2002-09-30 17:00:29 ET

I was watching the "Best of Will Ferrell" this weekend, and he was doing a sketch of "Inside the Actor's Studio". He was interviewing an actor, and began to marvel about the film, saying he didn't know of a word to describe it. So he made one up. He said, "It was scrumtralacent."

Best word EVER.

In other news, I'm lonely. I think I need a pet. This bamboo just isn't keeping me company like it used to.

2002-09-30 17:01:15 ET have huge boobs......sorry just noticed that.

2002-09-30 17:06:00 ET

Yeah I noticed that too...shut up. lol....I'll be your pet... reowll!

2002-09-30 17:06:38 ET

oh pet.....meeeow.

2002-09-30 17:07:49 ET

NEAT! I have huge boobs! It didn't happen until my sophmore year, and I didn't know what to do. I got sent home for a whole week because none of my shirts fit anymore. It was neat.

YAY, I have a pet! Can I name you Templeton?

2002-09-30 17:09:56 ET


2002-09-30 17:10:26 ET

hahaha, i have this friend...sami...her boobs are enormous! im talking like......BA BAM!!! everyone always like....i dunno, there jsut mean to her, i try not to stare at them and shit but....cant help it sometimes.

2002-09-30 17:11:03 ET

Yay, now you can curl up and sleep with me. ;)

2002-09-30 17:12:09 ET

If my boobs went BA BAM!!!, I'd have them reduced to a more gropable size.

2002-09-30 17:12:21 ET

hell yea. WORD!!

2002-09-30 17:12:45 ET

who WHA???? fuck man lemme get in on that action, i promise i wont spill any milk

2002-09-30 17:13:25 ET

hahaha, boobs aren't necessarily the best thing...

2002-09-30 17:14:10 ET

no, def not, in fact im a small-mid size boobs kind of guy, but i saw some 'sleep'action here and had to get in on it

2002-09-30 17:14:38 ET

Mine are a handful size (wow, I can't believe I'm having this conversation). YAY. And no, only Jocelyn can cuddle Templeton in the sleep time hours.

2002-09-30 17:15:07 ET

chicka, yours are more than a handful

2002-09-30 17:16:44 ET

yea, boobs arnt everything some girls look fucking hot with no boobs, and some look gorgous with handfulls, and some look hot with huge jugs. jsut depends i guess.

2002-09-30 17:17:54 ET

They are not. I have my hand on it RIGHT NOW..I mean...uhhhh...yeah. :P

Angelina Jolie looks hot with large boobs. Kirsten Dunst looks nice with her little ones.

2002-09-30 17:18:16 ET

ok once this boner subsides, im gonig to sleep

2002-09-30 17:19:07 ET

haha. yea i totally agree all depends on the girl.

2002-09-30 17:20:31 ET

Boner? What is your deal? This was NOT a boner worthy conversation. Unless the boner is over Angelina Jolie. She is bonerlicious.

2002-09-30 17:20:58 ET

the hand on boob comment, and im horny as outties

2002-09-30 17:23:46 ET

Have a good night. ;) May your dreams flow to the tune of "When I Think About You I Touch Myself". )

2002-10-01 03:56:32 ET

LOL somethin like that :P

2002-10-01 05:35:04 ET

I make buddy icons, and I store them on a website. I made this crotch grabbing icon for a friend, and I had that song title on it. So I decided to name my page "I Touch Myself When You Ask Me To Make Icons For You". Don't ask me why. I just did.

Its early morning, so I am not responsible for any meaningless jibber I post.

2002-10-01 09:23:35 ET

hahahah, your awesome! Who's better than you!?

2002-10-01 11:24:22 ET

You're better than me, my furry little Templeton. :D

2002-10-01 13:16:49 ET

Oh yaaaay!!!! But seriously, no one is better than you!

Templeton...I like that...kinda kinky....reowlll

2002-10-01 13:25:54 ET

No, seriously no is is better than YOU.


2002-10-01 13:29:05 ET

Jocelyn...just don't push it. Your the best...we will leave it at that! hahaha!

2002-10-01 13:32:58 ET

Okay, I'll stop arguing, Templeton. :)

2002-10-01 13:33:50 ET

:- Meow I say!

