<3 <3 <3
2002-12-03 15:20:44 ET

More letters finished and ready to be mailed out. It's rad to hear people are getting them and not laughing at how much I suck. Last call if anyone wants one.

Sometimes, this nose piercing is too much hassle.

<3 everyone.

New pictures up. One of nerdy Star Warsness and one of me repelling in Utah!

2002-12-03 15:22:15 ET

I want a letter.

I have a nose piercing and have had no trouble. What kind of problems are you having?

2002-12-03 15:22:23 ET

nose piercings are awesome.

2002-12-03 15:23:06 ET

Angel, send me your address through PM and I'll write you!

It's all irritated. My grandmother ripped it out and my whole nose turned red.

2002-12-03 15:23:19 ET

I think I will be sending yours out tomorrow. Damnit I have no money for stamps!

2002-12-03 15:23:44 ET

Suck! Stamps are cheap. Hang on, Ekkababy, I'll send you a stamp. :P

2002-12-03 15:24:11 ET

hahaha are you serious!!!?!!!!!

2002-12-03 15:24:55 ET

If you REALLY REALLY need one and can't get 36 cents or whatever soon, sure I'll send you a couple.

2002-12-03 15:24:59 ET

wowo, your nana plays rough. she sounds hardcore.

2002-12-03 15:25:19 ET

She's mean. She's told me it looked like a silver booger. Hahaha.

2002-12-03 15:26:39 ET

How many letters have you written?

2002-12-03 15:27:46 ET

So far? I sent out 8...wrote 4...have two more addresses...so I'll have 14 here soon.

2002-12-03 15:27:52 ET

Mine is just a teeny tiny diamond.

2002-12-03 15:28:35 ET

Yeah, this ring is way in your face. And now it's naked without it's ball, so I just ordered a flat disk retainer so I can hide the piercing for interviews. :)

Sounds MAD CUTE.

2002-12-03 15:29:33 ET

I want a brow piercing. that is the end.

2002-12-03 15:29:53 ET

Peircing retainer. Makes me think of this huge retainer (like for your teeth...) in your nose.

2002-12-03 15:30:20 ET


I never get anything good in the mail.

2002-12-03 15:30:48 ET

Yeah, they have those for after you get a rhinoplasty, Ekka. Hahaha!

Cavey, go get it!

2002-12-03 15:31:12 ET

Rix, PM me the address!!

2002-12-03 15:34:58 ET

I have to wait til I go to the east. I've a friend that wants to be there for my virginal piercing.
I get my tattoo in two weeks, though

2002-12-03 15:35:30 ET

What kind of tattoo?

2002-12-03 15:35:40 ET

Holy crap! It would take me forever to get 14 mailed out... Hand hurt?

2002-12-03 15:36:31 ET

it's a blue scarab with wings, for the back of my neck

2002-12-03 15:37:20 ET

My had doesn't hurt at all, I love writing letters!

That sounds rad, Cavey.

2002-12-03 15:37:37 ET

Ok, I'll bite...

I want one.


2002-12-03 15:38:14 ET

I got your letter! I LOVED IT.

2002-12-03 15:38:46 ET

DevoiD, PM me your address. :)

YOU GOT IT! <3 Yay, someone loves my rambles.

2002-12-03 15:39:25 ET

Expect one back in the near future. :D

2002-12-03 15:39:26 ET

yeah. I've wanted it forever, but kept running into problems. well, problem. and it was always money.

2002-12-03 15:40:00 ET

Sweet, I love you for writing back!

I'd get a tattoo, but I'm too indecisive.

2002-12-03 16:02:13 ET

nice pics!!!!

2002-12-03 16:02:37 ET

Haha, thanks. Gotta love the fact that I'm repelling almost upside down. :P

2002-12-03 16:06:48 ET

I <3 girls who love star wars. <3 them.

2002-12-03 16:06:56 ET

thats how you have the most fun!!!

