whiskey and regret
2003-02-11 16:24:09 ET

Who's updating? Oh yeah, that's me. Today has been a so-so day, I'm REALLY lonely. Me all by myself in this big house with no one to keep me company. I know one of you wants to come over and play HIDE AND GO SEEK!

I want a tattoo. I know what I want, but I think it's lame. Decisions, decisions.

New background! SPOOKY.


2003-02-11 16:25:21 ET


2003-02-11 16:25:45 ET

EKKAEKKABABY!!!! <3 <3 <3

2003-02-11 16:27:07 ET

I would LOVE to play hide and seek!!! MARCO! I mean...uhhh...:-/

2003-02-11 16:27:15 ET

hmm...hide and go seek eh? sounds great! mucho <3

2003-02-11 16:27:31 ET

ack! if I only lived closer

2003-02-11 16:28:15 ET

Dude, we'll have a hide and go seek party. Um, Johnathan's it!!

2003-02-11 16:28:52 ET


2003-02-11 16:29:43 ET

damn it.. now I have to drive to NM

my car wont make it!!!

2003-02-11 16:29:56 ET

Thanks, baby. HAHA. I want skulls.

2003-02-11 16:30:10 ET

Mwahhahahaha, I'll hide in Arizona then. ;)

2003-02-11 16:31:54 ET

hey.. that's a bit easier

2003-02-11 16:32:37 ET

Good luck!

2003-02-11 16:33:25 ET



2003-02-11 16:34:12 ET


2003-02-11 16:34:16 ET

You can join my lonely club!

2003-02-11 16:35:02 ET

I'm soooo there.

2003-02-11 16:36:37 ET

hey i have that background as my desktop on my computer!!!

2003-02-11 16:39:00 ET

And I'm so coming to your house ;)

2003-02-11 16:39:54 ET

I am scared

2003-02-11 16:40:47 ET


Come on over.

Scared of what, Scarlett?

2003-02-11 16:45:11 ET

Awe Jocelyn, I'm so excited. Stop being the cutest girl ever. :)

2003-02-11 16:45:59 ET

ME? The cutest girl ever? Pishposh.

<3 Thanks for stopping by, though, you never comment on me.

2003-02-11 16:47:26 ET

i did, but I took a leave of absence as well.

2003-02-11 16:47:38 ET

Hey!!! Good to see your still alive!!!! <3 MUCHO LOVE <3

2003-02-11 16:48:11 ET

Thanks for returning, I miss your sexy face around.

AAAARON!! <3 <3 <3

2003-02-11 16:48:54 ET

Ooooooooo sexy?? YAY!!!!!

2003-02-11 16:49:13 ET


2003-02-11 16:49:25 ET

:O OH MY!!

2003-02-11 16:49:44 ET

Hahaha, hardcore.

<3 Brian <3

2003-02-11 17:12:27 ET

aw, i like the bats.
i had pink ones around halloween time and now i can't find the damn file i saved them under {that could also be because i got a new computer...derrr}.
anyways, i can relate as far as the lonliness goes.
my boyfriend is 4 hours away and i don't have any friends where i live.

2003-02-11 17:15:40 ET

This background is coooool.

2003-02-11 17:17:06 ET

i must agree.

2003-02-11 17:17:12 ET

Your boyfriend is 4 hours away? Wow, that must be really hard. But good on you for sticking it out, that's respectable.

Thanks, Sheen! <3

2003-02-11 17:17:20 ET

Awww, yay Brian!

2003-02-11 17:22:02 ET

it's hard and we definitely have our ups and downs, but we'll be together 2 years in april.

2003-02-11 17:23:33 ET

Lucky beast.

2003-02-11 17:26:27 ET

Two years in April? Wow! Congrats to the two of you. Any plans of moving closer together?

Yeah, she is.

2003-02-11 17:27:36 ET

"Sidewalk crouches at her feet, like a dog that begs for somethin sweet" :-D

2003-02-11 17:29:20 ET

Mmmm, sweeet.