2002-10-01 13:36:54 ET

Meow meow purrrrr rrrowr.

2002-10-01 15:25:49 ET

My tummy hurts...:(!

2002-10-01 16:20:38 ET

Why? :(

2002-10-01 16:33:28 ET

No clue! Maybe because I don't like eat anymore...blahh

2002-10-01 16:47:22 ET

Get some Tums. Tum-ta-tum-tum-tums.

2002-10-01 16:53:46 ET

the pink ones! YUM!!!!!!!!

2002-10-01 18:09:56 ET

YUM!! Passion fruit Tums are the best. I think they discontinued them, though. Cry.

2002-10-02 04:02:36 ET


I like the regular minty Wal-mart brand ones. They're minty without the ass Tums flavor and they work just as well.

2002-10-02 04:08:42 ET

But those taste all powdery. Sheen, I thought you had better taste than that. ;)

2002-10-02 04:08:57 ET


2002-10-02 04:16:07 ET

Tums are too, though. But they taste chalky and gross. Walmart ones are just Minty goodness.

I have great taste. I like you, don't I? ;)

2002-10-02 04:21:46 ET

Hahahaha. Its too early in the morning. You made me blush, Sheen.

2002-10-02 04:36:06 ET

I like makin' the hott girlies blush.

2002-10-02 05:48:40 ET

Teeheeheehee. Stop that, Sheen. ;)

2002-10-02 05:54:31 ET


2002-10-02 06:26:17 ET

Passion Fruit!!!!!!! ::high five::!!! Oh my god, minty powderness ewwww...!!!!

2002-10-02 11:25:04 ET

Templeton likes Tums and Passion Fruit. At least I know who really loves me.

2002-10-02 11:38:35 ET

Does that mean I don't really love you? Just because I like welfare antacids?? :(

2002-10-02 11:41:40 ET

I love you, Sheen. Marry me.

2002-10-02 11:43:04 ET

Okee ;)


2002-10-02 13:09:56 ET

What about marrying lil ol' Templeton?!

2002-10-02 13:35:38 ET

Am I allowed to have two spouses? If I am, I'll have Templeton, too.

2002-10-02 14:33:33 ET

Yay! I can be your pet, and you spouse!

2002-10-02 14:35:16 ET

jocelyn, im still waiting for you, the lube, and hte icecubes

2002-10-02 14:51:48 ET

Yay, I have Sheen and Templeton.

Oh, sorry. I was just chilling the ice and warming the lube. Be there soon.

2002-10-02 14:52:52 ET

how did you come up with my pet name anyways?!

2002-10-02 14:53:22 ET


2002-10-02 14:55:16 ET

your very beautiful

2002-10-02 14:55:28 ET

thanks :) j/k

2002-10-02 14:56:02 ET


2002-10-02 14:56:51 ET

I don't know. It was the only thing that came to mind, so I stuck it on you. ;)

I love you, Crystal.

2002-10-02 15:09:43 ET

i love you too jocelyn :)

you alot look like this one girl in my math class thats really snotty, but your much nicer (and much less ignorant) than her, which makes you 10x more beautiful than her

2002-10-02 15:10:40 ET

Joce reminds me of my best friend, Amy.

2002-10-02 15:10:52 ET

thank you Jocelyn!

2002-10-02 15:12:29 ET

Awwww, thank you Crystal! That makes me feel eternally special. I'm not snotty in the least, I love everyone. Especially my special SK friends, because they make a girlie feel special.

Anytime, Templeton. :)

2002-10-02 15:13:34 ET

tru tru SK girls are rad.

2002-10-02 15:14:06 ET

sure thing jocie :)

2002-10-02 15:14:40 ET

All three of you ladies are incredibly beautiful.

2002-10-02 15:16:37 ET

Crystal and Templeton are mad crazy sexxxy. Will isn't a girl, but he's a foxxx.

2002-10-02 15:17:01 ET


2002-10-02 15:17:46 ET


2002-10-02 15:19:28 ET

Oh, and I can't forget sexxxy Sheen.


2002-10-02 15:20:58 ET


2002-10-02 15:21:57 ET

I love SK. So many sexxxy friends. Its just too damn bad we're all spread out over this country.

