2003-06-11 18:34:47 ET

This, friendlies, is Scurvy. I rescued him from EVIL. :)

2003-06-11 18:35:58 ET

Awwwww :)

2003-06-11 18:36:16 ET

It loves you, Sheen. :)

2003-06-11 18:36:55 ET

Aww, he's so cute! I wish I could get a boy rat... My mom won't let me because they pee all the time. I used to have some, though. The boys are the sweetest!

2003-06-11 18:39:05 ET

Dragoness, $30-$40 gets you a happy nueter that removes those pesky fuzzy torpedos. And yes, the boys are the sweetest. Aside from Scurvy I have two other boys yet to be named. ;)

2003-06-11 18:40:43 ET

Ooh, they actually neuter them? That's pretty cool. I doubt my mom would let me get a rat neutered, though. She'll probably think it's a waste since they don't live long.

2003-06-11 18:42:01 ET

Ha ha ha, scurvy is such a cute name!

what evil did you rescue it from?

2003-06-11 18:44:05 ET

Yes, neuter is fast, quick and they stop marking EVERYTHING. And those creepy balls are gone. Nothing bothers me, so I take my boys creepy balls and all.

It isn't a waste. Rats are SO loveable. $30 is a worthy investment. Or just buy a $5 bottle of Febreeze.

2003-06-11 18:44:27 ET

Awesome. I've always wanted a rat, but now I have a kitty. bah.
Your nails are looooooooong

2003-06-11 18:44:31 ET

Humane Society called. Someone left it at a Petsmart.

2003-06-11 18:45:08 ET

damn. your nails are LONG

2003-06-11 18:45:11 ET

j00ley, is it still a kitty? I know people who have cats, dogs AND rats. :)

Yes, that's just the thumb. My pinky is huge.

2003-06-11 18:45:29 ET

I know, my nail is crayayzay. :P You should see my pinky. ;)

2003-06-11 18:45:40 ET

i have short nails.
i bite them.

2003-06-11 18:47:24 ET

Mine are too strong to bite through. ;)

2003-06-11 18:49:07 ET


2003-06-11 18:50:33 ET

That and I'm too lazy to ever cut them. ;)

2003-06-11 18:50:53 ET

I love lil' bunnies best ! but I've played with Rats n' ferrets.
the MOST cute thing in the Cosmos is to watch a little bunny's nose wiggle when it's breathing -

2003-06-11 18:51:00 ET


2003-06-11 18:52:40 ET

Rats noses wiggle just the same. AND when you put them in a cage they've never been in, their HEAD STARTS SWAYING from side to side to they know how much room they have in there. HAHAHA

2003-06-11 18:55:05 ET

the rat i had for a little while was kinda creepy... i'd put her in the cage, and she'd stay sitting in the same position forever, i swear... then again, the bunny i have now runs all over the place and makes tons of noise

2003-06-11 18:55:07 ET

AWWWWWWWWW so cute so cute, i have a rat, his name is Quake.. eeee.

2003-06-11 18:56:27 ET

Just one rat, Crys? I have two more boys that are being kept away from my sick sick Scurvy and three coming in on Friday. SIX RATS booyah. :P

skapunk, that's so weird! Females are usually the most hyper. Was it a smaaaall cage?

2003-06-11 18:58:51 ET


2003-06-11 18:59:43 ET

6?! wow! are you gonna let them run loose? yes! you should. that would be fun:)

2003-06-11 19:00:45 ET

How much does it cost to maintain a rat or two? Seeing all this rat talk is starting to interest me...

