whimper whine whimper
2003-03-27 15:21:18 ET

I want my virginity back.

Anyway, I added a new gallery and I know you love my bright hair.

2003-03-27 15:28:44 ET

usually people lose theirs,

i want to spend mine.

2003-03-27 15:30:15 ET

i want mine back too.
you are beautiful joce <3

2003-03-27 15:33:11 ET

Bah, virginity sucks

2003-03-27 15:42:23 ET

Ive got extras. Ill sell them for 100$

2003-03-27 15:48:38 ET

I love your hair.
Love Love Love Love.
x 10.

2003-03-27 15:49:54 ET

Nice hair!

2003-03-27 15:56:13 ET

nice hair...
how is hair nice?
the world may never know.

2003-03-27 15:56:48 ET

You so yanked that line from the tootsie pop commercials.

2003-03-27 15:59:05 ET

the hair is h0t.

And I don't want my virginity back. I just wish somoene else had it.

2003-03-27 16:21:59 ET

virgins! .. where??? lol

2003-03-27 16:40:58 ET

the hair is great. mine might be pink soon.

2003-03-27 16:57:56 ET

Sessy Bizzaby

2003-03-27 16:58:35 ET

that hair rules. looks familiar. but I can't place it.

2003-03-27 17:54:55 ET

we match!(hair colors)

2003-03-27 17:57:13 ET

What makes you say that?

I love the hair! Very Cute!

2003-03-27 19:03:05 ET

!!! your hair is soo sexy!!

is it rasberry kamikazee?? i had a color that looked almost identical to that in my hair that was called rasberry kamikazee..

and i think you have the same carpet as me

2003-03-27 20:16:31 ET


the hair fucking ROCKS!!

2003-03-27 20:58:04 ET

The color is actually called "Virgin Rose".

Thanks for all of the offers to give it back. <3

2003-03-27 23:00:12 ET

I love the purple! TRE SEXAY!

2003-03-27 23:22:52 ET

You can be a Born-Again Virgin.

Your hair is all kinds of rad. Rawrr!

2003-03-27 23:40:46 ET

You (and anybody else) can BUY their virginity back from me for $5.

2003-03-28 06:43:27 ET

The hair is hott, and you're not a virgin anymore. Oh Joce, we are not virgin twins anymore.

2003-03-28 07:52:23 ET

I wish I could still be a virgin twin. :( :( I rule at making decisions that about an hour later I don't like. :(

Thanks, Rix. It's more of a fuschia, and it fades to a nice atomic pink. :D Love this hair.

Thanks Sheen, I luff you.

2003-03-28 08:12:48 ET

It's okay, we can still pretend.

2003-03-28 10:28:50 ET

Hooray! <3 Thanks Templeton.

2003-03-28 10:37:18 ET

<333 my Joce!

2003-03-28 10:39:40 ET

<33333333 the crap out of my Templeton! <3

2003-03-28 10:44:08 ET

Oh god, careful.

2003-03-28 10:48:22 ET

Okay, I'll try to keep the crap inside. <3

2003-03-28 11:42:23 ET

I loooove the colour you put in your hair, muahaha.

2003-03-29 09:53:57 ET

Awww, thanks sunshine!

2003-03-31 08:59:19 ET


2003-03-31 09:12:24 ET

Sexy babes!!!! Great hair. I would hate to have my virginity back. It'd just be a pain in the ass to lose it again....

2003-04-01 08:37:12 ET

You can borrow my virginity if you want ;)

2003-04-01 12:59:34 ET

haha... i dont want that back..

2003-04-01 14:53:44 ET

you can HAVE mine!

2003-04-01 19:29:31 ET

Thanks, Mike! I think I'll take you up on that.

Glad you guys like my hair. <3 <3 <3

2003-04-02 06:03:36 ET

if i had it i would give it to you.. too

2003-04-02 15:35:56 ET

you better come to arkansas this summer.

2003-04-02 20:47:48 ET

I'll be in Arkansas. We were going to stay the night in Little Rock, but we're actually just passing through. Is Marche near you? The site that gave me driving directions says: 18: Resurfacing near Lonoke (September 9, 2002 - April 30, 2003)

2003-04-03 05:18:47 ET

Weeee're just two little girls from Little Rock
Who lived on the wrong side of the tracks
But the gentlemen friends who use to call
They never did seem to mind at all
They came to the wrong side of the tracks

-Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

I'm drunk/hungover this am. Please excuse.

2003-04-03 13:05:09 ET

hum...i have no idea if it is...

2003-04-03 19:31:38 ET

Well, I will be in Little Rock (lunch for an hour sound cool, Mike?) in July!

2003-04-03 21:21:29 ET

yes! love your hair!!!!!!!!

2003-04-03 22:21:36 ET

purrty joce with her purrty lil hair ..too cute =p

2003-04-04 04:08:34 ET

Thank you moonglow.

TitSinn, glad you like it! :D

2003-04-04 12:52:57 ET

alrighty. you need to let me know like what day yer gonna be in lr and an estimate of what time and i'll figure out some place that i can meet you at and shit.

2003-04-04 13:18:56 ET

Okay, sounds good Mikey! <3 <3 <3

2003-04-04 18:05:34 ET


2003-04-05 04:48:26 ET

yes, she is

2003-04-05 08:43:22 ET


2003-04-06 10:33:28 ET


Awww, thanks you guys. <3

2003-04-07 16:44:09 ET

woo.. thanks to you too.. love

2003-04-07 17:47:47 ET

i cant wait till i get to see ya this summer... i'm gonna take a shower, brush my teeth, put on some d.o....

2003-04-08 19:09:30 ET

That's so sweet of you, Mike, I can't wait to see you!

2003-04-09 15:51:48 ET

haha, yay

2003-04-09 19:15:51 ET

you should come visit me.. or i could come visit you..

2003-04-09 20:59:29 ET

Where are you? Arizona, Crys? Its not that far?

2003-04-10 15:45:49 ET

Yep.. not to far.. i live in tucson.. WOO

2003-04-10 19:07:44 ET

That's not far at all! :D :D

2003-04-13 20:31:11 ET

nope.. yaya.. for seeing Joce

2003-04-14 09:53:17 ET

Hell yeah, I'd love to see you

2003-04-14 10:58:36 ET

:) woo.. yay ... yes.

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