2002-10-29 15:11:15 ET

NOTICE: I am officially turning asexual. Thank you.

2002-10-29 15:12:19 ET

that may be difficult. have you thought about genetically engineering a mate? Asexual is difficult and if you went into mitosis it might be painful.

2002-10-29 15:12:54 ET

Leave it to vasa to be all scientific about it : P!

2002-10-29 15:13:01 ET

I mean asexual in more of a "non-sexual" sort of thing, but I couldn't think of a better word.

2002-10-29 15:13:14 ET

NOTICE: I am officially redeclaring my eternal sexiness. Thank you.

2002-10-29 15:14:12 ET

Mocking = fun

2002-10-29 15:14:33 ET

if you are sexy AXO then I am sexy. becuase we are clones. Except they screwed you up and you came out light skinned and short.

2002-10-29 15:19:31 ET

it wont last for long.

i went asexual a few months back and im more horny than i ever was before.

2002-10-29 15:20:53 ET

We'll see hope this lasts a while. Either that or I'll go have a front lobotomy and I'll stop thinking about everything altogether.

2002-10-29 15:22:18 ET

thats an option i never thought of...or did i?

:stares blankley into space:

2002-10-29 15:22:23 ET

hum. Having a frontal lobotomy is not a good thing. I am the recipient of three serious head injuries and the last one screwed me up big time. People call me an underdeveloped unicorn becuase I have a big scar/keloid on my head :( the moral of the story is.. frontal lobotomys are so 1879 .

2002-10-29 15:23:38 ET

If I lose the front of my brain, I think I'll stop caring what I look like. All will be blisssss.

2002-10-29 15:25:08 ET

or you could turn Ekksexual.

2002-10-29 15:25:33 ET

i wanna be ekksexual! hahah

2002-10-29 15:25:36 ET

Ekksexual sounds funnnn.

2002-10-29 15:28:21 ET

why for?

2002-10-29 15:28:52 ET

I give up on boys. Lalala.

2002-10-29 15:29:13 ET

yes but why?

2002-10-29 15:29:27 ET

i'm the most sexy. my avatar proves it.

2002-10-29 15:29:36 ET

okay everyone convert to Ekksexual right fucking now. What this kind of sex means, I don't know yet. Maybe a big fat orgy with Ekk in the middle, that's to be determined.

2002-10-29 15:30:04 ET

I don't know. I think its because I'm not mature enough to handle anything besides casual flirting. Maybe when I'm 30 I'll look into it again.

2002-10-29 15:32:08 ET

erm. write me a PM? explain? *holds out shoulder to cry on*


2002-10-29 15:32:50 ET

You asked for it. ;)

2002-10-29 15:40:05 ET

; )

2002-10-29 15:53:17 ET

Hey! Shes a smart one! We suck. Good choice!

2002-10-29 15:53:42 ET

No ALL of you. Just the majority I find myself associating with.

2002-10-29 15:53:42 ET

isnt that the truth

2002-10-29 15:54:07 ET

Errm... just to be safe I'd rule every guy out.

2002-10-29 15:54:10 ET

the majority of boi's suck.

and i appologize for all of them

2002-10-29 15:54:44 ET

I appreciate the gesture. But, what it boils down to, are insecurities with myself...and stuff. I think. Or maybe it is the boys.

2002-10-29 15:55:52 ET

Its the boys.

2002-10-29 15:56:14 ET

yup its definatley the boys

2002-10-29 15:56:55 ET

Maybe. Juuuust maybe. :P

2002-10-29 15:58:14 ET

i like boys? (smile)

2002-10-29 16:05:24 ET

No, no, no maybe. We're piles of shit. Trust me.

2002-10-29 16:07:19 ET

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bleep!

2002-10-29 18:14:34 ET

Aw man. You're turning asexual and I just got here. Dammit! *cries*

2002-10-29 18:16:06 ET

:( Sorry sexxxy Terror.

2002-10-29 18:17:15 ET


2002-10-29 19:46:11 ET

hmmmmmm, I have a dicey and weak sex drive as it is ......
maybe my sex needs training wheels or it should be on a scooter ?? maybe then the sex would be more easy to drive around
with no worries about gas milege and such ,,,,,? younger guys
often want the sexual contact of a young lady but they really don't want to be your best friend or develop real companionship
along with it , - oh well.

2002-10-29 20:40:03 ET

welcome to the club... just grab your "I don't do sex" pin on the counter with your non-gender name tag.. we all have non-gender names within our own secret societ, shhhhhhh.. don't tell anyne ;)

2002-10-30 02:59:32 ET

what a shame! but i must admit that my life has only improved as a result of not having sex. sex is messy. it complicates everything. and 99% of the time, totally not worth the trouble!

2002-10-30 03:40:43 ET

Ooooh, a non-gender society. How RAD is that! Someday...I will have sex. But not for a while.

2002-10-30 04:35:02 ET

i'm my heart is bleeding joce

2002-10-30 04:50:49 ET

Awww, Paul. :(

2002-10-30 08:41:41 ET

dont be asexual. be nsexual

2002-10-30 11:15:58 ET


2002-10-30 11:43:18 ET

If you're gonna be asexual, will you have asex with me? :P

2002-10-30 11:44:20 ET

Anything for you Sheen.

2002-10-30 11:54:45 ET

What's sex

2002-10-30 11:59:39 ET

I don't know. :(

2002-10-30 12:02:19 ET

Me either. It has been over a year. sniff.

2002-10-30 12:04:12 ET

Its been 18 for me. ;)

2002-10-30 12:05:29 ET

Don't do it. It's addicting.

2002-10-30 12:06:05 ET

I'm so vice-ridden.

