2003-01-04 14:22:57 ET

Why do people judge you for who your parents are and what your parents have? I hope this doesn't carry on after I move out. I may end up punching someone really hard in the fucking nose for it someday.

Practice for work is on Monday! ;)

2003-01-04 14:24:49 ET

hmmm.. superfical people can suck my nuts.. never have understood anything of those sorts

2003-01-04 14:25:05 ET

Details. Must have details.

2003-01-04 14:25:52 ET

They can suck my nuts, too! <3 I hope you're good.

And Sheen...details about practice or details about people judging me? :P

2003-01-04 14:27:27 ET

Who are you gonna hit in the face and why? :P

2003-01-04 14:27:28 ET

hey.. message me sometime... yahoo... aim.. one of those thingies

2003-01-04 14:27:42 ET

Wait, both!

2003-01-04 14:31:20 ET

Thanks for the IM, syntheitic.

I'm going to hit a former user turned Jocelynstalker because he is a raging dickcheese. And he says I am a "richie poser punk" and I am my own "Avril Lavigne". Just because he's upset that I don't love him back and because he's scary and...he has sooooo many issues.

2003-01-04 14:31:43 ET

Oh, and the show! We're all going down to the very minimum of our costumes. Woo!

2003-01-04 14:32:15 ET

Ugh.. stalkers... ugh.

2003-01-04 14:32:42 ET

Oh man! I neeeed to see this!!

2003-01-04 14:34:36 ET

Yeah, he's showing stalker patterns to. First it was I LOVE YOU now it's I DON'T HARBOR CRUEL FEELINGS I JUST HATE YOU.

You do need to see this. Day before Valentine's is opening!

2003-01-04 14:42:00 ET

Oh man Oh man Oh man!

2003-01-04 14:46:01 ET

you should remind the people that are doing this "judging" how asinine they will appear if they are still doing this when they are middle-aged.

2003-01-04 14:50:44 ET

practice practice practice!! hehehe i wanna come and see your work. sounds like sooo much funn. heh

2003-01-04 14:55:36 ET

Hell yeah, James. They appear pretty asinine now. :P

Hey, if you're in town I'd love to have you at practice! It is a lot of fun, everyone should do it. This job is for EVERY body size, so it rules.

2003-01-04 14:58:45 ET

shallow people judge based on material objects and family social status. I came from priveledge, and certain things were 'expected.' I bucked the system at every chance, and found some of the nicest people come from the average household.
Most of the people I was forced to associate with (through school and parents) were so shallow, and it made me see just how important it is to judge someone on their actions.

2003-01-04 15:06:16 ET

Fishies, I love you. I guess shallow is the only way to describe him. I mean, he's an artist. Not the best artist or the most talented artist, but I certainly never shot down his dreams of being famous for them even though his style is not something I particularly like. And even now that this came up, I could never be like "YOUR ART IS GAY" like he so easily did to me. Ah well, I just hope he stays the fuck away from me and my family. :)

2003-01-04 15:43:37 ET

you = cool.

2003-01-04 15:51:44 ET

is this stalker that paul guy?

2003-01-04 15:52:33 ET

People hate my mom. Like all of my friends. I don't blame some poeple though. She made fun of my friend Keith when my other friends were in the car and they told him. So like, I don't blame Keith for thinking it was mean because it was mean and rude.

2003-01-04 16:00:46 ET

Thanks, Cavefish.

Yeah, Mike, it's the same guy.

Awww, Ekka, that sucks. As long as people don't judge you buy it, it's okay.

2003-01-04 17:14:37 ET

practice for work?

2003-01-04 17:15:15 ET

Yes, it's a fantastic job. ;) "Performance art".

2003-01-04 17:17:29 ET


2003-01-04 17:19:33 ET

I'll PM you. :D

2003-01-04 17:19:53 ET


2003-01-04 17:21:27 ET

I'll update you on my progress later, if you want, there should be video avaliable from the first show.

2003-01-04 17:21:41 ET

oo cool!

2003-01-04 17:22:06 ET

And nothing is graphic at all. ;)

2003-01-04 18:10:30 ET

woooo! good luck with your, umm.. work, joce. Interesting... the day before Valentine's is the day after my birthday. Too bad I';m turning 16 instead of 18... :(

2003-01-04 18:57:23 ET

i use to hate being judged by my parents when I was like 10 yrs old and in fifth grade. GOD, I hated open night! I thought my parents sucked back then! I was like "No! please don't make me go! I'll die of embarrasment!" I was so vain in elementary.

