WTF Wakeup Call?
2002-10-10 09:45:21 ET

So guess who called my house at 11:45am? Channel 4 News. They want to INTERVIEW me. I'm scared.

In other news, I completely emptied my superficial DJ to make room for NEW, better shit. So exciting.

2002-10-10 09:46:13 ET

Hey you! I'm the first one to comment!!

Channel 4 News! Holy crapoly! I'd be scared too!

2002-10-10 09:49:11 ET

Hey Ekka sexyface! My mom is even more scared for me.

2002-10-10 09:50:11 ET

Joce! Babycakes! Hott stuff!

2002-10-10 09:54:14 ET

Tempetoes, Purrkitty!

2002-10-10 10:00:14 ET

Yikes! Good luck, Joce.

2002-10-10 10:06:45 ET

Yes, I'm so nervous. But I'm excited to finally use my free speech rights for GOOD!

2002-10-10 10:10:35 ET


2002-10-10 10:16:11 ET

Or, in the immortal words of Strong Bad, for good or for AWESOME!

2002-10-10 10:33:22 ET

Oh... man.. Pompom, you gotta check this out...

2002-10-10 10:35:03 ET

I love Strong Bad and the LITTLE QUESTIONS. HAHAHAHA.

2002-10-10 10:36:24 ET

Yup yup! I emailed him. I should do it again, sometime.

2002-10-10 10:41:49 ET

I e-mailed him, but I don't think he'll pick up on it. :P

2002-10-10 10:44:00 ET

What did you say?

I invited him to a party!

2002-10-10 10:49:33 ET

I asked him where he likes to maaaaaaake the looooooove.

2002-10-10 10:50:55 ET

hahhaah Hott!

2002-10-10 10:55:45 ET

I think he'd like to answer that

2002-10-10 10:59:07 ET

I wonder how many they get.

2002-10-10 11:04:24 ET

Probably a ton, with how funny his replies are!

2002-10-10 11:06:39 ET

Yup! I bet! That site is the sheeat. I went through the whole thing the other day. Not just the emails.

2002-10-10 11:12:03 ET

Its so funny. I want to marry Strong Bad.

2002-10-10 11:14:41 ET

Awww :(

2002-10-10 11:19:49 ET

Well, I'd rather marry rudebaby. ;) He's less cartoony.

2002-10-10 11:20:24 ET

YAY!! ;)

2002-10-10 11:25:16 ET


The news hasn't called yet.

2002-10-10 11:26:07 ET


2002-10-10 11:42:28 ET

They called. OMG OMG OMG.

2002-10-10 11:43:11 ET

What did they say?

2002-10-10 11:48:36 ET

They want to do the interview, and they're also calling my wounded friend. I'm a cele-brit-yyyyyy.

2002-10-10 11:51:19 ET

Can I have your autograph?

2002-10-10 11:56:40 ET

Yes. Its kinda scribbbbly.

2002-10-10 11:59:49 ET


2002-10-10 12:05:22 ET

I thought you'd like that.

2002-10-13 11:45:42 ET

Meow! I'm HOME!

2002-10-13 12:06:52 ET

YAY Ekka!

2002-10-13 12:08:10 ET


2002-10-13 16:45:10 ET

How is Ekka? I have your letter here, ready to be mailed! YAY!

2002-10-13 18:00:07 ET

Oh my god, I am SO excited!

2002-10-13 18:43:56 ET

I hope its not boring. Hahaha.

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