yo ho yo ho
2003-03-04 19:20:11 ET

Hey kiddies, long time no post. Not a whole lot as been going on, except I got accepted into UNM and I'm growing up. I'm growing up lots.

My companions for Heavy Rebel Weekender bailed out. Who wants to go with me?

And...um...HOORAY? :P

2003-03-04 19:21:54 ET

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you could do it!

2003-03-04 19:22:49 ET

Thanks, SHEEN! I'm so fucking stoked and excited and HOORAY.

2003-03-04 19:23:17 ET

<3 <3 <3

2003-03-04 19:25:37 ET

Tons and tons of luff to you, too! <3

2003-03-04 19:27:37 ET

whoo! yeah Joce!

2003-03-04 19:35:07 ET

YAY! Mad Props.

2003-03-04 19:43:50 ET

Thanks!! Mad props rule. :D

2003-03-04 19:44:25 ET

Congrats on UNM!!!

2003-03-04 19:45:05 ET

Thank you so much, eilis!! :D

2003-03-04 19:46:00 ET

OH yeah they do!

2003-03-04 19:46:43 ET

I don't get props anymore, its nice to have some. You know, everyone should get props.

Props for you, too! :P

2003-03-04 19:49:39 ET

*spreads the props around* Yeah baby!.... I am inspired, to make a new journal entry!!!

2003-03-04 19:51:10 ET

Do it do it! PROPS!

2003-03-04 19:53:54 ET


2003-03-04 19:55:09 ET

I totally commented. Bwahaha.

2003-03-04 19:55:59 ET

ROCK ON, BEYOTCH..... lol <3<3<3 thats a core werd.

2003-03-04 19:56:21 ET

Hahaha b3y0tchc0r3

2003-03-04 19:57:15 ET

WERD, yo.

2003-03-04 19:57:42 ET

HAHA, WERD. Hahaha.

2003-03-04 19:59:11 ET

Damn str8.

2003-03-04 21:46:45 ET

I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!

(but I'm too far away) :(

2003-03-05 03:44:30 ET

Congrats! And that sounds like a blast! I want to go!!!

2003-03-05 04:17:59 ET

Get a ride to New Mexico and I'll take you to North Carolina! :D

And Rixxx, if you're serious, meet me in New Mexico in really early July. :P

2003-03-05 04:19:31 ET

I should try! It would kick SO much ass!

2003-03-05 04:20:05 ET

Yeah, I don't know if you're into rockabilly at all, but there will be PUDDING WRESTLING.

2003-03-05 05:59:32 ET

=D Congrats!

.. Pudding wrestling? O_O

2003-03-05 10:16:49 ET

Yeah, you have a huge vat of pudding...and then you wrestle. Good stuff. :P

2003-03-05 12:13:43 ET

Congratulations on UNM!!!!!!! Where do you live?

2003-03-05 15:02:27 ET

what is unm?

is that the thing that you were talking about going to and stopping in little rock?

2003-03-05 15:56:59 ET

I live...about 10 minutes from UNM. :P Yay for UNM.

And Mike, UNM is the University of New Mexico. ;)

2003-03-05 15:58:50 ET

oh i see. so how about an answer for that 2nd question?

2003-03-05 16:03:58 ET

HRW means I am going through Little Rock, yes. :D

2003-03-05 16:04:49 ET

weeeee. you'll be internet friend #3 that i've met...unless i end up meeting some more before then.

2003-03-05 16:06:02 ET

I hope I'm not a let down. :)

2003-03-05 16:08:35 ET

eh...well...if yer expecting me to be some super duper cool person...then you will be let down hahaha

2003-03-05 16:08:49 ET

oh wait, i read that wrong, HAHAHA

2003-03-05 16:32:41 ET

You are a super cool person, you shut your mouth! :P

2003-03-05 16:35:33 ET

Thats sexy.

2003-03-05 16:36:33 ET

What? Telling Mike to shut it or pudding wrestling? :D

2003-03-05 16:41:50 ET

Pudding wrestling,.....with Mike!!! LOL, I would pay to see that, for sure.

2003-03-05 16:55:50 ET

hahahaha. yea it would

2003-03-05 17:01:16 ET

Hahhaha, I'll totally pudding wrestle Mike.

2003-03-05 17:02:49 ET

awww, thats so sweet

2003-03-05 17:03:14 ET

Dude, men + pudding = meow

2003-03-05 17:05:49 ET

dude, one time i was eating one of those little cup things of pudding and i didnt have a spoon so i like squeezed it and just ate it that way. i had pudding stuff all over my face. my brother was like "dude, you've got shit on your face"

2003-03-05 17:09:53 ET

When I was on my way home from a show once, I did that but no one said I had shit on my face. teehee.

2003-03-05 17:10:30 ET

Mike, you always have shit on your face.

Awww, that's mean!

2003-03-05 17:11:41 ET

Lol, oh my.

2003-03-05 17:12:38 ET

HAHAHAHAHAH! what does that mean?!

2003-03-05 17:23:59 ET

0:) It doesn't mean anything... :)

2003-03-05 17:24:52 ET

god, i am so confused

2003-03-05 17:25:28 ET

Hahaha, it just felt like the right thing to say.

2003-03-05 17:27:19 ET

hahahaha, yea. it was damn funny

2003-03-05 17:31:24 ET

Damn, I thought you were all serious..... ;) lol

2003-03-05 17:35:22 ET

Hahahaha! Mike is a cumdumpster. But I mean that in a loving way.

2003-03-05 17:38:00 ET

Lol,what other way is there with Mike?!