2003-06-11 19:10:05 ET

Run loose? I would if I didn't have holes in the walls. :( They have a SEVEN LEVEL cage, moonglow, that's five feet tall! :P

j00ley, not much. A good cage runs you anywhere from $30 to $204. I, of course, bought the most expensive since it's HUGE. http://www.martinscages.com has the BEST cages. Only get powder coated steel, since you don't want your rats to hurt themselves on the plain old HUGE STEEL. :P Food..well, whatever is healthy for us is healthy for them. They love fresh veggies, fruit, pastas, sunflower seeds. Rodent mixes at pet stores are for gerbils and mice only. Rats will just pick the tasty stuff out and leave all the other stuff. ;) So that's wasteful. Look into Harlan Teklad lab blocks for normal food. It has very little protein (so it won't make your rats insanely FAT) and you can buy it in uber bulk at http://www.rat-store.com

Next, is litter. Pine is BAD and gets rats lung, liver and kidney problems. Aspen bedding is okay, but you can get FREE SHIPPING if you buy more than $25 worth of bedding at Ferret Store online. It's good stuff. http://www.theferretstore.com/

Basically, to start off, it's NOT cheap. But to maintain, it's cheap. :) You just feed them tasty food like dry pastas, lab blocks and fruit and veggies. They can get sick, but vet bills aren't much.

2003-06-11 19:19:13 ET

Oh, they also will eat cat food. Just make sure it's not high in protein because they'll get super fat. :P Lower than 18% crude protein is healthy. OH, and female rats are the playful ones and male rats are the lazy laprats. :P

2003-06-11 19:23:44 ET


2003-06-11 19:24:41 ET

so are they gonna breed? i had guinia pigs and thats all they did. that cage sounds like a nice home for them. lab blocks. wtf? weird. i wouldnt mind a rat, you could put them in your pockets and take them with you, do you do that? one guy i knew even painted his green.

2003-06-11 19:28:21 ET

They're all boys, moonglow. Rats have like 6-13 babies and that's just too many. :P Rats don't like small pockets so much, but rats LOVE sholders and hiding in hair and hiding in sleeves. :) Scurvy is sleeping in my vest right now. :)

Danse, yes, I love my nails. They're a labor of love. ;)

2003-06-11 19:31:19 ET

really, they dont like pockets, they like to roam and see and not be confined to a pocket? sleeping in your vest? awwwwwww, he's snuggled! pet him for me on the head:)

2003-06-11 19:32:18 ET

Rats are too big for most pockets, that's all. They don't mind comfy purses and stuff. ;) I'd pet him on the head but mites ate him and his face is all scabby. I'll definetly nuzzle him for you, though!

2003-06-11 19:36:45 ET

They don't mind comfy purses and stuff. hee!:) whats wrong with him?

2003-06-11 19:38:51 ET

No shit you have long nails... runs away..

nice rat btw...


2003-06-11 19:44:04 ET

He's got mites, and they're creepy little bugs that ONLY feed on rats (little bastards) so he's got scabs from where they've caused him grief. :/ He's also got a sinus infection. :)

2003-06-11 19:44:32 ET

Don't run! They give good back scratches, biatch. :P

2003-06-11 19:48:43 ET

oh.. i wouldn't want a back scratch... mwahahah

2003-06-11 19:49:02 ET

HAHAHA, you evil bastard.

2003-06-11 19:49:45 ET

yeah.. no one said I was pure white snow darlyn :D

2003-06-11 19:51:25 ET

You're the yellow kind I'm not supposed to eat?

2003-06-11 19:52:53 ET

something like that...

but than i have been told before that I can turn anyone into a crackhead, does that count?

2003-06-11 19:55:13 ET

Crack is scary. Can I just be a caffienehead or something? :P

2003-06-11 20:02:37 ET

that's all i am y0!!

what the hell you be thinking I'm selling... I'm selling 100% genuuuine crack from columbia.. AKA COFFEE ;)

2003-06-11 20:06:44 ET

Sweet, yo. I dig on the coffee.

2003-06-11 20:11:00 ET

if it was humanly possible to conect an IV of coffee to me... I would

2003-06-11 20:12:44 ET

There is such thing as a caffiene overdose. It's something insane liek 70 cups of coffee, but still! :P

2003-06-11 20:28:38 ET

I love you too, Scurvy!