But other than that, I've never actually encountered discrimination based on my parents. If there is any discrimination, I don't really give a fuck. But I can understand if you're talking, like, grants and loans or whatever.

I'm glad to hear about your job!

2003-01-04 19:25:00 ET

::did not read anyone else post::

Anyways, its because people believe that since you have lived with them so long that you will turn out like them, pick up after them....so it sucks ass :(

2003-01-04 21:04:04 ET

I mean, this is a money issue mostly, which makes it ten times more retarded. They assume that I somehow see a lot of the cashflow in my own pocket, which is not that case. Oh well. <3

Thanks, De Funkt!

2003-01-05 04:59:53 ET

<3 well, im sure things will work out great for you!

2003-01-05 07:59:47 ET

Chaotic Utopia: I get that a lot. ;)
You should find out when/where he plans to have a show, and have all your pals go just to shoot down his art. It could be made into a sport, or something.

2003-01-05 08:09:23 ET

:posting for the topic: haha that made NO sense:

I dont know why... people are just stupid but I get that all the time just because my dad is a well known lawyer in our little town of almost 6000 people and they think that since my dad is a lawyer that I shouldnt be dressing and acting the way I do.

2003-01-05 11:07:09 ET

Haha, fishies, that would be so funny. And cruel. Mwahahaha.

Anti-Flag: You know, I think that's where you and I can relate. Our parents are something and we try to distance ourselves as far as we can from it. And not like a concious thing, but it's there on some level, you know?

Thanks Cyndi, you're such a good friend.

2003-01-05 11:16:28 ET

yes..."mohawks make me horny" hahaha <3

2003-01-05 11:22:09 ET

If you ever think of something more creative, I could make it for you. ;)

2003-01-05 11:27:06 ET

ok..I'll get back to you on that <3 ::thinks really hard::

2003-01-05 11:30:43 ET

Haha, don't think too hard! :P

2003-01-05 11:31:26 ET

=) ok

2003-01-05 11:34:39 ET

I GOT IT...can you make me a Devotchka one with pics and then have it say "I dont give a damn cause Im proud of what I am"

2003-01-05 11:52:21 ET

Okay! I have to go to a pre-practice practice for work (insanity) but I will make it when I get home.

2003-01-05 17:08:50 ET

yay! I <3 you

2003-01-05 18:59:58 ET

There you go!

2003-01-05 22:54:08 ET

I will destroy him.

2003-01-06 04:18:48 ET

That's so sweet, Cavefish.

2003-01-06 12:39:36 ET

I am a sweet, sweet destroyer of stalkers.

2003-01-06 14:03:14 ET


2003-01-06 14:29:44 ET

Glad you like it, sunshine.

2003-01-06 17:01:15 ET

i didn't read all of those... but hell yeah, punch some one in the face, it usually works for me lol you have a stalker now too? YAY!! now we BOTH have them, how fun!

2003-01-06 21:24:03 ET

We fucking own. In fact, on livejournal, I seem to have aquired quite the following of people how hate and hate and hate. <3

2003-01-07 00:06:07 ET

lj. O.o i have an lj...hehehe. imma find you. :oP

2003-01-07 11:20:36 ET

Bring it on. :D (Follow my AIM SN...)

2003-01-07 15:51:51 ET

did hehe...and i foudn you. mwuahaha

2003-01-07 18:28:19 ET

And I added you back. <3

2003-01-07 20:03:55 ET

yay :oD

2003-01-09 05:27:28 ET

Spreading the LJ love. OOOH, Erin, I have such a story to tell you later.

2003-01-09 13:51:01 ET

oh oh oh. yay i loove stories :oD tell me tell me

2003-01-09 13:58:09 ET

You have been PM'd.

2003-01-09 17:27:03 ET

I want a story!

2003-01-10 07:53:08 ET

It's really girlie and emo.

2003-01-10 12:14:41 ET

but I'm girlie and emo.
I sleep with a damn teddy bear, fer crying out loud.

2003-01-10 13:06:10 ET

I want to die of the plague in a really dramatic way.

2003-01-10 13:32:23 ET

i hate people. i hate girls. i hate a lot of things right now. {*bristle*)

it's not fair, but it feels good when you wanna hit someone hard....

2003-01-10 14:17:47 ET

Glad I'm not the only one, Pixi. :P

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