are you lonely?
2003-02-17 17:03:45 ET

My hair is now black and fuschia. Pictures to come soon, lovlies.

I hate me and I'm lonely. Someone come keep me company.

New self-gratifying gallery added.

2003-02-17 17:05:13 ET

who needs friends when you have caffiene...
and friends...?

2003-02-17 17:05:55 ET

Most of the soda in this house is caffiene free. SADNESS.

2003-02-17 17:07:35 ET

you need to go buy some... better stuf

2003-02-17 17:08:25 ET

Eh, then I'll get all jittery and retarded.

2003-02-17 17:08:47 ET

but you wont need friends.

2003-02-17 17:09:46 ET

I will always need friends. ;)

2003-02-17 17:09:59 ET

yea. me too.

2003-02-17 17:10:24 ET

i looooooooooooooooooooove you! <3 <3 <3
nuki sends her luv as well ;)

2003-02-17 17:11:34 ET

I love you both, too, Jolie and Nuki. <3

I tend to be very dependent and it's gay.

2003-02-17 17:11:42 ET

i have a soldering iron.
an' i use it g000000d

2003-02-17 17:12:03 ET

i can be dependant at times...
not usually tho.

2003-02-17 17:12:30 ET

xoxo! i'm here anytime you need to talk sweetpea :)

2003-02-17 17:12:46 ET

why don't you come keep me company?

2003-02-17 17:13:38 ET

yea, me too.
cause you have a cool metal relative.

2003-02-17 17:13:47 ET

A soldering iron? WTF? :P

Thanks, Jolie, that means a lot!

Because it's a loooong drive?

2003-02-17 17:14:04 ET

Yeah, AND your uncle scares me. :P

2003-02-17 17:14:10 ET

i love my soldering iron.... oh baby baby.

2003-02-17 17:14:31 ET

I'm scared to ask what you use it for.

2003-02-17 17:14:37 ET

he's my hero.
metal uncles are fucking awesome.
but not actually having sex with someone named awesome.

2003-02-17 17:14:37 ET

yea awesome.

2003-02-17 17:16:02 ET

Yes you are. YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME, you cheating bastard.

2003-02-17 17:17:08 ET

why dont i have a metal uncle?
i just have a bunch of fucking hippy uncles..
i hate hippies.

2003-02-17 17:18:03 ET

You love hippies, you meanie. :(

I'm glad I don't have a metal uncle!

2003-02-17 17:18:37 ET

hippies are BAD
and metal is GOOD

2003-02-17 17:19:45 ET

Hippes rule.
Metal blows.

In your face.

2003-02-17 17:20:20 ET


2003-02-17 17:21:04 ET


Wait...take off the hip...


2003-02-17 17:22:12 ET

thats right... thats right...

2003-02-17 17:22:25 ET

I'm so hungry for pie.

2003-02-17 17:22:38 ET

DIO pwnz hippies...
ronnie would beat the shit out of ANY pussy hippie lead singer.

2003-02-17 17:23:59 ET

Jerkface, hippies are unpwnable!

2003-02-17 17:24:36 ET

ooooh you are mistaken.

2003-02-17 17:25:18 ET

hippies just got high and make boring music.
metalheads got drunk and make good music.

big difference.

2003-02-17 17:25:41 ET

Am I? Because I think YOU are mistaken. All of that awesome fucking has clouded your brain.

2003-02-17 17:26:00 ET

Yeah, but at least most hippies graduate from high school.

2003-02-17 17:27:07 ET

so do metalheads...
every one i know has at least...
the neo-metal bands (not to be mistaken for numetal)
are pretty much all college grads from europe.

2003-02-17 17:34:11 ET


2003-02-17 17:36:17 ET


ooooooooooooh sexy lady!!!

2003-02-17 17:50:13 ET

I <33 Joce and I would love to keep her company! ::wink::

2003-02-17 18:25:19 ET

You'll see it soon.

I love Ekka!!!

