2002-11-11 16:15:25 ET

I'm sick now, too. Which one of you germ infested bastards got me sick?

2002-11-11 16:20:40 ET

well, i think i can safely say that it wasn't me! even though, i was -just- sick.

2002-11-11 16:21:19 ET

I've got my eyes on you... :P

2002-11-11 16:23:17 ET

-hides under the bed-

2002-11-11 16:24:37 ET

I can still seee yoooou.

2002-11-11 16:32:31 ET

i was sick, but it wasnt me. i love you too much to make you sick, haha.

2002-11-11 16:33:06 ET

uh oh. er...i'm a good boy?

2002-11-11 16:33:28 ET

Awww, that's so sweet. But I've still got my eyes on you, too. :P

2002-11-11 16:33:56 ET

that was probly me if you were hiding in my house.

2002-11-11 16:35:12 ET

i confess, it was me. i told you we shouldnt mack it when im sick!

2002-11-11 16:35:12 ET

I knew it was you! But your lips are so soft and irrestible...

2002-11-11 16:35:23 ET


2002-11-11 16:36:17 ET


2002-11-11 16:36:50 ET


2002-11-11 16:37:13 ET

We thought you'd like that, Michael. :P Yours are soft and irrestible, too!

2002-11-11 16:41:34 ET

don't ask why i have a picture of my lips.

2002-11-11 16:42:40 ET

!!! Alison, you are the prettiest girl I know. Meow.

2002-11-11 16:43:27 ET

I am SICK SICK SICK I even went to ze doktor today!! :P

2002-11-11 16:43:48 ET

What are you sick with? I don't think this is doctorable, this just needs me to rest.

2002-11-11 16:44:49 ET

I think I have brain fever.

2002-11-11 16:46:38 ET

rawr! ska has pretty lips

and i know it wasnt me! i was nowhere near you...unless germs can be sent via sk.net

2002-11-11 16:47:32 ET

Well, no one around me is sick...so it must be germs passed through sk.net

2002-11-11 16:50:58 ET

haha. i go tmy cold from walkin 3 miles in the rain.

2002-11-11 16:52:03 ET

Walks in the rain are fun.

2002-11-11 16:52:58 ET

it was all that sloppy making out we did..remember??

2002-11-11 16:54:03 ET

How could I forget?

Geez, I am such a kiss slut.

2002-11-11 16:54:36 ET

i know..but i like it....

2002-11-11 16:55:59 ET

Meow, you sexy thing.

2002-11-11 16:56:28 ET


you see my new sexay pictures?!!

2002-11-11 16:57:55 ET

I just went and saw them. You really should smile more.

2002-11-11 16:58:40 ET

i have a goofy smile

2002-11-11 16:58:58 ET

It's adorable. :)

2002-11-11 16:59:45 ET

awww fanks:)

2002-11-11 17:00:19 ET

You're welcome. ;)

2002-11-11 17:01:31 ET


2002-11-11 17:05:01 ET

jocelyn is my online lover, HAHA.

2002-11-11 17:05:45 ET


2002-11-11 17:06:32 ET

damn :[

looks like i missed out ;P

2002-11-11 17:06:56 ET

It's never too late for more!

2002-11-11 17:10:20 ET

:D excellent!

2002-11-11 19:04:18 ET

I caught a urinary tract infection from LiveJournal.

2002-11-11 19:16:55 ET


2002-11-11 21:40:22 ET

i'd love to get you sick joce. but not right now

2002-11-11 22:23:43 ET

It's all Kristin's fault. She came to the Boston SK meet with swollen glands...then ZeN got sick...now I'm sick...(been moaning and groaning about it in my journal the past 2 days, heh)...me thinks this is the SK Virus...a deadly new strain passed from journal to journal on subkultures.net. :\

I feel your pain. *hugs*

2002-11-12 05:08:13 ET

Because I've been busy trying to comfort everyone with their ailments online, and then suddenly I felt all crappy. Hahaha, damn the SK virus.

:-* for Paul!

2002-11-12 06:51:02 ET

i could have gottin you sick also...im still sick and it wont go away. arg.

2002-11-12 09:05:22 ET

Man oh man you should start feeling better asap.

2002-11-12 09:25:44 ET

I love you Joce. Feel better. Thank you for your advice on that problem I had.

2002-11-12 11:15:11 ET

Ekka, I'm always online (as you've probably noticed) and I'd be more than happy to help you with ANYTHING. I'd even call your house if you needed me to. I love you, Ekka.

Thanks, Courtney, I'm trying!

2002-11-12 12:44:19 ET

Ah, sickness... ::crowd boos::

2002-11-12 12:52:02 ET

::vegetable throwing, hissing, etc.:: The Sk virus sucks according to many.. eek :/

2002-11-12 13:23:24 ET

Yes, it is no fun. I can real life spread it to Ashton. MWAHAHA.

