Oh boy.
2003-04-11 15:41:08 ET

I love all of you. Oh so much.

I'm about to graduate, who wants to come to my party?

2003-04-11 15:52:44 ET

When is your party?

2003-04-11 15:56:35 ET

May 24th in my new house without my parents. :D

2003-04-11 15:56:42 ET

YAY! We Love you too!!!!!!

I wanna come!!!

2003-04-11 16:10:17 ET

Well I would love to come. I will have to check my schedule and see if we will be overseas at that time. :) I have been planning a trip to NM anyways..

2003-04-11 18:02:22 ET

can i come naked?

2003-04-11 18:09:26 ET

i wish i could come, but god hates me.

2003-04-11 18:13:18 ET

and me.

2003-04-11 20:06:07 ET

omg! i can imagine your party! fu*k yes, im there!!!!!!!and congrats by the way.

2003-04-11 20:19:32 ET

could someone pick me up at the airport on the 24th?

2003-04-11 20:24:05 ET

i'd like to come...

2003-04-11 20:39:59 ET

only if you come to my graduation party

2003-04-12 12:10:43 ET

I wish I could come..


2003-04-12 20:50:24 ET

I'll be there. With bells on.

2003-04-13 18:52:51 ET

Hooray! I'll be on my own, and everyone can cram into my new house/apartment and we can have a huge ORGY! I mean, a really quiet sleep over. Miiiike, go greyhound!

2003-04-14 04:09:02 ET

ugh, i have no money.

2003-04-14 06:06:17 ET

If I didn't live in Iowa, I'd totally come! But congratulations!!!


2003-04-14 09:49:31 ET

Orgies = fanfare.

2003-04-14 09:53:50 ET

Hey, if you're down for an orgy so am I. :P

Thanks, rockaboobie, your Pervyness is with me in spirit!

2003-04-14 09:54:38 ET

*always down for an SK orgy*

2003-04-15 12:20:37 ET

I'm in. as long as I can wear a thong and a cape, and a big pirate hat.

2003-04-15 20:12:21 ET

can i come to the party?

2003-04-15 20:23:12 ET

Always, Freq!

2003-04-17 08:42:54 ET

aww we love you too joce! and damn i wish i could come but considering im pretty much all the way across the country i cant hehe but dont worry we shall celebrate at hrw ;)

2003-04-17 19:48:56 ET

Damn right we will. PBR, here I come!

2003-04-17 20:52:31 ET

mmm just thinkin about it got me wantin some pbr...hehe

2003-04-17 21:32:55 ET

I wanna come!!! BUT I live, oh so far.

2003-04-18 05:05:26 ET

:( :( :( You'll be there in spirit!

2003-04-21 19:27:42 ET

Hello. I haven't talked to you in forever dear. I wanna come to the party...I'll hitch-hike my way out there. LUFF for Joce.

2003-04-21 20:38:06 ET

LUFF for you too, baby, I luff you so much!

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