2003-02-17 18:27:48 ET

wooooooooohoooo <3

<whimper> but I want to see now.. :( </whimper>

2003-02-17 18:36:09 ET


2003-02-17 18:37:30 ET

oh.. all right... never was good with that though

2003-02-17 18:49:55 ET

I won't hold it against you.

2003-02-17 18:51:17 ET

well that's good... so what are you doing on this beautiful night?

2003-02-17 18:51:43 ET

Watching the Michael Jackson interview. And sitting. ;)

2003-02-17 18:53:07 ET

hmmmmm.. sounds interesting.. saw a bit of it.. personally the though of going into any 'celebrities' mind would be disgusting...

2003-02-17 18:53:56 ET

He's fascinating, really.

2003-02-17 19:05:13 ET

guess I just don't see it... even though I was a child of the '80s never really liked his music much... liked Prince much more

2003-02-17 19:07:06 ET


2003-02-17 19:12:52 ET

Prince rocks.. but I'd never want to know about his life.. he's just way too far out there for me

2003-02-17 19:32:57 ET

Yeah...Prince wouldn't be as scary as MJ, but close.

2003-02-17 19:34:56 ET

from what I've heard he's just as eccentric... and a HUGE christian.. loves to preach to everyone

2003-02-17 19:38:04 ET

That's...fascinating, really. MJ says GOD BLESS YOU to everyone.

2003-02-17 19:38:59 ET

maybe they're good friends... wouldn't shock me

2003-02-17 19:41:52 ET

yeah i like some of the stuff prince dose!
and 'hippies' are cool.
and most of the people i know from europe
and the UK are eaither hippies or punkers :)

2003-02-17 19:44:34 ET

MJ and Prince...fuck, what a combination.

Finally, a hippie ally. How you been, Pinky?

2003-02-17 19:47:35 ET

me ok...just been sick..i think i feel a tad better than yesterday tho :)
and you girly!? ah well i guess you been lonely :( *HUGS*
what hippie ally!?!!? hehe
i listened to MJ like when i was 10! lol but i don't know why...
prince is way cooler! and he dosn't hang babies over balconies hehe...did you know they have a video game of that now!!!? LOL

2003-02-17 19:50:21 ET

They have a dangling baby video game? HAHA, that's fucking CLASSIC.

Sorry you've been sick, glad to hear you've healed up a bit. <3 <3 <3 I've been pretty okay, too, just lonely.

2003-02-17 19:53:21 ET

yes they have it! lol hillarious i saw it on tv one day!
...oh how i need to get stoned...

2003-02-17 19:57:04 ET

I haven't gotten stoned in a long, long time. :(

2003-02-17 19:58:28 ET

:( i'm's been a few hours for me..heh *crys for you and for me*

2003-02-17 19:59:02 ET

Haha, it's been MONTHS...maybe almost a YEAR for me. :P

2003-02-17 20:02:57 ET

wow! i think iasked you a while back..but why!!!? lol

2003-02-17 20:25:38 ET

I don't know, I get really stupid when I'm high. :p

2003-02-17 20:34:23 ET

we all do's more like silly not stupid :)

2003-02-17 20:34:47 ET

doesn't everyone get really stupid when they get high though? hehehe

2003-02-17 20:36:58 ET

i don't get stupid...i get silly..but not everytime..

2003-02-17 20:41:17 ET

Silly and stupid are the same thing for me, hahaha.

2003-02-17 20:42:27 ET

hmmm that's strange :)

2003-02-17 20:43:20 ET

I dance or say dumb things or just sit there. :P

2003-02-17 20:45:51 ET

dancing isn't stupid :)
and i think all humans say dumb things,high or not!! lol
yur silly :)

2003-02-17 20:46:33 ET

Haha, yeah, words of wisdom from Pinky. :P

2003-02-17 20:49:29 ET

hehe yes indeedeo daddyo LOL hehe

2003-02-17 20:49:48 ET

lol, Daddyo?