2002-11-12 14:33:55 ET

take that!

2002-11-12 14:37:12 ET

Paul is always starting trouble.

2002-11-12 14:50:58 ET

my little brother is drunk. 190 proof vodka will kick your ass.

2002-11-12 14:52:48 ET

How old is your little brother?

2002-11-12 14:57:54 ET

um.. 15? just turned it in like september..yeah, 15.

2002-11-12 14:59:51 ET

HAHAHA, that's so young.

2002-11-12 15:00:01 ET

I mean..well...it isn't. I'm just old.

2002-11-12 15:02:20 ET

nah. you're just right. summer needs to get here, haha.

2002-11-12 15:03:03 ET

It needs to HURRY!

2002-11-12 15:04:58 ET

indeedy. i'll start cleaning my house right now, haha.

2002-11-12 15:12:23 ET

Haha, it will take you that long?

2002-11-12 15:13:57 ET

god no, HAHA. it'll take like one. that was said with the intent you of saying "haha" and it worked.

2002-11-12 15:14:55 ET


2002-11-12 15:18:44 ET


2002-11-12 15:20:17 ET

I need to clean my room, too. :/

2002-11-12 15:22:33 ET

as do i. i found some ants and burned them with a lighter, haha. i gotta mop my floor..no carpet.

2002-11-12 15:23:19 ET

No carpet? LUCKY YOU. I hate carpet.

2002-11-12 15:38:22 ET

haha. well, it's nicer to step on in the morning. i hate cold feet.

2002-11-12 15:38:57 ET

It's called SOCKS, Michael. :P

2002-11-12 15:40:18 ET

i dont sleep in socks. they always get all tangled up and stuff.

2002-11-12 15:41:08 ET

I don't sleep with them on either. I just keep a pair on the nightstand. I hate tile floors scattered around, so I get cold feet too. :P

2002-11-12 15:44:16 ET

haha. i always wake up and make a mad dash for teh shower and turn it on all hot and stuff.

2002-11-12 15:45:36 ET

I do the opposite. I turn it on and get in when it's cold just so I'm wide awake.

2002-11-12 15:49:48 ET

AHHHHH!!! i'd die and my dick would permanately(sp) shrink to 1 inch, hahaha!

2002-11-12 15:50:33 ET

So wear a third sock? :P

2002-11-12 15:51:54 ET

HAHA! good one

2002-11-12 15:52:08 ET

Thanks, I couldn't resist. :)

2002-11-12 15:54:15 ET

hahaha. i knew something like that was gonna happen, haha

2002-11-12 15:57:47 ET

You've already got me all figured out.

2002-11-12 16:06:12 ET

cause i'm in loooooove with you, haha.

2002-11-12 16:07:28 ET

Awww. :-*

2002-11-12 16:09:18 ET

yeah, i'm a softy.

2002-11-12 16:09:47 ET

Hardcore kid with a softcore heart.

2002-11-12 16:11:07 ET

thats me!

2002-11-12 16:12:56 ET

I just saw the cutest ET commercial.

2002-11-12 16:26:27 ET


2002-11-12 16:28:42 ET

It was about a girl sending a "special friend" on the internet pictures. And I got scared.

But she was just sending a picture of her with her finger out to ET so he could heal her flowers. HAHA.

2002-11-12 16:31:45 ET


2002-11-12 18:14:22 ET

AWWWWWWWWWw... how cuuuuuute!

More SK lovin...hehe :-P

2002-11-12 18:41:46 ET

I <3 Britt!

2002-11-13 12:10:29 ET

i need to find something else to say besides haha. HAHA.

2002-11-13 12:37:41 ET

Someday, you will.


2002-11-13 12:48:35 ET

good one, hahahahaha.

2002-11-13 13:47:15 ET

*cough cough cough sneeze*

2002-11-13 13:51:10 ET

Awww, are you sick too Sheen?

2002-11-13 14:47:35 ET

Yeah :(

2002-11-13 14:49:36 ET

Oh no! I made us soup. :D

2002-11-13 14:50:29 ET


2002-11-13 16:03:36 ET

my mom bought me some donuts.

2002-11-13 16:07:13 ET

Donuts? Yum. I'd eat those, but I'm on a diet.

2002-11-13 16:08:16 ET

you dont need a diet. you are FUCKIN HOT!!!

2002-11-13 16:09:02 ET

Trust me, I've been getting a little...liberal with what I eat. I appreciate that though, babe. :)

2002-11-13 16:22:10 ET

whatever makes ya happy.

2002-11-13 16:23:41 ET

Thanks, Mike. :)

2002-11-13 16:35:41 ET

no problem

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