2004-05-27 17:43:07 ET

2004-05-27 17:46:58 ET


I wonder if they'd let me join...

2004-05-27 18:33:47 ET

ooh ooh ooh!

2004-05-27 19:31:43 ET


2004-05-27 20:46:01 ET

Oh, I am so jealous...

2004-05-28 21:45:49 ET

lucky! was s'posed to see them when they were opening for Belle & Sebastian (who I really didn't care about seeing...) so drove 60 miles only to find out Rasputina'd played early and we'd missed 'em. They're supposed to come around this area (kansas) around July.. glad you had fun!

2004-05-28 21:52:25 ET

too bad you missed 'em, and hopefully you get to see them when they come around again. They put on a good show.

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