2003-02-17 20:50:57 ET


2003-02-17 20:51:37 ET


where are the pictures?

(i waited for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time before asking again :D )

2003-02-17 20:54:03 ET

ya ya me want to see them too...the new colors sound cool :)

2003-02-17 20:54:43 ET

yeah.. take some pictures.. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

2003-02-17 20:55:53 ET

The camera is in Europe with my parents. My sister took some, but she can't send them til Wednesday. :D

2003-02-17 20:56:17 ET

yes stop torchering(sp) us...

2003-02-17 20:57:11 ET

torturing is what you meant ;) You were close.

I'm not trying to torture you!

2003-02-17 20:57:15 ET

oh alrighty then...we'll just have to be patient :)
i must post new pics too...but it will be a while :(

2003-02-17 20:57:19 ET

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... that sucks.. I was gonna love you longtime too if you did :P

2003-02-17 20:57:38 ET

You can love me longtime when I get them uploaded.

2003-02-17 20:58:25 ET

hehe i wrote it like that first...then i dunno...!
actually...a little torture is nice ;) lol

2003-02-17 20:58:53 ET

ok deal <3

2003-02-17 20:59:04 ET

HAHA, don't tempt me to torture you in the good way. ;)

Yay for longtime!

2003-02-17 20:59:24 ET

i love you long time anyways :) *hugs joce and john*

2003-02-17 21:00:15 ET

Awww, what a sweetie! <3 <3 <3 *smooches*

2003-02-17 21:00:16 ET

torture mee torture meee pleaseee!!! hehe

2003-02-17 21:00:34 ET

Hahaha, no.

How's that for torture? :P

2003-02-17 21:00:55 ET

damn i am slow at replying tonite...heh
*big wet kisses right back*

2003-02-17 21:01:11 ET

Awww, thanks! We're just posting maniacs this evening.

2003-02-17 21:01:23 ET

ahhh! that's the bad kinda torture :(

2003-02-17 21:02:01 ET

Awww. :(

Hey, I'm sleepy, I'm gonna hit the hay. Night lovers!

2003-02-17 21:03:04 ET

nite nite cutey :) *hugs*

2003-02-17 21:03:24 ET

bon soir... ;)

2003-02-17 21:33:16 ET


2003-02-17 22:00:16 ET

yeah, why does she get all the comments?

2003-02-17 22:23:45 ET

Because, everyone loves her.

2003-02-17 22:24:00 ET


2003-02-18 07:40:10 ET

I return, fresh and ready for a new day.

You know, it is a Sukbulturues mystery as to why I get comments. You know, sometimes, I get no comments at all. It's bizarre. And I don't steal them! :(

2003-02-18 08:05:57 ET

Wow I missed so much.

2003-02-18 08:11:19 ET

Did you really? <3 <3 <3

2003-02-18 08:14:13 ET

I'm too lazy to read all that, just stopping by to say Hi, so umm...HIII!!!

2003-02-18 08:15:22 ET

Yes, I miss about 96 comments hahaha.

2003-02-18 08:15:33 ET

I don't blame you, it was a whole lot of nothing. :P Hi!! <3 <3

2003-02-18 08:15:53 ET

96 comments isn't much. It really wasn't much, Templeton.

2003-02-18 08:22:05 ET

:), good. <33 Joce.

2003-02-18 08:25:03 ET

Awww, you're the light of my life, Ekka. <3<3

2003-02-18 09:09:45 ET

<3 ..damn 111 now 112 comments!

:: dumb question :: when can I see the new hair? haha sorry Im stupid

2003-02-18 09:49:25 ET

Hey! If you're a comment whore, I'm a John! LMAO! Don't hate you! You're too cute to hate you!


Pity gurl.....sseeeess a pity gurl......aaaahhhh.mmmmhhhmmmmmmm..