2002-12-03 16:07:23 ET

They love you, too, doktor!

Hell yeah, it's called the Flying Australian, Azrael.

2002-12-03 16:09:45 ET

lol...good move. and i agree with the good doktor. girls who dig star wars are uber hot. not that i didnt think you were hot before...um i'll just shut up now. :x

2002-12-03 16:10:42 ET

Awww, <3 for Azrael. Yeah, that was at Celebration II...in my Celebration II hoodie. g33kc0r3!

Shutting up is not allowed in here.

2002-12-03 16:13:16 ET

star wars is pretty wicked.

2002-12-03 16:14:11 ET

Yes, way wicked. I'm proud to be a fan!

2002-12-03 16:16:32 ET

I only just saw episode two when my roomie bought the DVD. I had meant to see it. I had no idea it would be so good.

2002-12-03 16:16:54 ET

I wanted to go to Celebration 2, but I was working. :(

And I agree with Azrael, you are ub3r hot.... and even hotter because you're into star wars.

So... um... ever think of posing for leiasmetalbikini.com?

2002-12-03 16:18:17 ET

I've never heard of the site. I actually made a slave costume with some fabric, a bikini and a stapler...hahaha, but it's orange and cheap. Thanks for the link doktor!

CAvey, it's more than good. :P

2002-12-03 16:22:00 ET

I live to serve.


Episode II = best one since Empire

2002-12-03 16:23:45 ET

Episode II was awesome. I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie Fischer, Hayden Christensen, Peter Mayhew, Billie Dee Williams and the crew at Celebration II. Look into going to Celebration III!

2002-12-03 16:27:39 ET


2002-12-03 16:28:32 ET

Yeah, he was so cute and gave the weirdest hug.

2002-12-03 16:30:49 ET

well, he's a jillion feet tall, so I can't imagine him giving a regular hug

2002-12-03 16:31:58 ET

Yeah, hard to picture him as a nurse in England. :P

2002-12-03 16:32:48 ET

I can't imagine what he looks like. I just see a big wookiee in a nurse outfit. but not a male nurse outfit, a female nurse outfit. man oh man, it's funny

2002-12-03 16:34:39 ET

Oh, yeah, I never guessed he was white either. I don't know. I just see Chewie and think Shaq.

2002-12-03 16:35:27 ET

damit, now te mental picture is even more screwed up, because e's dribbling a basketball

2002-12-03 16:36:23 ET

Hahaha! And he has long, shaggy hair. And he wears a studded leather jacket that says CHEWIE on the back.

2002-12-03 16:36:43 ET

brilliant! I imagine he's wearing mirrored sunglasses now, too

2002-12-03 16:37:20 ET

I never saw him in sunglasses, I don't think.

You should have seen the WOMEN he was with.

2002-12-03 16:43:07 ET

oh yeah?

2002-12-03 16:44:23 ET

Yeah, they look like models that didn't age so well. :P

2002-12-03 16:45:12 ET

hehehe. I've met models that didn't age so well. they were all very angry people

2002-12-03 16:45:56 ET

Haha! These ladies seemed happy, because they were arm in arm with a 7+foot tall man.

2002-12-03 16:46:53 ET

good ol Peter Mayhew, bringing joy to the joyless!

2002-12-03 16:48:19 ET

Yeah, he was a riot. He talks reeaaaallllyyy slooooowwww.

2002-12-03 16:49:16 ET

I talk reaaaaalllly slooooow, too. but alas, I am not a giant

2002-12-03 16:49:38 ET

It's nice when people talk slow. You get to hang on their every word.

2002-12-03 16:50:42 ET

I talk slow intentionally, because if I don't, then I talk way too fast. so I learned to talk really slow. at least, it's slow compared to my regular speed.

2002-12-03 16:51:26 ET

Talking slow is hard for me, too, I get so excited that I talk a lot.