2003-02-11 17:29:46 ET


2003-02-11 17:29:59 ET

So, who wants to be my Valentine?

2003-02-11 17:30:15 ET

Count me in! :-D

2003-02-11 17:30:43 ET

*raises hand*

2003-02-11 17:31:18 ET

Awww, Brian, yay! I'm all yours.

2003-02-11 17:32:02 ET

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I knew that one was coming ;)

2003-02-11 17:32:11 ET

:) hoorah!

2003-02-11 17:32:18 ET

What was coming?

PARTY PARTY Brian. Whatcha going to get me? :D

2003-02-11 17:33:33 ET

I knew you were holding out for Brian :)

2003-02-11 17:33:43 ET

Hmmm ... some hott underwear. poeple love underwear.

2003-02-11 17:33:51 ET

Awwww. I'll buy you a rose, too.

BRIAN, I'm all about the underwear. :D

2003-02-11 17:34:24 ET

:) isnt everyone?

2003-02-11 17:35:08 ET

Maybe. How long will I be wearing it? :P

2003-02-11 17:35:21 ET

Nah nah, it's okay, I totally understand! :-D

2003-02-11 17:35:44 ET

Everynight of course.

2003-02-11 17:36:03 ET

So, when are you moving in, Valentine? :P

2003-02-11 17:36:21 ET

i leave for a minute and you kids have plans for a hot underwear and rose exchange?!
*shakes head*
anyway, we aren't going to move in together just yet. he and i want to take things super slow, save our money, decide what we want to do long-term job-wise, and then we'll take that step.

until then. the anticipation is sweet. :)

2003-02-11 17:36:23 ET


2003-02-11 17:37:34 ET

I know, we're naughty kids. Good luck to the both of you, I mean that. You guys are poster couple cute, and I love the way you guys talk about each other. <3

Yay, Brian, I'll get the bed ready. <3

2003-02-11 17:38:03 ET

Shweeeet. Wicked exciting.

2003-02-11 17:39:18 ET

Yeah it is. <3 You are my sunshine.

2003-02-11 17:39:52 ET

2003-02-11 17:40:32 ET

You know how to slither into a girl's heart.

2003-02-11 17:41:10 ET

:) thankkkk yoooooou.

2003-02-11 17:41:54 ET

I'll give you a Valentine's Day massage. :D

2003-02-11 17:47:56 ET

Oh boy oh boy!

2003-02-11 17:48:48 ET


2003-02-11 17:50:56 ET


2003-02-11 17:56:16 ET

More than you can imagine, Mister Hot Pants.

2003-02-11 19:21:38 ET

hey i think you should get the tat girly! if you have the cash get it! ive been waiting over a year now for my next one....i shall have it soon hopefully *snif*

2003-02-11 19:24:33 ET

Yeah, cash is one problem. Fear of getting an ugly tattoo is the other one. ;)

2003-02-11 19:28:44 ET

lol well if you like the idea then get it.....my whole theory on that is you only live once and after i have gotten all the ones i want if for some reason i dont like them when im older FUCK IT! lol it'll just be somethin fun to remember from my younger days ya know?! im not gettin them in places that are visible until i want them to be visible so its not big deal =p

2003-02-11 19:32:38 ET

Right, mine is going to below my beltline so I show it when I want to. :) I'm going to sit on it for a few more months to make sure it's what I want.

2003-02-11 19:35:49 ET

sooo what is it?? lol =p

2003-02-11 19:37:27 ET

Two matching skulls and crossbones. :)

2003-02-11 19:39:03 ET

thats cool =p

2003-02-11 19:41:01 ET

Yeah, I'm excited. What did you want to get?

2003-02-11 19:52:24 ET

well lol thats a long list but here's some of it....covering right thigh with tiger stripes, back of left thigh with a huge bat wrapping his wings to meet up in the front (near the other bat) onmy back/shoulders im gettin the bride of frankie and frankenstein, the rest of theback will also be horror themed have some ideas but not 100% on them yet...oh and thought about gettin some kinda of demonic/skeleton etc hands coming out of the ground/grave on top of my back then resting upon the top of my shoulders/upper arm....hard to explain that one lol but think ya get the idea heh

2003-02-11 20:10:42 ET

love the background! first thing i noticed!

