On The News Again
2002-10-14 16:06:07 ET

My school was on the news again. I did get called into the principals office today and bitched at for "calling the media". My bitch ass principal had the balls to tell me I had "no right" to call them.

HEY BITCH. I'd like to introduce you're ass to the CONSTITUTION. Amendment 1 secures my right to call them, and tell them. So shut up.

Me = Grouchy.

2002-10-14 16:07:26 ET

damn sucka.....thats wild.

2002-10-14 16:08:30 ET

Fo real, sucka. I hate this place. ;)

2002-10-14 16:09:16 ET

come to florida, aint nothing but a sucka.

2002-10-14 16:10:39 ET

what did you call the news for?

2002-10-14 16:10:53 ET

lol fuck him. they just like to tell you about what you're allowed to do and what not. what is he gonna do.

2002-10-14 16:11:17 ET

I bet even in Florida teacher's don't beat up students.

2002-10-14 16:11:27 ET

lol, FUCK HIM...:P

2002-10-14 16:12:05 ET

I called the news because I wanted to humilate the retarded teacher who kicked my friend in the face and threw him around the room.

2002-10-14 16:13:22 ET

you have every right to

2002-10-14 16:13:54 ET

i had thid teacher in 8th grade that threw a stapler at the wall because kids wouldnt shut up...and the slam was heard like half way across the school..the teacher looked like charles manson...he kinda creeped me out.there was this huge big deal over it....but no one got punched in the face.

2002-10-14 16:13:57 ET

He's a jackass moron retard with no brain. What can I say.

2002-10-14 16:15:34 ET

we had one teacher who sent razor bladed barbies and stuff to antoher in PA..look up joanne chambers

2002-10-14 16:16:28 ET

O_o. jesus

2002-10-14 16:16:30 ET

...Will, that's creepy. Anyone who resembles Charles Manson is insanely scary in my book. ;) Razor bladed barbies? Sick shit.

2002-10-14 16:18:07 ET

fuck yea...all he needed was the swastica tattoo....and bam charles manson.

2002-10-14 16:18:28 ET

it wasnt a tattoo..he carved that into his head w/ a nail

2002-10-14 16:18:48 ET

Did he have those psycho eyes and everything?

2002-10-14 16:18:51 ET

my names joe..i know everything.

2002-10-14 16:19:15 ET

dont remember his eyes.

2002-10-14 16:19:23 ET

*shudder* Serial killers don't do anything for me.

2002-10-14 16:19:40 ET

will, im big on the serial killers...a fascination of mine...serial killers, porn, drugs....everything 'negative', i can tell you about it

2002-10-14 16:21:16 ET

I had to do a project on serial killers for psychology. I hated it, it made me have the crazy eebeejeebee, if you know what I'm saying.

2002-10-14 16:21:26 ET

...........youre no longer my ass pal.............haha.

2002-10-14 16:22:26 ET

Can I be your ass pal?

2002-10-14 16:22:46 ET

its all about the cereal killers..erm serial killers

2002-10-14 16:23:45 ET

fuck yea, ram my ass joce!

2002-10-14 16:24:26 ET

WOO, anytime Will!

2002-10-14 16:25:36 ET

bust out the huge black ribed dildo and ram my tight little butthole!! make sure to bsut out some KY first..dont wanna tear my asshole again.

2002-10-14 16:26:23 ET

mr. doe. mr. doe.

2002-10-14 16:26:39 ET

ew, thats nasty will :)

2002-10-14 16:26:40 ET

Wow, that was INTENSELY graphic.

2002-10-14 16:27:11 ET

reminds me of a few movies ive seen (but not with guys getting it)

2002-10-14 16:29:55 ET


2002-10-14 16:31:32 ET

You watch weird movies.

I've seen weird ones too...but never anal action.

2002-10-14 16:33:14 ET

Youve NEVER SEEN AN ANAL MOVIE????????????///

2002-10-14 16:34:09 ET

I don't like ANAL ACTION. I like HARDCORE PUSSY FUCKING. I mean...sweet love making...yeah, that's it.

2002-10-14 16:34:59 ET


2002-10-14 16:35:28 ET

I thought you'd like that, Willy.

2002-10-14 16:36:07 ET

yeah, love and compassion..the only two things NOT in porn

2002-10-14 16:37:20 ET

I saw this one porn where this chick had powers to make people do what they were thinking. This one girl wanted to fuck her boyfriend in a dress. And he wore a dress and she rode him. Way too weird.

2002-10-14 16:37:27 ET

yea...porn with stories are the best, there like playing tennis all of a sudden someones dick is in her mouth and shes getting it from begind doggy style while the other dude busts in her hair calling her a hoe....gotta love it.

2002-10-14 16:37:40 ET


2002-10-14 16:38:30 ET

YEAH! This one where it was guys versus girls playing football. The girls wore skirts and no underwear, so when they bent over before a play, the guys all ran behind them and fucked them. BEST PORN EVER.

2002-10-14 16:40:10 ET

hahaha!! i saw this one where it was a circus family..and this kid kept putting his dick in mashed potatoes and letting like his sister suck it off...i was in like 5th grade..it was the colest thing. i had a hardcore boner watching it with my friend at his house, damn memories.

2002-10-14 16:40:49 ET

lol kind of like "Taboo", incest pr0n

2002-10-14 16:41:25 ET

yea. "taboo" style.

