ACTs and Blah
2002-10-26 14:37:12 ET

I took my ACTs this morning. I hate visiting regular high schools, it makes my SKIN CRAWL. Too much giggling and stuff. Okay, its funny, I got it. :P

Now I have nothing to do. P.o.u.t.

2002-10-26 14:40:14 ET


2002-10-26 14:40:51 ET

hope you did good killer

ps: standardized tests suck

2002-10-26 14:40:54 ET

Hardy har har. ;P

2002-10-26 14:41:08 ET

ACTs, now those sure were fun. My final score was a 20 - not bad considering I didn't study for it at all, and spent my sweet ass time on each problem(which prevented me from finishing parts of the test).

2002-10-26 14:41:23 ET

Well, I think I aced the English part.

By the way, Paul, its "I hope you did well, killer."


2002-10-26 14:41:49 ET

Hulkiehulk! I hope I don't bite ass on it. :(

2002-10-26 14:42:33 ET

i hope you don't either, fucker! ;)

2002-10-26 14:42:34 ET

Doubtful. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll remove my lips from your ass.

2002-10-26 14:43:57 ET

The only way to get your lips on my ass is to give yourself a mohawk.

Just kidding, I'm not that superficial. ;)


2002-10-26 14:48:04 ET

We all have our standards -- just hopefully more that focus on the inside of things.

2002-10-26 14:48:05 ET

Joce!! Good Luck!!!!


That test...

You.. already.. took....


2002-10-26 14:52:44 ET

Thank you, Sheen. I hope I had good luck too, because I did a bit of guessing on the math part. ;)

Of course I have a few non-essential physical things I like in guys... :P

2002-10-26 14:55:05 ET

No worries. I mostly guessed on math as well, and still managed a score of 18. Science was the easiest I do believe.

2002-10-26 14:56:10 ET

I seriously rocked the English/Reading boat. Wooha!

2002-10-26 14:58:31 ET

I didn't. I took my sweet time, which caused the time limit to expire before I could finish. It gave me a score of 14 for English. Needless to say, I was disappointed. :-(

2002-10-26 15:06:43 ET

The timed part was pointless. Making people hurry = more mistakes.

2002-10-26 15:07:33 ET

*continues giggling*

2002-10-26 15:09:56 ET

I <3 giggling. :P Like, most kids it doesn't bother me. But when girls do it and it just fits the "giggly girl" stereotype....ughugh.

2002-10-26 15:10:47 ET

*Gets sex change*

2002-10-26 16:28:48 ET

you're welcome

2002-10-26 16:49:43 ET

UberGiggles? BWAHAHA. That's hilarious.

Kisses for Paul!

2002-10-26 17:34:01 ET

what type of highschool do you go to?

2002-10-26 17:35:37 ET

Alternative. There's 150 kids. 5 of us are white. 145 of them are GANGSTA. I'm one of the few who doesn't have a probation officer. :P

2002-10-26 17:36:37 ET

ah.. well thats a good thing.. eh.. my old town.. my best friend went to Alternative school.. and i went to the damn publick one..

2002-10-26 17:38:05 ET

Alternative schools here are still part of the public school system. We rule.

2002-10-26 17:39:36 ET

oh i know.. well in sv it was.. as well as where you are.. but Rix my bud.. went to CAS... which was slightly diffrent..

2002-10-26 17:40:05 ET

How was it different?

2002-10-26 17:40:51 ET

oh.. its not part of the School district.. and most credits dont transfer...

2002-10-26 17:41:10 ET

Ewww, that's yucky.

2002-10-26 17:41:58 ET

yeah.. thats why her boyfriend is still stuck there..

2002-10-26 17:42:25 ET

The public alternative schools help you get your shit done, and if you need to go back to regular, it all goes smooooth.

2002-10-26 17:44:03 ET

yeah.. i almost went.. then my parents would not let me..
yeah.. thats how it was with Buena...
i barely graduated..

2002-10-26 17:46:49 ET

At least you did, though. I'm on my 5th agonizing year.

2002-10-26 17:47:52 ET

ah.. yesh... yeah i am glad that i did.. barely.. but i did..
hum.. YOU CAN DO IT..

2002-10-26 17:48:34 ET

I can do it, its just taking me a little longer. They say its because I have "authority issues", but its just cuz I'm damn lazy in class. :P

2002-10-26 17:50:32 ET

i was like that too.. thats what they kept telling me.. but i just didnt do jack...
plus i think i may have authority issues.. well i have a tendency to get pissed at any law affiliated people.. hum..

2002-10-26 18:15:30 ET

I probably have authority issues, but I just have a problem with authority telling me that. :P

2002-10-26 18:41:14 ET


2002-10-26 18:41:40 ET

SHEEN! <3 <3 Good to see you. :*

2002-10-26 18:42:49 ET

JOCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you too, schweety! *hughughug* <333!

