Byebye Jocelyn's Education
2002-10-15 11:30:00 ET

So, now I am at risk of being kicked out of my high school for calling the news. And so is Jonah, who also called the news. I HATE APS. So guess what I just did? I called the news again. EAT THAT AND LIKE IT!

2002-10-15 11:31:41 ET

You are fucking hardcore!!!!! YES!!! You gotta fight! duh duh For yo right! duh duh To PARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTAY!!!! Cheers!!

2002-10-15 11:32:23 ET

that was exactly the thing to do. tell the news you've been menaced too.

2002-10-15 11:32:33 ET

That's for mocking everything that I am. Have a nice day.

2002-10-15 11:33:52 ET

bad ... ass

seriously, screw them, not illegal to call the news

2002-10-15 12:13:02 ET

i dont tihnk they have any right to kick you out of a school for exfercising youre constitutional rights by calling the news, especially about something like that.

2002-10-15 12:20:55 ET

they cannot threaten to kick you out for calling the news. they are bluffing.

2002-10-15 12:34:30 ET

fuck them you rock C.U.!

2002-10-15 12:57:57 ET

The better be fucking bluffing. Or I will be angrrrrrry.

2002-10-15 12:58:36 ET

...they are....

2002-10-15 13:01:06 ET


Eat that and like it? I prefer "Stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

But, to reply directly to what you said; Good job. Give them something to bitch about.

2002-10-15 13:04:52 ET

HAHA. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Classic, Kodi. I'm going to steal that from you.

2002-10-15 13:06:15 ET


2002-10-15 13:07:13 ET

HEY listen to my radio show in an hour Ill play some inspiring music so you can tell em to shove it! CHEERS!!!!

2002-10-15 13:08:00 ET

YAY thank you, MOFO!

2002-10-15 13:10:11 ET

Hehe no prob!!!!

2002-10-15 13:11:12 ET

I fucking love my rebel Joce! God you are so sexy!

2002-10-15 13:11:57 ET

MEOW, EKKAFACE! YOU are sexier!

2002-10-15 13:13:40 ET

Are you online?! Yes yes you are! I will IM you you sexy thang!

2002-10-15 13:15:52 ET

YAY, do it Ekka! PLEASE I need you. ;)

2002-10-15 13:17:30 ET

I am! I am! Have no fear, Ekka is here!

2002-10-15 13:17:47 ET

TOO LATE, I IM'd you first!

2002-10-15 13:18:02 ET

DANG, you IM'd be JUST SECONDS before I IM'd you.

2002-10-15 13:18:55 ET

That was pretty weird man...I love it, but not as much as you!

2002-10-15 13:23:08 ET

But I love you more than you love me!

2002-10-15 13:34:22 ET

I don't think thats possible!

2002-10-15 14:43:23 ET

If worse comes to worse, there is always the SUPREME COURT. It works.

Haven't we forgotten the time old phrase: 'KILL WHITEY!' ???

2002-10-15 14:44:54 ET

Supreme court! YAY! YAYAYAYAYAYA!


2002-10-15 17:20:33 ET

Down with the man!

2002-10-15 18:14:14 ET

YEAH! Woooooooooo!

2002-10-16 11:29:18 ET

you definitely have our report.

2002-10-16 13:13:38 ET

Rad, thank you.

2002-10-17 11:32:51 ET

support not report. sorry

2002-10-17 13:11:29 ET

eat the rich.
the poor are too stringy.

2002-10-17 16:09:14 ET

Your first amendment strategy won't fly. It only protects you from the government limiting your rights. Your school is a private institution and can limit your rights as they choose. According to the article you mentioned in an earlier post the teacher is on paid leave. The school is doing something about the problem. When you went to the news you over stepped your bounds as in your other post you did so to make the teacher look like a fool. Had the school been unresponsive and not done anything about the situation you would be justified. Moral of the story: Students/Children have no rights, deal with the consequences, take a civics class and learn what rights you do have.

2002-10-17 17:31:28 ET

I'm 18, but thanks for the lecture.

2002-10-17 17:38:20 ET

Yeah really what fun is that?

2002-10-18 11:10:41 ET

That does not make sense. A [[public]] school is a government institution. So, since the bill of rights has no place in a government-funded school why doesn't the public highschool that I attend have a preacher that teaches me Christianity? Why doesn't the public highschool that I attend strip me naked and give me spankings in the lunchroom? Why? Why? WHY?!?!

2002-10-18 12:06:58 ET

That IS a good question. WHY?

2002-10-18 12:10:47 ET

I'm sure he has a very good reason. He's not out to hate but he is right. The rights you're suppose to have an unbelievable amount of technicalities.

2002-10-18 14:31:20 ET

I apologize if I was not clear enough. I did not say the bill of rights has no place in a government funded school. The first amendment lets you say whatever you like but one must deal with the consequences. Freedom of speech does not protect people from the consequences of yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. The school is probably getting flak from agitated parents worried about their children. I figure the school is just trying to scare her and will just slap her on the hand.

2002-10-18 14:56:23 ET

Oh and I was wrong about calling public school a private institution. But they can still limit rights that are not strictly protected against.

2002-10-19 12:57:04 ET

Oh yes, you are very correct in that area. Did you think that the 'founding fathers' wanted the freedom of speech so that some band could write songs about how much the 'pigs suck'?
Plus, in a school newspaper you will seldom find any 'curse' words or the liking because no matter what scholastic authoritarian censorship rules all--unless, of course, you can get the judicial system on your side. Nonetheless, I hope that Jocelyn can make a difference.

2002-10-21 11:24:50 ET

Maybe. just maybe.

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