Only Undies Club
2002-09-27 10:27:56 ET

I joined the Only Undies Club. Yes, yes. I stripped to my undies. Well, kind of. Its just a picture of me pulling off my shirt. Bwahahaha.

2002-09-27 10:32:43 ET

Oh you dirty dirty girl. Mwahahaha. lololol. Go to my room, wait no...go to your room!

2002-09-27 10:34:47 ET

It isn't that dirty. Its just a simple stomach shot. Want to seeeeeee?

2002-09-27 10:39:20 ET

send link! u should take more pics for subkultures too (not in your undies though lol, unless you want to then hey!)

2002-09-27 10:41:49 ET

Yes I do want to see!

2002-09-27 10:41:52 ET

I just added a second one. Here's the underoo picture:


2002-09-27 10:41:59 ET

Hey Crystal how is your Daddio.

2002-09-27 10:42:28 ET

sexay sexay baby, work it work it!

2002-09-27 10:43:27 ET

Wooo, yay!!

2002-09-27 10:45:10 ET

tee hee!

2002-09-27 10:47:22 ET

I'm just waiting until I get $$ so I can purchase a sexxxy digital camera.

2002-09-27 10:48:06 ET

ooooooooooh!! damn porn star!

2002-09-27 10:49:39 ET

I won't be a porn star. I'll just dance for you in my little bellydancer costume.

2002-09-27 10:50:13 ET

::smiles:: Yaaay!!!

2002-09-27 10:53:31 ET

Everyone has a digital camera but meee.

2002-09-27 11:00:49 ET

hes much better. hes better than he was before what happened too. he realised he was taking his pills every 4 hours when he was supposed to be taking them every 8 hours.

2002-09-27 12:31:05 ET

we are going to get a very sexy camera Jocelyn!

2002-09-27 12:35:08 ET

I am so excited to go shopping! Can you go tomorrow, Ashton?

2002-09-27 15:39:38 ET

Whoa.....I am on OUC as well. FILTHY!

2002-09-27 15:41:24 ET

We rule, Bandiera!

2002-09-27 15:42:20 ET

errmm...gotta get my hand out of my pants before i go too far...

2002-09-27 15:43:44 ET


2002-09-27 15:45:47 ET


2002-09-27 15:49:07 ET

Oh yes, ruling is certainly what we do. Well, you surely do rule--I am merely questionable.

2002-09-27 15:51:05 ET

Um, no, I don't rule. YOU'RE the genius behind the wallet scam.

2002-09-27 16:03:06 ET

Oh please! It was a snazzy scheme created back in the 30s. I just modernized it and added in the wallet, car, and house.

2002-09-27 16:08:57 ET

But you learned it and recited it to me! ;)

2002-09-27 16:10:05 ET

And I do hope that it made sense and worked for your snooping pleasure.

2002-09-27 20:25:20 ET

It did. There were for different idea of four different people in this wallet. It scared me.

2002-09-27 23:24:28 ET

b.n, Joce, I have an idea. Let's travel the country together committing the wallet scam on old people.

2002-09-28 14:11:28 ET

Yay, that would rule.

2002-09-28 15:41:06 ET

That does sound like an ideal plan r.b.

I will concede to such an idea on one condition: it must be completed nude.

2002-09-28 16:42:50 ET

You've got yourself a deal there, b.n!

2002-09-28 16:59:06 ET

Nude? Deal!!! Sounds funnn.

2002-09-28 17:37:02 ET

It is much more fun than either of you shall ever know!

2002-09-28 17:48:09 ET

Show us the way, b.n.

2002-09-28 22:03:31 ET

I have the car!

2002-09-28 22:05:08 ET

I most gladly will. Just undo these chains...

2002-09-29 15:36:54 ET

Yes ma'am!

2002-09-29 15:37:08 ET

Wait. How are you typing in those chains?

2002-09-29 16:29:25 ET

Hey! Who's asking the questions here???

2002-09-30 04:22:10 ET

ME! Tell me tell me tell me.

2002-09-30 11:21:23 ET

Oh......alright. The chains are not that tight, but they are still attached to many protrusions on my body. Oh my!

2002-09-30 12:01:41 ET

I want chains.

2002-09-30 12:53:59 ET

I could help you out in that department...

2002-09-30 17:03:59 ET

Give! GIVE!

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