2002-10-14 16:42:02 ET

Fight for yo right!!!!!!!

2002-10-14 16:42:41 ET

Incest? Um. No.

I prefer lame scenarios and orgy style.

2002-10-14 16:42:50 ET

I love you, MOFOSPIDER!

2002-10-14 16:43:52 ET

orgys kinda freak me out.....10 people fucking in the same room....if i was fucking some girl...and other people were fucking..i couldnt help but tihnk about whats gonna happen when someone else blows thre load..that shit flies man..i could get hit...ide be pissed. ide fight that mother fucker, ide pull out and jerk off into his eye or sometihng, haha.

2002-10-14 16:44:52 ET

I personally wouldn't want to be in an orgy.

2002-10-14 16:45:29 ET

me neither.

2002-10-14 16:46:20 ET

All sex is fun to watch. Except incest and anal.

2002-10-14 16:47:29 ET

anal is fun.

2002-10-14 16:47:53 ET

anal is great fun to watch

2002-10-14 16:47:56 ET

Im not a big fan of anal. but if a girl asked me to stick it in her pooper, i wouldnt complain, hey..its another tight warm hole. Its all good sucka.

2002-10-14 16:48:01 ET

Phil, you just made my journal DIRTY.

2002-10-14 16:48:21 ET

haha, like it wasnt before phil got here?

2002-10-14 16:48:38 ET

WILL! JOE! Cut it out! Talk about normal, yummy pussy sex. PLEASE.

2002-10-14 16:49:24 ET

pussy sex!! YES SEX SEX SEX SEX!!! must get some soon before my dick runs away!!!

2002-10-14 16:50:40 ET

only if you put some out for us, joce

2002-10-14 16:50:46 ET

Put it on a leash until then, Willy. ;)

2002-10-14 16:51:03 ET

Put some out for you? No naked pics for you!

2002-10-14 16:51:23 ET


2002-10-14 16:52:11 ET

I have CONTROL! Mwahaha!

2002-10-14 16:52:35 ET


2002-10-14 16:53:34 ET


2002-10-14 16:53:54 ET

Too bad they all got deleted. ;)

2002-10-14 16:54:05 ET


2002-10-14 16:54:46 ET


2002-10-14 16:55:53 ET

Please still be my friends. :(

2002-10-14 16:57:00 ET

its ok, i dont care if i dont see you naked, i still tihnk youre rad.

2002-10-14 16:57:43 ET

Thank you, Willy!

2002-10-14 16:58:13 ET

youre welcome baby eyes.

2002-10-14 16:58:14 ET

who saw naked pics?

2002-10-14 16:58:31 ET

ill still be yo friend, but pr0n pics would...strenghtne our friendship

2002-10-14 16:58:38 ET

........no one.........

2002-10-14 16:59:09 ET

Naked pics? Who said anything about naked pics?

2002-10-14 17:00:07 ET

Give it to you? WHAT?

2002-10-14 17:01:58 ET

who got some?

2002-10-14 17:03:14 ET

...I did?

2002-10-14 17:04:05 ET

good night

2002-10-14 17:05:19 ET

All clean.

2002-10-14 17:06:14 ET


2002-10-14 17:07:43 ET

lol....... gn

2002-10-14 17:08:59 ET

Night, bigmouth.

2002-10-14 17:09:18 ET

Sucka. ;)

2002-10-14 17:09:54 ET

sucka! haha. she said sucka!

2002-10-14 17:10:39 ET

Truuuuuuuuuu! :P

2002-10-14 17:12:27 ET

word up aint nothing but a sucka....tru.

2002-10-14 17:13:12 ET

Hell yeah, sucka! Willy rules!

2002-10-14 17:16:29 ET

you know it girl.

2002-10-14 19:02:32 ET

Oh.....not to change the FANTASTIC porn + serial killer subject. The latter being something I am more obsessed with than sex itself...

Anyhow, school systems are entirely screwed up. The grade 5 and 6 school here had a teacher who suspected a male student of stealing so he had all of the male students go to the front of the class and lift their shirts up. He then took some to the bathroom to look in their pants. CREEP! And guess what?


2002-10-14 19:04:31 ET

Queen of All That is Sexxxy,

That's disturbing. What a perv.

2002-10-14 19:07:15 ET

NO! I must disagree with that statement because when it comes to being seXXXy, you rule ALL...especially ME!

Yeah, if only he taught at the highschool...mmmm...

2002-10-14 19:08:46 ET

Okay. So you're the Queen of All That is Sexy? :)

2002-10-14 19:14:08 ET

No! I am the Jester of All That is Ugly. Oooo the Jester-slut that obeys all of the Queen of All That is Sexy's [[which is YOU]] orders. hahaha

2002-10-14 19:14:54 ET


2002-10-15 06:11:32 ET

Wow! This is an innnnteresting thread.

Allow me to highlight its progression with a few choice words.

Charles Manson
ass pal
stick it in her pooper
Sucka. ;)
Queen of All That is Sexxxy


2002-10-15 06:54:58 ET


2002-10-15 07:03:53 ET

The CONSTITUTION says Charles Manson's ass pal enjoys HARDCORE PUSSY FUCKING and to stick it in her pooper, and then take NAKED PICS, Sucka. ;)
I guess that makes him Queen of All That is Sexxxy!


2002-10-15 11:29:07 ET


2002-10-15 11:30:25 ET

he said it all

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