2002-09-30 05:53:16 ET

Oh, that tat's kinda old. It was for Justin Timberlake.

2002-09-30 11:56:20 ET

Awwww, how sweet.

2002-09-30 12:03:05 ET

Yes, well, we go way back.

2002-09-30 17:01:25 ET

As far back as MMC?

2002-10-01 02:55:04 ET

Oh, before that even.

2002-10-01 05:31:23 ET

Tell me your love story. I'm feeling sappy today.

2002-10-01 10:58:23 ET

Not much to tell really. I've known him for a long long time. We have pet names for each other. I call him "my little pumpkinhead" and he calls me "stalker".

Isn't that cute??

2002-10-01 11:23:34 ET


2002-10-01 11:24:21 ET

Yep! Too bad his bodyguards don't feel the same. :(

2002-10-01 11:25:51 ET

Those bodyguards are FAT. We'll poison their super sized french fries. Then you can have Justin all to yourself.

2002-10-01 11:32:01 ET

Yes! Let's do it!

2002-10-01 11:40:34 ET

What kind of poison shall we use?

2002-10-01 11:44:29 ET

Bodyguard poison! Let's pick up some Rohypnol for Justin too.

2002-10-01 12:44:54 ET


2002-11-29 15:21:01 ET

survivor rocks, pissed that they voted off erin and ken, although they are on the jury now and clean up pretty fucking hot!

2002-11-29 15:22:19 ET

Yeah, Ken is...whoa. :) Hahaha, glad I'm not the only one.

I want Brian and Clay voted off.

2002-11-29 15:28:47 ET

brian was in softcore porn!! LOL

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