2003-02-18 10:56:53 ET

I used to be good at comment whoring. Now I'm just a loser. lol

2003-02-18 11:04:12 ET

You can see the new hair on Wednesday.

Awww, thanks for the kind words. When someone as hot as yourself thinks I'm cute, I know I must have something worthwhile, haha.

<3 I still love you Rixxx.

2003-02-18 11:14:02 ET

You'd better! :-P

2003-02-18 11:14:21 ET

I'd marry you if I could.

2003-02-18 11:20:59 ET

Awwwwwww! I feel the loooooooooooove on the page! It's just ooooooozing!

2003-02-18 11:23:45 ET

Yeah, I feel a lot of it for you <3

2003-02-18 11:23:59 ET

Hehehe... Yeah sure... You keep saying that. :D

2003-02-18 11:24:15 ET

I do not. :/ *pout*

2003-02-18 11:24:50 ET


2003-02-18 11:25:21 ET

You love my ooze.

2003-02-18 11:25:46 ET

Hahaha, okay, fine. I trust you.

2003-02-18 11:26:22 ET

I feel Love for you too sweetie.....and oddly enough....I feel ooze too........ :p

2003-02-18 11:26:58 ET

ooooooze.. oh sorry about that.. misshap i sware...

2003-02-18 11:27:06 ET


2003-02-18 11:28:40 ET

ooze ooze ooze.. everywhere there's OOZE!!

2003-02-18 11:32:38 ET


2003-02-18 11:33:56 ET

Tee hee

Ooze is fun.

2003-02-18 11:35:51 ET

that sounds kinda funnay if ya ax me... lol
ooze.. hehe

2003-02-18 11:37:43 ET

well atleast this conversation is as graffic as the orginal Frankie Goes to Hollywood music video of "Relax"

2003-02-18 11:38:56 ET

hehe umm ok..jubjub!
graffic...ya want graffic aye!?

2003-02-18 11:39:54 ET

ok I'm old.. 'cause if you'd seen that video.... ewwwwwwwwwwwww

2003-02-18 11:43:06 ET

yur old? how old is old? hmmm...i'm not shure if i wana see that video,after that powerfull ewwwwwwww! lol hehe
(actually when i said graffic,i was thinking of somthing to do with the ooze and well

2003-02-18 11:45:44 ET

no.. tha's what the video is all about.. 'cause that's what the SONG is all about

ok picture this:

a bunch of leather "queens" dancing around with beary any clothes on.. doing some MAJOR homoerotic enduenos... then at the end everyone is being sprayed with 'white' ooze...

there was a reason why they banned it from MTV..

2003-02-18 11:50:18 ET

OMG!! hehe ok i got it now.. hehe LOL yucki...
but funny... i was thinking of the bearly any clothes on part and the ooze a umm... not the homoerotic stuff tho...LOL heh

2003-02-18 11:51:42 ET

Whoo! Sounds like a good time! It reminds me of this party I had..............

2003-02-18 11:54:35 ET

which,mine with out the leather queen stuff or his!?

2003-02-18 11:55:33 ET

You're old? I think I'm seeing someone older. BWAHAHA

2003-02-18 11:56:58 ET


2003-02-18 11:57:30 ET


2003-02-18 11:58:13 ET


2003-02-18 11:58:52 ET

<falls asleep> i want to go sledding

2003-02-18 11:59:29 ET

Whoo! You used the picture! Now we gotta get 'ol TitSin to do the same........

*evil corruption*

2003-02-18 12:00:34 ET

Mmmm, sledding. I totally wanted to use that picture, is HOT and sooo Pervateer.

2003-02-18 12:01:51 ET

i think the most comments i've gotten is like 25

2003-02-18 12:02:09 ET

hmm..sounds like an interesting party! lol
ya i had this one involved:
6 people,6 bottles of robitussin,and nakedness :)

2003-02-18 12:02:38 ET

Well, keep trying, Anti-Flag, haha.

2003-02-18 12:03:35 ET

:: cant wait for wednesday ::

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