2002-12-03 16:52:25 ET

Ialways end up with too much to say, and it all comes out at once if I don't stop myself.

2002-12-03 16:53:20 ET

I know how that goes. It shows in my letters, hahaha!

2002-12-03 16:54:50 ET

but talkign alot isn't a bad thing. it's my favorite hobby.

2002-12-03 17:00:43 ET

YAY, conversations are nice. It sucks when you talk to people and have nothing to say.

2002-12-03 17:01:31 ET

I never have nothnig to say, though. if all else fails, I know at least twelve or thirteen pounds of useless trivia.

2002-12-03 17:02:39 ET

Me, too! I can also rattle of Steve Martin routines. :P

2002-12-03 17:03:12 ET

Steve Martin rules. all the old SNLers rule.

2002-12-03 17:03:40 ET

You should get his Let's Get Small CD. It's pure <3

2002-12-03 17:05:12 ET

I should. I haven't bought a CD in a long time.

2002-12-03 17:06:28 ET

If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction

2002-12-03 17:13:29 ET

That's scary, Cavefish.

Yeah, you should get it, it's one of his funnier.

2002-12-03 17:14:20 ET

I'll make note of it for next time I'm at the big mall.

2002-12-03 17:14:27 ET

I have 3 Steve Martin albums. All vinyl.

I used to listen to them every day.

2002-12-03 17:15:27 ET

They're rad on vinyl, too.

Did you listen to Let's Get Small, Sheenie?

2002-12-03 17:15:28 ET

I've got a box f vinyl in my mom's basement. I should grab that when I get my guitar.

2002-12-03 17:19:37 ET

Sure did :)

2002-12-03 17:22:36 ET

Don't you LOVE IT?

2002-12-03 17:54:18 ET

Of course... Although I don't have a working record player right now :(

2002-12-03 17:56:01 ET

Suck. :( I'd let you borrow my Victorla, but...it plays weird. Stevie would sound like a chipmunk for real.

2002-12-03 17:57:47 ET

hahaha Thanks anyway, Joce ;)

2002-12-03 17:59:11 ET

No problem!

2002-12-03 20:08:24 ET

Holy crap. Your posts get posted on too fast, I can't keep up. :P

2002-12-04 03:59:38 ET

Oh, I'm sorry. :( I always get carried away, hahaha.

2002-12-04 06:33:00 ET

lol, its okay, I need to quit work and school so I can keep up on these posts :D

2002-12-04 10:16:35 ET

it's never too late to start!

2002-12-05 02:46:25 ET

A girl came into my work the other day with both of her eye brows pierced and the jewelry were little spikes that looked like tiny metal horns growing out of her brow. They looked really cool I had never seen that before.

2002-12-05 05:16:35 ET

That sounds pretty rad! I've seen little spike studs for nostrils, but not for eyebrows.

2002-12-05 11:13:40 ET

the piercer that did my friend's nipple had a bar 'weaved' through two folds of skin on her brow

2002-12-05 11:14:41 ET

...WOW. Sounds painful/complicated.

2002-12-05 11:15:06 ET

I imagine it was. but it looked pretty cool

2002-12-05 13:19:47 ET

It's coming! I swear!

2002-12-09 18:36:36 ET

Ha! Star Wars, you nerd!

2002-12-09 18:38:15 ET

I suck. :(

2002-12-09 18:40:06 ET

May the force be with you!

2002-12-09 18:40:24 ET

And also with you! HAHAHA

2002-12-09 18:41:09 ET

The Dark Side!

2002-12-09 18:42:15 ET

OMG I <3 the Dark Side.

2002-12-09 18:43:55 ET


2002-12-09 22:09:20 ET

everyone <3 the dark side, because good is dumb.

2002-12-10 05:16:56 ET


2002-12-10 05:44:58 ET


2002-12-10 06:05:47 ET


2002-12-10 10:28:07 ET

I hate yogurt!

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