2002-10-22 14:09:48 ET

Everyone listen to the radio, its Mofospider's show, and it fucking rocks. Punk warms my soul. *swoon*

On another note, I'm hungry. Someone make me dinner.

2002-10-22 14:10:55 ET

how bout some hot beef fer dinner ::wink wink:: hehe

2002-10-22 14:11:18 ET

oh boy

2002-10-22 14:11:36 ET

Meow, meow. ;)


2002-10-22 14:13:14 ET

Mucho love to you!!!!!

2002-10-22 14:13:29 ET


2002-10-22 14:14:54 ET


2002-10-22 14:15:51 ET


2002-10-22 14:27:09 ET


2002-10-22 14:27:26 ET

How are you?

2002-10-22 14:28:34 ET

I'm a'ight ;)

How are you??

2002-10-22 14:41:37 ET

Tired. :P BLAH.

2002-10-22 15:36:08 ET

I was just looking at your main profile thing, and you have awesome taste!

2002-10-22 15:37:55 ET

Thank you, Courtney! :)

2002-10-22 15:48:34 ET

I will I'll make you dinner, only if I get to be in the nude tho!

2002-10-22 15:57:48 ET

come on over.. I'll make dinner for 'ya... if you don't mind having it made by a Chef?

2002-10-22 16:46:38 ET

Ooooh, a NUDE cook! MEOW!

I don't mind chefs, either. ;)

2002-10-22 16:51:59 ET

Yes in high heels of course. or Spice Girls platforms if you would like...because I have some of those.

2002-10-22 19:42:18 ET

Ok, you buy me the car and i'll cook dinner for you. and then we can drive in the car.

2002-10-22 19:43:05 ET

NICE! Can I drive it once around the block pretty please?

2002-10-22 19:56:08 ET

Ummm..... Sure. After I get the first round of driving.

2002-10-23 03:42:21 ET

YAY, thank you!!!

2002-10-23 11:06:45 ET

i have no dinner for you jocelyn. sorry

2002-10-23 11:17:38 ET

I understand.

2002-10-23 13:01:32 ET


2002-10-23 20:15:59 ET

I'm quite the kitcheneer, I am. I cook like nobody's beeswax.

2002-10-24 05:00:40 ET

Mmmmm, beeswax.

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