2002-10-30 12:35:14 ET

zsexual is better than nsexual. and <pi>sexual, because you get a lot of <pi>.

2002-10-30 12:38:19 ET

::smacks her forehead:: See what happens when you are computer deprived for just two days? You come back and find bajillions of etries with kazillions of comments. Don't become asexual, Joce. I might have to join you! ::gasp:: Yes, I think we should all become Ekksexual though.

2002-10-30 12:39:52 ET

The world would be a better place!

2002-10-30 12:40:36 ET

asexual: just like the worms.

2002-10-30 12:42:48 ET

no, no, sometimes worms are hermaphrodites. and they have sex0r for hours.

sexual and sex are two very, very different things.

2002-10-30 12:46:55 ET

haha, chewbaca's slave

2002-10-30 12:47:16 ET

riiite....yup. Sexual worms...haha

2002-10-30 12:48:17 ET

Worms? Skerry!

2002-10-30 13:43:16 ET

sex just aint worth the hassle...

2002-10-30 13:45:29 ET flowers. they reproduce by themselves.

2002-10-30 13:47:14 ET

No no the bees help do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-10-30 13:47:18 ET

Asexual like YEAST. They reproduce off of themselves.

2002-10-30 13:50:48 ET

hense the title of your journal entry being YEASTY?

2002-10-30 13:52:09 ET


2002-10-30 13:52:32 ET

Or is it just cause of that nasty little infection????? : P

2002-10-30 13:53:03 ET

Mofo hurt my feelings. :(

2002-10-30 13:55:13 ET

Hahaha Awww im just kidding!!!!!!! You know I love ya!!!!!!

2002-10-30 13:55:35 ET

I love ya, too.

2002-10-30 14:05:27 ET


2002-10-30 14:05:36 ET


2002-10-30 14:08:00 ET

if you prefer haplosexy, be my guest. But really, it's about zymosexy. Bud.

2002-10-30 14:08:45 ET

I like zymosexy. I'm down with that.

2002-10-30 14:11:06 ET

you know, yeast helps make beer, and beer helps make beer GOGGLES

2002-10-30 14:11:49 ET

I want beer. There's a tempting case in the garage...

2002-10-30 14:12:22 ET


2002-10-30 14:17:51 ET

rivetheads and ravers may wear goggles, but ALL MAY WEAR BEER GOGGLES

2002-10-30 14:23:42 ET


2002-10-30 14:37:06 ET

Beer the designated drink of skins around the world! : D

2002-10-30 14:41:44 ET

I would just like to mention that neither Axo nor condones the practice of underaged drinking. ;-P

2002-10-30 14:42:44 ET


2002-10-30 16:36:25 ET

on the other side however , sex is very pleasurable , and it's funny , because this seems to be a civilization where pain is easy to get and spread around , if people suffer , they don't stop you from getting in the same boat ! they want you to join them ! what shit-f*cking living hell this all is ! if somebody
is getting "some" what is the crime ? it's jelousy of that moment
of pleasure - examine yourself closely and you may be suprised !
Example : = if you walk in the woods in a county or area where
it's legal for people to have concensual sex in the woods , and
you are a cop walking in those woods and see two people
on the "nookie train" doing it - you/the cop would prob. stop
and break up the little love fest because you are not getting laid at that exact moment, so why should anybody else ? yes ,
that's it , create misery and seperation for the lovely couple.
people like to inflict pain on eachother , but even more than
that , they like to keep eachother from feeling good and being
lost in the pleasure of the moment.

2002-10-30 21:49:32 ET

sodomy is still illegal in lots of places. fortunately, it's also pretty much unarrestable.

2002-10-30 21:49:32 ET

sodomy is still illegal in lots of places. fortunately, it's also pretty much unarrestable.

2002-10-31 04:58:10 ET

...Sodomy makes me baby Jesus cry.

2002-10-31 07:13:02 ET

damn the cursed double post!!! I blame my home computah...beamed myself into the fyuucha

2002-10-31 08:09:12 ET

fyuucha...that is the coolest word ever.

2002-10-31 08:13:49 ET

I am going to dye my skin fyuucha now.

don't you have school or something? :P

2002-10-31 08:14:36 ET

I am in school. I'm spending my valueable research time here. Bwahahaha.

2002-10-31 09:04:54 ET

contributing to the deliquency of a major, that's what I'm doing.

2002-10-31 09:32:51 ET

I like monkeys

2002-10-31 10:16:01 ET

with herpes.

2002-10-31 10:21:53 ET

lovely conversation ,,, and er um,,No Axo ! I was NOT talking about sodomy ? ! that is an EXIT only deal around me buddy !

2002-11-01 12:37:17 ET

NO YOU CAN'T!! What about the thing you know? Justin??! yes you KNOW! SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

2002-11-01 12:58:25 ET

I thought that wasn't happening? ....

2002-11-01 16:10:41 ET

well apparently it is

2002-11-02 10:27:27 ET

YES! and it will be don't you know? Or is it still of the scary? I hope we're talking about the same thing.

2002-11-02 10:29:26 ET

I don't think we are. o.O

2002-11-02 10:32:30 ET

Wait... ::scratches head:: ummm ok... This is official: Ash = Stupid Fucking Retard.

2002-11-02 10:33:12 ET

We love you anyway, Ashtonface.

2002-11-02 14:55:59 ET


2002-11-02 17:53:09 ET

Aww wow, thank you. The same goes for you. If you ever want to talk someone's ear off to, I'll definately listen.

2002-11-11 22:20:04 ET

I'm just 38 I'm kinda at my sexual peak. Thank Goddess I have a 21-year old boyfriend who is just as frisky as me!!! The TeRRoR hath met her match! :D

2002-11-12 05:05:24 ET

Lucky you. ;P

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