2003-06-11 20:29:50 ET

And all of his scabby goodness, Sheeeeen?

2003-06-11 20:31:45 ET


2003-06-11 20:36:58 ET

synth. you and your coffee, i think you have a problem;) maybe caa? (caffeine addicts annoynomous) see ya there!

2003-06-11 21:12:26 ET

What a little cutie! I love that n ame too.

2003-06-11 21:22:54 ET

Very cute name. Makes me wanna give the little fella an orange.

2003-06-11 21:32:49 ET


2003-06-11 22:06:14 ET

Oranges are actually too acidic for rats and gives them tummy aches. ;)

2003-06-11 22:06:57 ET

Okay, I'll get him some Tums too. :P

2003-06-11 22:07:27 ET

Scurvy appreciates that muchly. ;)

2003-06-11 23:28:32 ET

Eww, its a rat! I mean... C0000l.

2003-06-12 07:35:10 ET

heh, the cage was pretty big for her size... i think she was just in shock from being away from the pet store or something...

its a good thing that those mites only bite rats, because my hamsters had fleas, and those bite ANYTHING, and my legs are scarred up from the bites now

2003-06-12 09:46:35 ET

Ooh, you have 6 rats? The most I've had at one time is 11. That was because the first rat I ever got turned out to be pregnant. I'm on my 15th and 16th rats.

2003-06-12 17:21:45 ET

rats are mother fuckin smart. my friend preston has one.

2003-06-12 17:56:48 ET

are they? im really thinking about one now. does the cage get smelly chaotic?

2003-06-13 06:09:53 ET

Sorry its late.

Yes just one rat.. But its so great.. i used to have more but that was a while ago.. Jasper and becca at the same time. but Jasper was mine, it was fan frigin tastic.

Oh and neutering them makes them live longer.
and apparently beer dose so as well, if you feed them beer they live 7 times as longer or something like that.

2003-06-14 17:20:02 ET

male rats stink to high heaven. just clean the cage every few days and you'll be ok.

2003-06-15 15:57:56 ET

yep, and bath them too. of course they dont like baths but its good for them

2003-06-15 16:02:05 ET

well of course.

2003-06-15 16:08:37 ET

yep yep

2003-06-15 16:42:27 ET

Any of you guys ever had a hairless rat? Teehee... They feel like a penis! It's strange!

2003-06-15 19:33:10 ET

haha. but they are so cute

2003-06-15 20:20:43 ET

Yeah, they sure are. Right now, I have a black rat and a fuzzy rat. The fuzzy one looks hairless, but she's covered in translucent white peach fuzz. She looks funny. Ouch-- and she just nipped my lip! Ow! I think that was just supposed to be a nibble.

2003-06-16 08:04:40 ET

yeah.. so cute..

2003-07-10 14:26:48 ET

That's SO cute! My nails never grow that long..they get to about 1/4 an inch and just stop..haha

2003-07-13 13:33:50 ET

Aww! Scurvy is so pirate-tastic...

2003-07-14 20:11:59 ET

I miss my rats I had a set of girls who rocked one was totally loveable and gave kisses all the time the other one would nip your butt if you didnt move out of her way when she wanted to get by it was funny. Then I had a set of boys who were loveable but had to live in seprate cages cause theyd fight really bad. One got so big evey time he fell asleep on his top ledge hed fall off it was funny. the girls would curl up into a ball together they looked like a ying yang when they slept. Oh well 3 cats is enough fur for me right now.

2003-07-18 11:36:12 ET

holy caca you have long finger nails

2003-07-18 12:51:20 ET

I know, it rocks.

Checkr, its easy to introduce male rats to each other, it just takes a few weeks. :)

2003-07-19 20:14:44 ET

they lived together 2 months and were fine after that i had to seperate them i didnt get them together one was a rescue but all of them are dead now

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