2003-03-05 17:41:17 ET

Hahaha, exactly! You know what's up.

2003-03-05 17:41:53 ET

You know it.

2003-03-05 17:42:10 ET

Werd! Hahaha, I totally jakked that from you.

2003-03-05 18:59:17 ET

lol, its all gravy.

2003-03-05 19:15:01 ET

congrats on gettin into the school! and damn joce you jsut have to find someone to come with..so the pervateers can finally unite!! and we can all kik each others ass in mud wrestlin =D

2003-03-06 06:30:41 ET

Mmmmm, gravy.

Hell yeah, Nic, nothing will stop me from going. I'll drag my older sister along if I absolutely have to, but nothing is stopping the Pervateers!

2003-03-06 07:43:13 ET

Yeah!!!!!!!! Nothing can hold back the Three Pervateers!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
The Three Pervateers won't swallow your......

Well, ha ha! I'm sick and bored.

2003-03-06 07:55:22 ET

HAHAHA, that was the funniest thing ever said in my journal. :P

2003-03-06 09:04:45 ET

XP I try!

2003-03-06 13:35:59 ET

pervateers and rum what more could a girl ask for? lol

2003-03-06 16:28:12 ET

Well, what more could a girl OR guy ask for? That's what I wanna know.... ; )

2003-03-06 17:04:39 ET

gravy...i had gravy this morning.

2003-03-06 17:07:08 ET

On your Cereal!?!?!!?

2003-03-06 17:08:14 ET

nah, on my biscuts. see, down here in arkansas we eat eggs, biscuits and gravy and sausage. HAHAHA!

2003-03-06 17:11:08 ET

Then why are you so damn skinny! And you drink often, and alcohol is like SUPER EXRTA HIGH in calories and shit!!!! Bah I dont und-a-stay-und

2003-03-06 17:16:58 ET

i think i have high metabolism. i cant gain weight for shit.

2003-03-06 17:22:33 ET

Most boys do.... its wrong I say... :(

MIKE!!! I was in English and I was lookin up Child Labor, and then right next to it, in ze Dictionary, it said something about Chickens So I was like, WEE and stuff.
And it had a chart below it, and it said that Arkansas, was the second most largest "chicken broiler" producing state in the U.S..... Is Arkansas just littered with Chicken Farms or something !?

2003-03-06 17:26:31 ET

FUCK YES IT IS! tyson farms are located here. oh yea, my town is home to the WORLD'S largets minnow farm.

2003-03-06 17:38:17 ET

Lol Sweet!!! Thats fun, chickens rule.

2003-03-06 17:38:30 ET


2003-03-06 17:39:56 ET

*crys herself a river*

2003-03-06 17:40:02 ET


2003-03-06 17:41:04 ET

Chickens fucking own.

2003-03-06 17:42:55 ET

fuck yea. especially when they have their head tucked under their wing and yer chasing them

2003-03-06 17:52:48 ET

Awwww, poor chickens.

I went to the pet store today and watched those monitor lizards eat rats. It ruled.

2003-03-06 18:01:13 ET

fuck yes!

2003-03-06 18:10:42 ET

Lol, do you do that while your sober??

2003-03-06 18:12:17 ET

Do I watch lizards eat rats sober? Absolutely.

2003-03-06 18:16:55 ET

Hmmm, sounds like a good ol' time.

2003-03-06 18:18:17 ET

Fuck yeah. I want to get a job there.

2003-03-06 18:18:51 ET

Ze Zoo ?

2003-03-06 18:19:07 ET

No, the pet store. :P

2003-03-06 18:21:26 ET


2003-03-07 01:54:53 ET

Rockabilly AND pudding wrestling!? I'm SO in!!!

2003-03-07 04:09:17 ET

Yeah, seriously. Get a ride to New Mexico and I'll take you the rest of the way. <3

2003-03-07 16:29:17 ET

i just want a job...preferabally a janitor

2003-03-08 14:41:03 ET

Fuck yeah.

2003-03-08 14:42:08 ET

i did my research paper on the career ofa janitor. fucking action packed. you dont have to graduate high school, no special training, no nothing. not even drug tests (usually) haha. perfect for a fuck up like me.

2003-03-08 14:43:03 ET

Come be a janitor for my school!

You can even have a cool title like "Custodial Engineer".

2003-03-08 14:44:42 ET

fuck yea. i'm keepin the hawk though. i'm gonna try to let this fucker grow out like 8 inches so i can part it down the middle and it'll cover up my head so no one notices.

2003-03-08 14:45:41 ET

That's bad ass!

2003-03-08 14:46:53 ET

fuck yea it is

2003-03-08 15:22:13 ET

I tried that. Not very effective, because shaven head shows through. Looks mangy. lol

2003-03-08 15:31:02 ET

oh well. i'll just say i have the mange.

2003-03-08 15:45:57 ET

hahaha. Snuggled with alley-cats too much.

2003-03-08 15:49:24 ET

hahaha. i used to have a cat, but i threw it in a pond one 2 many times...she ran away.....

2003-03-08 16:19:56 ET

Mange rules.

2003-03-08 18:23:07 ET


2003-03-09 07:31:27 ET

god yes

2003-03-09 08:51:15 ET


2003-03-09 14:53:45 ET

i will i will

2003-03-10 09:36:05 ET

The link has been PMed. :D

2003-03-10 14:18:20 ET


2003-03-20 14:53:28 ET

thanks for the note! its nice to grow up sometimes (but still play with toys and like cartoons)

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