oh yeah baby
2003-05-13 07:01:06 ET

Cancel my order of heart bandaids, I found a wonderful boy who can help me patch up.

Oh....I GRADUATED!!!!!!

2003-05-13 07:04:55 ET


hehe yay im the first!!!!!!!

2003-05-13 07:08:35 ET

and im the second.

so whos this boy??where did you meet him?? wheres the picture :D

and YaY!!

2003-05-13 07:24:18 ET

Yay! :D I'm happy for you ^_^

2003-05-13 13:07:51 ET

i am happy as well.

2003-05-13 14:20:33 ET

His name is Jake.

I met him at The Havoc's show on Sunday.

The picture will be here when he stays still long enough for me to take it. ;)

2003-05-13 15:19:31 ET


And wooooooooooooooooooooo for Graduating! =P

2003-05-13 16:50:52 ET

Thanks, Brit!

2003-05-13 20:50:34 ET

jolie <3 joce!

2003-05-14 07:04:50 ET

joce <3 jolie!

2003-05-15 10:27:15 ET

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. yeah.. oh yeah go joce its your graduation shake your booty.. YAY.. then now your free..

2003-05-15 13:13:51 ET

I'm FREE and I have sex. I'm happy.

2003-05-15 19:22:12 ET

HAHAHA.. you must come vist me.. ;) woot

2003-05-16 06:21:33 ET

I must. I MUST! :D Very soon.

2003-05-16 07:07:37 ET

YES... woooo..

2003-05-16 09:54:46 ET

CONGRATULATIONS on the boy AND graduating!! *does happy dance*


2003-05-17 08:57:39 ET

THANKS, rockaboobie, I wub you!

2003-05-17 10:48:30 ET

I wuuuub you too!!

2003-05-20 20:12:35 ET

well jess you took my exact words! lol soo yeh joce congrats on the boy and graduating! do you realize heavy rebel is in like 48 days!!!

2003-05-21 13:51:53 ET


2003-05-22 12:19:21 ET

i know me too! but also stressed cuz ive got to somehow make back all themoney i have in savings, i had to spend it on car repairs *sigh*......but ohh yeh hey you should bring me that cd to hrw you were supposed to send me fooooorever ago haha =p

2003-05-22 12:50:24 ET

Oh yeah, dammit. ;) Okay!

2003-05-22 13:43:31 ET

Hey you should move here..

2003-05-24 18:05:13 ET

I just got a house and accepted into UNM :P

2003-05-24 18:31:56 ET

woah woah.

2003-05-25 09:42:26 ET

Mike is a true gangsta.

2003-05-25 09:44:00 ET

haha, hells yea i am foo.

2003-05-25 17:18:11 ET

well happy for ya

2003-06-01 20:18:46 ET

Pixie elf! HOW CUTE, do we get to see pictures? <3

2003-06-06 16:12:16 ET

Oh, sorry. :( I still <3 you lots, moonglow.

2003-06-06 17:46:23 ET

congrats on everything. love ya too chaotic. i love nm, i need to visit my aunt out there in albequque someday, maybe in the fall. go to the hot springs:)

2003-06-07 03:33:08 ET

Hell yeah, NM needs cool people to visit.

2003-06-08 00:01:03 ET

hey isnt that cyberage internet radio show broadcast from out there w/tommy t? its industrial music so i dont know if you listen to it or not but i think it is.

2003-06-08 13:53:02 ET

I don't listen to any industrial so maybe we do have such a thing.

2003-06-08 16:55:32 ET

i wish i could visit you...

2003-06-08 17:26:48 ET

I just moved (again) and there's always room for more!

2003-06-09 05:33:10 ET


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