I need heart bandaids.
2003-05-05 18:49:39 ET

Twice this year have I lost all of my dignity and wanted to bury my face in a nice big hole and play ostrich for a while. Lucky feathery birds.


2003-05-05 18:52:46 ET

i imagine there was alcohol involved lol at least thats what usually happens with me =p

2003-05-05 19:01:19 ET


2003-05-05 19:03:18 ET

No alcohol, just my heart and soul and one big fucking asshole.

2003-05-05 19:27:23 ET

Im sorry <3<3<3<3<3 * hug *

2003-05-05 19:41:12 ET

That really sucks.... I'm sorry for you..
When stuff like that happens life sucks.

Knice hair btw.......

2003-05-05 19:51:17 ET

aww that sux jose! if you need to talk to anyone im here for ya anytime

2003-05-05 20:19:16 ET

Thanks! <3

Love you, Nic.

2003-05-05 21:00:13 ET

Awwwwww... it's ok. You make a damned pretty emo kid. :-P

2003-05-05 22:45:41 ET



2003-05-06 05:16:22 ET

Thanks, Rixxx. <3

Thanks, Johnathan! <3 <3 <3 <3

2003-05-06 07:35:51 ET

ostriches don't really bury their heads in the sand. total fiction on that one.

2003-05-06 08:53:15 ET


fishies is telling the truth.. i live a mile from an Ostrich farm.. they just run into each other more often than anything

2003-05-06 11:35:42 ET

Thanks, fishies. :P

2003-05-06 11:37:29 ET

lol Ostriches rule, like no other.

2003-05-06 15:01:56 ET

Damn skippy. And I'm higher on the food chain, so they'll bury their heads if I say so, dammit. :P

2003-05-06 15:45:23 ET

"No alcohol, just my heart and soul and one big fucking asshole."

that sounded like a song, haha. when you get to ar you wont have to worry about bad stuff, cause i'm full of good stuff. and my friends as well. i had some emu meat once...it was good.

2003-05-06 18:19:41 ET

You are always full of good stuff and I love you for that. <3

2003-05-06 18:34:32 ET

Emuburgers = the shizzy.

2003-05-07 04:11:46 ET

I couldn't eat an emu. They're too cute and emu.

2003-05-07 13:36:48 ET

What, and cows aren't cute?

2003-05-07 13:57:22 ET

But "cow" is such an ugly word. So is "beef". Emu is a cute word AND a cute animal.

2003-05-07 14:04:59 ET

*eats a bunny*

2003-05-07 14:07:25 ET

You're EVIL!

2003-05-07 14:14:31 ET

I get that alot. :-P

2003-05-07 14:40:32 ET

You ate a bunny AND an emu. :(

2003-05-07 16:07:41 ET

I actually have. So HA.

2003-05-07 17:25:17 ET

cows suck, emu's rule. i like emu meat.

2003-05-07 17:25:38 ET

i've also eaten rabbit too. it was good. i felt all evil and violent.

2003-05-07 17:27:34 ET

Lol Oh thats real great Mike.

2003-05-07 17:28:36 ET

hell yea.

2003-05-07 18:01:58 ET

Mike, how could you!

2003-05-08 15:36:00 ET

because i'm a bad person.

2003-05-08 15:39:43 ET

Lies!! <3<3<3

2003-05-08 15:40:44 ET

ah, so true.

2003-05-08 15:41:27 ET


2003-05-08 15:42:00 ET

okawhfohajsfjaoeuf! yes.

2003-05-13 07:00:33 ET

Mike, CALL ME, I fucking miss you.

2003-05-13 12:59:28 ET

when do you want me to call?! tonight? tomorrow? next...friday? haha

2003-05-13 14:19:53 ET

SOON! <3 I miss you I miss you I fucking miss you to DEATH.

2003-05-13 14:25:12 ET

haha, wowzers. then i shall call soon.

2003-05-13 14:58:20 ET

You should, I'm dying over here. :D

2003-05-13 15:40:59 ET


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