I Hate America
2002-10-08 20:32:38 ET

I had the worst day of my entire life. Part of my reason why was on the news.


My teacher beat the shit out of my bestest buddy John. Kicked him in the face, threw him on the ground, had him by the neck....

BLAH. I'm having a bad day. I know someone sexxxy out there wants to cheer me up. ;)

2002-10-08 20:37:55 ET

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I wish I could stay up long enough to help this sexxxy person cheer you up, but I'm about to pass out.


2002-10-08 20:42:41 ET

Night, rudebaby. :) I forgive you for bailing on me. ;)

2002-10-08 20:43:38 ET

oh crap ? that is pretty rare that I'm aware of ...
so yeah , as for the conflict , not to much of a booster
for your day . you would think an adult teacher could
find a way to get around that kind of violence.

as for the sexy , ? hmm,, sometimes I feel sexy ,
especialy if I have on an outfit that shows
my legs or back end off - <giggle>
today though , I've got a cold - so not feelin'
too sexy today.<hum>?. maybe it will make more sense
after some details come in with that fight ?
I still am in a quandry as to why that Psyco-doofus
teacher would haul off and kick somebody ??

2002-10-08 20:47:24 ET

The teacher started the violence. Its bulll-ooooooney. ;) The teacher is a raging moron, that's all. He disappoints us all.


2002-10-08 21:13:43 ET

Oh man... Jesus christ that sucks. I'm sorry that happened. Smack the teacher around.

2002-10-08 22:26:26 ET

well, if that teacher lived here, he'd be lying in a ditch by now with his teeth kicked in.

I'm Dima by the way :) nice to meet ya

2002-10-09 01:41:35 ET

Wow thats fucking crazy!! What is this world coming to?!?!?!?!

2002-10-09 10:26:17 ET

Hi Dima, thanks for coming by.

Yeah, I am so unbelievably ENRAGED. If either of the students get suspended, my friends Harmony and Cassie and I are going to orgainze a fucking walkout.


2002-10-09 11:55:55 ET

Fucking Fuck fucks... I do as well hate America... JOCELYN COME TO THE CAVE... you'll like it here. People can be told off so easily and no one gives a fuck. Come to La Cueva.

2002-10-09 11:56:12 ET


2002-10-09 12:02:27 ET

La Cueva? Ashton, are you on crack? I will never go to that superficial wasteland. I prefer my school. :P

2002-10-09 15:54:51 ET

i wish someone sexy (mofo) would cheer me up too

2002-10-10 10:20:39 ET

i can try to cheer you up, but i think i'm lacking in the sexy department.

2002-10-10 10:23:03 ET

That's okay! Even the unsexables are welcome! :D

2002-10-10 10:23:28 ET

heh heh. if you say so... ;)

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