2002-10-02 15:22:45 ET

All over the world!

2002-10-02 15:23:47 ET

yea, kind of a bummer.

2002-10-02 15:31:16 ET

I can always just make obscene phone calls to SK people and fantasize wildly instead. ;)

2002-10-02 15:32:13 ET

..........i didnt just get a boner.............

2002-10-02 15:32:13 ET

oh man, if i picked up the phone, and right after picking up i hear jocelyn moaning and talking dirty in the background, id have to slam down the phone and go wank it

2002-10-02 15:50:38 ET

Give me a number and I'll be on the phone. ;)

2002-10-02 15:52:53 ET

1800 lameboys

2002-10-02 15:55:03 ET

941 966 9099


you dont really have to call though
i mean unless you want to then hey!

2002-10-02 15:55:32 ET

You little bitch. ;)

2002-10-02 15:56:08 ET


2002-10-02 15:56:50 ET

Who's number was that, Crystal? Some drugged out guy answered the phone. Eeeek.

2002-10-02 15:57:12 ET

LOL that was my dad

2002-10-02 15:57:26 ET

by the time i got on the phone no one answered

omg you actually called! dude!

2002-10-02 16:00:18 ET

Your dad didn't understand when I was asking for you. Hang on, let me call back.

2002-10-02 16:01:26 ET

Yay, I'm talking to you.

2002-10-02 16:02:25 ET

yeah well im talking to YOU!

2002-10-02 16:06:00 ET

my dads embarrasing sometimes

2002-10-02 16:06:07 ET

damn pill popper

2002-10-02 16:06:18 ET

That was so cool. You have such a sexxxy voice. :D

2002-10-02 16:07:21 ET

ok i just popped a boner

2002-10-02 16:07:27 ET

sexy voice....ahhhhh....

2002-10-02 16:07:57 ET

haha, no, my voice sucks . your voice is sexy :)

2002-10-02 16:11:35 ET

No, YOUR voice is sexy. Its all...yummm. :) But we had nothing to say. ;)

2002-10-02 16:12:24 ET

:) hehehe yeah

2002-10-02 16:13:29 ET

so howsabout you both get naked and send me pics? deal.

2002-10-02 16:18:47 ET

yea...ide go for some of thosae pics too....

2002-10-02 16:20:44 ET

matt/cyber: you send me yours, and ill consider it

2002-10-02 16:21:13 ET

:-D :-P

2002-10-02 16:21:26 ET

Ditto. ;)

2002-10-02 16:21:44 ET

mine??? im too young to be taking nudey pics

2002-10-02 16:22:12 ET

if ur too young to be taken em your too young to be askin girls for them :P

2002-10-02 16:22:43 ET


2002-10-02 16:23:07 ET


2002-10-02 16:24:05 ET

ohh laa laa

2002-10-02 16:26:19 ET

Bad, bad Cyberrrrrrrr.

2002-10-02 16:28:28 ET

yeah, bad, thats right, SPPAAAAAANK ME!

2002-10-02 16:33:44 ET

Just bend over and let me write your name on my paddle... ;)

2002-10-02 16:34:42 ET

hey, its all good :P

2002-10-02 16:39:33 ET

Hahaha. You people have CORRUPTED ME. But I like it.

2002-10-03 02:56:07 ET

I always miss the good convos.

2002-10-03 05:09:27 ET

IM me. I'm generally calm and unsexual on AIM. GENERALLY. ;)

2002-10-03 05:50:25 ET

I know that from our conversations. I thought it was probably because I don't bring out that side in you. :P

2002-10-03 05:52:50 ET

Hahaha. Its just because you haven't tried. As you can see, my teenage hormones are easily swayed into talking bad.

2002-10-03 05:55:35 ET

That's what I mean, yeah. I'm just too much of a gentleman.

2002-10-03 05:58:42 ET

Awwwww, you know how to sweep me off my feet.

2002-10-03 06:00:21 ET

i could sweep you off your feet, but someone might get hurt...

2002-10-03 06:04:01 ET

Hahaha! Give yourself a LITTLE more credit than that!

2002-10-03 06:04:38 ET


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