2003-02-11 20:31:49 ET

Who cares if it's lame?? Ink what ya want!!

2003-02-12 03:15:14 ET

Wow, those are some bad ass ideas, Nic! I like the skeleten hands coming up, that would be bad ass. I was also thinking of a back design. Lots of people get angel wings, and I kind of wanted bat style wings. ;) Fun times. And I'm all about animal print. :p

Thanks, Jesse! <3

Rix, that's true. I'm just all nervous about permenant things.

2003-02-12 03:26:26 ET

Understandable. I'm getting "RIOT" tattooed on my right arm in comic book writing.

2003-02-12 03:28:08 ET

Fuck yeah, that will be hot.

2003-02-12 03:29:05 ET

Yup. Black with red shadowing.

2003-02-12 03:30:28 ET

When are you planning on getting it?

2003-02-12 03:31:17 ET

As soon as I can get the money. I'd be willing to gie nudie pics to anyone who donates. :-D

2003-02-12 03:32:11 ET

Stupid money. Its cases like this where the barter system would ROCK.

NUDIES, huh? That's so tempting.

2003-02-12 03:32:34 ET

:-D You think I kid. I'm desperate.

2003-02-12 03:35:23 ET

How much is the tattoo?

2003-02-12 03:35:49 ET

about $90, prolly.

2003-02-12 03:40:53 ET

That's not so bad. :) If you get desperate in a few months, I may just take you up on the nudie offer. ;)

2003-02-12 04:30:49 ET

Any donations $20 and up will get you a shirt I made and a nudie pic. </advertisement>

2003-02-12 04:33:20 ET

Ooooh, I will totally put that in my budget for April. ;)

2003-02-12 04:39:51 ET

hehe. I'll make special ones for you. ;-)

2003-02-12 04:41:10 ET

Awww, I feel special.

2003-02-12 05:48:47 ET


2003-02-12 07:54:28 ET

Shucks. I went to bed and now Im totally out of the conversation. :( I'm wicked jealous that you get SO many comments in each journal entry.

2003-02-12 08:00:07 ET

Woohoo! Tattoos are fun! England is so odd, there's a tattoo and body peircing place in almost every town, along with your obligatory three or four pubs. Just down the street lies the 'Grin and Wear it' tattoo place >_o It's painted a revolting green. I like it.

er... i forgot what i was going to say to you O_o

2003-02-12 11:50:01 ET

Don't be wicked jealous. Since we're lovers, Brian, what's mine is yours. So...like...these are your comments, too.


Ska, I think America is same in that respect. We all have tattoo parlors EVERYWHERE.

2003-02-12 12:18:57 ET

Haha ... you have such a way with words, my love.

2003-02-12 12:40:32 ET

I only speak this way because you are the muse of my heart, <3 Beautiful

2003-02-12 12:59:00 ET

awe ... sexy bitch.

2003-02-12 12:59:59 ET

Not as eloquent, but it does the job just the same. :-*

2003-02-13 09:54:46 ET

Meep! What the HAY! I missed strawberries and cream and Valentine picking and tattoo talking and everything else imaginable.

Okay ::dances around frantically:: let me get back into the swing of things.

2003-02-13 11:44:38 ET

Okay, welcome to the swing. :P We can revive the strawberries conversation if you want. ;)

2003-02-13 15:43:46 ET

Ohhh Jocelyn. You tickle my fancy.

2003-02-13 22:15:33 ET

You tickle my.........yeah.

2003-02-14 05:29:49 ET

Ooh ooh! I wanna come over and play Hide and Go Seek! Can we do it naked?!?! LoL

You're too cute to be lonely!! Damn the man!

2003-02-14 08:36:18 ET

Hell yeah, naked hide and go seek! I'd say you could invite Ron, but you'd do more hiding than seeking with each other. ;)

Awww, thanks doll!

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