Can't Sleep.
2002-10-10 22:57:09 ET

Another sleepless night. I better not be developing insomnia. I laid in bed for like two hours before I got bored and decided to get up and move around.

To occupy the time, I am now downloading massive amounts of music to keep me company in these lonely hours of the night.

Maybe I just need sexxx.

2002-10-10 23:08:18 ET

thats shitty that you cant sleep. im in the same situation and that sucks. except my stomache hurts. i think thats why i cant sleep.

2002-10-10 23:09:44 ET

I hope you feel better. Stomach aches are the worst, let me tell you. Get on the TUMS train, girl. You'll feel better.

I'll fall asleep eventually.

2002-10-10 23:13:21 ET

haha. i dont have any Tums..its comes and goes ill live..i wanna go to bed..but for some reason i cant seem to wanna get up..maybe cuz i got pissed off at my mom and slept from 6-10pm and i got online.

2002-10-10 23:15:01 ET

That makes sense. I should be tired, since I was up by 11:45 yesterday. But its 2:10am now and sleep just doesn't want to come to me. I got all sleepy an hour ago so I tried at it again, but that was a failure.

No TUMS? Get thee to a 7-11 and get some! They're heaven in a round crunchy funny flavored disc!

2002-10-10 23:20:09 ET

haha wells its too late to walk to 711 even though its like a 10 min walk for me..if i was in so cal at my cousins house..than maybe i could talk to 711 cuz it takes 30 seconds..haha oh TUms..i dunno i dont like them too much.

my friends made a cake and they ran out of frosting and sprinkles, so they put Tums around the edge of the cake. heh.

2002-10-11 00:18:05 ET

haha... that must have been a good cake. I need to sleep but I can't. I'm leaving today at 10:30 and I know I'll over sleep if I try and sleep right now... so I'm in a strange predicament.

2002-10-11 03:12:52 ET

Cellardoor I feel so sorry for you because I have been through that MANY MANY times. I fuckin hate it.

2002-10-11 03:33:59 ET

I didn't get hardly any sleep last night. I have to go to traffic court in a few hours :(

2002-10-11 05:00:42 ET

I can provide previously mentioned 'sexxx'. But I cannot guarantee that it will prove as being effective.

2002-10-11 10:43:18 ET

You will give me sexxx? The HOTTEST member of SK ever wants to give ME sexxx? WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You just madeeeeee my day.

I clocked in about 6 hours of sleep. So. Yeah. I should be sleeping like a babbbby tonight.

I'm sorry, Sheen. :(

2002-10-11 12:13:25 ET


2002-10-11 12:52:49 ET

Oh puhhhhhhhh-lease! I can vouch for being the bottom of the barrel when it comes to subkultures 'HOTT'-ness. But you, my dear...


2002-10-11 12:55:17 ET

Quiet, you sexxxy thing you. Stop trying to compliment me, it will never work. Because YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF HOTT.

2002-10-11 13:03:43 ET

I am sorry but I just cannot accept that from the true ruler of all that is gorgeous.

2002-10-11 13:07:16 ET

I have sworn my fealty to you, Queen of Sexxxy, so I cannot go against that.

2002-10-12 07:19:58 ET

hmmmm, when I can't sleep, I finnish my paintings, the ones I
work on latest in the night are more from "me" , you see-
when everyone else is asleep around me in the area/city I
live,, or at least most of them- I am not influenced by
the inner mental "awake" chatter in the heads of those people-
I was told being a Pisces , I'm very sensitive and so when it's
quiet , the art is more from me than the energy of others around me I may inadvertly pick up on - seems true -
the paintings I work on late at night sell quicker in the few art galleries I show in.

2002-10-12 14:58:28 ET

i've been an insomniac for 15 years.

2002-10-21 17:12:40 ET

Joce, i'm here for you. everyday everynight. just drive down.

2002-10-21 17:22:07 ET

Thank you, Paul.

2002-10-22 11:25:33 ET


2002-10-23 22:48:01 ET

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