2002-10-26 18:43:50 ET

How are you, rudebabe?

2002-10-26 18:48:23 ET

I'm at work, so.. sucky :(

How are you?

2002-10-26 18:49:11 ET

Work yuck.

I'm good. I need a job and no one likes my nose ring. BLAH.

2002-10-26 18:57:17 ET

Awwwwww :( I like your nose ring!

2002-10-26 18:57:48 ET

Thank you Sheen!

2002-10-26 18:59:47 ET

You, my dear, are welcome!

2002-10-26 19:06:02 ET

How do you think you did on the testS?
We take SAT's on the east coast..

2002-10-26 19:07:35 ET

I would take the SATs, but I was like..."No."

English: Rawked it hardcore
Math: I either did okay or sucked it hardcore
Reading: Rawked it hardcore
Scientific Reasoning: I did okkkkay.


2002-10-26 19:09:13 ET

I took an SAT II for English and wrote this rawkin' essay using Star Trek as an example (I think the question was about morality in media or something). Whoever graded it must not have liked Star Trek. :(

2002-10-26 19:11:03 ET

That's why I hate English sometimes, because it is such a subjective subject. YOUR work is graded not on how well its written, but whether or not some jackass likes it.

Pffft. :P

2002-10-26 19:28:46 ET

right on jocelyn, speak the truth

2002-10-27 08:02:50 ET

muahaha.. that is great..

2002-10-27 10:35:06 ET

Regular high schools? As opposed to..... irregular high schools?

2002-10-27 10:37:05 ET

As opposed to non-tradtional high schools.

2002-10-27 10:44:30 ET

Oooooooh. You go to a non-traditional HS? Whats that like?

2002-10-27 10:55:35 ET

150 students, little classes, lots of personal attention, smoke breaks (they understand our dependence on nicotene to not commit suicide)...

2002-10-27 11:20:55 ET

!!! Wow... that sounds great... Lucky. Lets see... At my school, if your lucky, you can get a reall small class. Like, 10, 15 students. But that usally means the other class is packed. I'm in a packed Trig class. Like 35 students. Blaaaaaah.

2002-10-27 11:23:42 ET

My largest class is like 9, I think.

2002-10-27 11:26:26 ET

!!! You lucky SOB... Are they cool kids? I mean, a class of 30 cool kids is much better than a class of 10 loud, abnoxious kids.

2002-10-27 11:30:18 ET

A lot of them are thugs with criminal records, but they are all really nice despite that.

2002-10-27 12:11:53 ET

Haha. Are you one of them thugs? Don't lie!!! :D

2002-10-27 12:14:27 ET

jocelyn is punk rock, from head to toe

2002-10-27 12:14:50 ET

Hahaha. Punk thug.

2002-10-27 12:27:54 ET

I've always considered my toes to possess emo qualities. ;)

2002-10-27 12:39:29 ET


Yeah, my finger-tips are where the little bit of ska lies, haha

2002-10-27 12:41:14 ET

Hahaha! Radness.

2002-10-27 12:42:19 ET

I think I could devote half of my body to Tool. Yes. Maybe even my whole body to Tool...

2002-10-27 12:43:10 ET

I devote all of myself to punk, except for my slight Rufus Wainwright obsession, and my soft side to heavily bassed techno.

2002-10-27 12:45:16 ET

Heh, that techno that you can feel a mile away? Baaaaah. Techno gets old. Same thing over and over and over and over... Blaaaaaaaahhhh! What about Tool!? Everyone has to have a little Tool!

2002-10-27 12:48:19 ET

Yes. Techno does get old, hence why its only a little piece.

Tool is amazing. There's a piece of me for Tool.

2002-10-27 15:07:07 ET

Oooh yes. Good. I think everyone should. But not everyone has a good taste in music. :)

2002-10-27 15:10:20 ET

Yes. Generalizing is fun.

2002-10-27 15:17:01 ET

Hugs for Hulk! ;)

2002-10-27 15:25:43 ET

*Gets hugged*

2002-10-27 21:22:36 ET


2002-10-28 03:54:26 ET

Very agreed, beautiful. :) I <3 Dust Bunnies.

2002-10-31 19:39:26 ET

you must have gotten cold in that skimpy "slave" outfit - for halloween,,
I think a kleenX tissue would have covered more ...heh..heh...

2002-10-31 19:42:41 ET

Sorry you didn't like it.

2002-11-01 16:20:47 ET

you should have used the other jabba the hut

2002-11-01 16:21:05 ET

Awww, you're not a Jabba. :(

2002-11-01 19:35:33 ET

i have a jabba picture of me

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