I Am So Happy
2002-09-27 15:39:36 ET

I am so glad I joined Kathy's OUC website. It is so much fun. I have four IMs going right now with people who liked my tummy. This is so much fun. Even though I'm on page 101, people still notice me. YAY!

2002-09-27 16:16:01 ET

You do have a pretty cool tummy, Joce.

2002-09-27 18:58:18 ET

ahhh i was about to im you and say i saw you on oun...

2002-09-27 20:27:27 ET

Then I logged off and never came back. Until now. Its the thought that counts, Sonnie. Thanks. :)

Awwww, Sheeeen. Its only because I'm sucking it. It took two weeks on a river eating rice to get it that way. ;)

2002-09-27 21:11:52 ET

Still, You are damn FOINE!

2002-09-28 14:12:08 ET

Awwwwww. Yay.

2002-09-28 14:22:20 ET

hahahah foine... YES SHE IS I LOVE JOCELYN! She is pretty ::blush::

2002-09-28 14:32:36 ET

I love my Ashton so much. She's a SEX machine. And she has the balls to yell at strangers. YAY Ashton!

2002-09-28 16:44:35 ET

LOL! Only because you were doing it first, I'm so shy a scared ::meep::

2002-09-28 16:45:01 ET

Rammenstien - Adios... really nice prettyful song Jocey

2002-09-28 17:00:38 ET

Rammenstien? I think you mean Ramstein or Rammstien. Not RAMMEN-stein. ;) I love them muchly. My favorite song by them is SONNE. Whee.

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